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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Articles > Which Training School?

Which Training School?

by beatlechic03

BATTLEDOME - Many people dream about becoming masters of the Battledome. To make this dream a reality, you must raise your pet's stats. There is no way around it. While there are many different ways to do this--Faerie quests, Coltzan's Shrine, and random events can all raise stats--the fastest way to do this is through the training schools.

If a single daily visit to King Coltzan is the focus point of your strategy to raise your pet's battle stats, or if you simply wait for Fyora to send you to get her caramel creams, a long time will pass before you can even take on the Chia Clown. Unless you know the precise moment to visit Coltzan to get an upgrade, gaining a level or a point of defense or strength from the Shrine is an unlikely and rare occurrence. And while random events that raise stats are possible, and do appear from time to time, they are extremely rare.

In fifteen months of visiting the NeoPets site, I have gotten this type of random event maybe five or six times. And Faerie quests are very random occurrences. Sometimes I get three in one day, sometimes I go a week or two without getting one. And if you are like me and have four Neopets, it is certainly no guarantee that your battle pet will receive the upgrade. There is no way to know beforehand which pet will receive the upgrade when you bring the Faerie her desired item, as the faeries randomly pick one of your pets to bless. I train my Kougra, johnlen85, for the Battledome, and I get frustrated when seventy-five percent of the time one of my other pets, who I do not battle, gets the upgrade after I complete a Faerie quest.

As you can see, the training schools are the only dependable way to raise your pet's stats. As you should most definitely know if you are not a complete newbie to the world of Neopia, there are two training schools which you can use to ready your pets for battle… for a price, of course. You can visit either Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy located on Krawk Island (which I will call simply "the Academy") or the Mystery Island Training School (which I will call "the School"). Why are there two schools? I am afraid I cannot answer that question. But the fact stands that Adam and Donna decided to make our lives difficult by forcing us to make a choice between the schools. Which is better to use? Neither training school is better than the other. They both have their pros and cons. This article will explore the pros and cons of the Academy and the School to help you decide which is the right one for you.

The first obvious consideration is price. Any normal person would want to utilize the school which lets him keep the larger amount of his hard-earned Neopoints. This leads to the question: Which school is cheaper? To answer this question, I turned to my friend, the trusty Shop Wizard. And the results may surprise you. Neither school is cheaper all of the time. Depending on the level of your pet, either school may be cheaper.

The Academy takes only dubloons and the School takes only codestones. Codestones cost an average of 4500 NP each (excluding the cheaper Lu codestone). The Academy charges one, two, or five dubloon coins depending on the level of your pet. One and two dubloon coins average 3800 NP each while a twelve dubloon coin costs 12000 NP. Below is a chart which explains which school is cheaper. The chart only goes to level 40 because after level 40 you can no longer train at the Academy.

Level Academy School Which is Cheaper?

Level Academy School Which is Cheaper?
1-10 1 dubloon coin (3000 NP) 1 codestone (4500 NP) Academy
11-20 2 dubloon coin (3000 NP) 1 codestone (4500 NP) Academy
21-40 5 dubloon coin (12000) 2 codestones (9000 NP) School

After looking at the chart, it would make sense to train at the Academy until you reach level 21, then switch over to the School. It would be most cost efficient to do this, especially if you are saving for that Hidden Tower Battledome item you want so badly. Of course, life is never so simple. Don't forget the variable of the Lu Codestone, which is a good 800-1000 NP cheaper than all other codestones. This does make a difference. Also, you should remember that cost is only one thing you should consider before choosing one training school over another. Time is also a factor.

If Neopoints are not a problem for you, and you want to train your pet as quickly as possible, then by all means go to the School. The School's training sessions are much shorter than the Academy's. In fact, the higher the level of your pet, the greater the time difference between the Academy and the School, and the more time efficient the School becomes. In most cases, an Academy session is twice as long as a School session. This might not matter to you, but then again it might. If a couple of hours are worth a few extra Neopoints in your mind, then that's fine. If you don't care about the amount of time a session takes, then I applaud your patience. Not everyone is as patient as you are.

There are other facts to consider, however. For instance, keep in mind that you know before enrollment at the Academy what you will have to pay to complete a course. A five dubloon coin is a five dubloon coin. At the School, you do not know which codestones you need to buy until you enroll. This might bug some people. There are ten types of codestones, each one as likely to be the one that you need as any other. And it can be aggravating to try to find someone who will trade your Vo codestone for that Mau codestone that you need.

However, I would like to take this time to note that the Cap'n only accepts exact payment. He does not give change and he does not accept, say, 2 one dubloon coins for a two dubloon coin. And the Dubloon-O-Matic does not break down dubloons into lower denominations.

Also, do not forget that you can only enroll at either the School or the Academy at any given time. NeoPets does not allow double-training. Now, what if you enroll your pet and then change your mind about training? You can withdraw your pet from the Academy if you sign him up for a course and then change your mind. You cannot withdraw your pet from the School. If you enroll your pet in the School, you are making a commitment, and he stays there until you pay for the course and the course is finished. This is not usually a major problem, but suppose you are enrolled in the School, hoping to pick up that codestone you need. Instead, you pick up a two dubloon coin from Coltzan's Shrine, the coin you need to train in the Academy! You have to finish the course in the School before you can use your two dubloon coin.

And what if your pet's special day comes and you are looking forward to giving him free training from Cap'n Threelegs? You try to sign him up for a free course, but then the screen says, "Your pet is currently enrolled in the Mystery Island Training School." You have to complete the course at the School before you can get your free training at the Academy. This will cost valuable time. After all, you only get free training for one day, and only one time a year! (And in case you are wondering, yes, I know this from personal experience. It can happen to the best of us.)

In addition, codestones can be found relatively frequently around Neopia, in random events which say, "you find a mystical codestone lying on the floor!" and from the Tombola. While dubloons can be found at Coltzan's Shire, it is much more common to pick up a codestone on any given day than a dubloon. If you use the school, you are less likely to have to deplete your bank account, as you may have picked up that codestone you need on an earlier date. I suggest you save any codestones you pick up, either in your safety deposit box or in your store (make sure to price them as unbuyables!). Then you will have them when you need them. And if the need or desire for quick Neopoints ever hits you, you will have them to sell. Codestones sell almost immediately, as they are very popular items, and 4500 NP can come in handy in a pinch.

The article is almost over, and I thank you for bearing with me this far. There is only one more point to discuss, the Super bonus. You know, the thing you cross your fingers for before you press the "Course finished" button. It increases your pet's stats by two or more points rather than the usual one point. Is the Super bonus more likely to occur at one school than at the other? I do not know for sure. Some people say it is more likely to occur at the Academy, other people say you have the same possibility of getting a Super bonus at either school. I personally agree with those who say the chance is even. But hey, if you think differently, then spend your Neopoints on dubloons rather than codestones!

I hope this article was of some use to you. Now that you know the differences between the two schools, you can decide which is the right school for your Neopet!

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