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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Articles > Secrets of Slorg Island Revealed!

Secrets of Slorg Island Revealed!

by tigerlizard5

SLORG ISLAND - "Slorgs may be happy little fellows, but they leave massive slime trails wherever they go." A direct quote and maybe even a warning you may learn from the spooky petpets' shopkeeper, or possibly your fellow Neopians. But no, why would you care if something so adorably slimy as a Slorg emitted an odorous, oozing heap of goo on your arm every time you have finished snuggling it? These slippery slugs, cute caterpillars, or wiggly worms (as they are referred) are just the things to make your day!

If you are like me, and an adventurous Slorg lover, then be sure to read on to learn more about your favorite petpets!

I did research on these lively little slugs, and discovered that there is an island out there somewhere in Neopia reserved just for Slorgs! It all happened when I was scrounging around in the spooky petpet shop, interviewing the storekeeper, who insists I refer to her as 31 instead of her real name, which is currently unknown.

Me: Hello, 31.

31: Hey. Interviewing here again?

Me: Yep. Now, I was wondering if you had any Slorgs in stock? I was pondering on how often you restock them.

31: Actually, my shop is basically bare a lot of the time. You have to be quick is all I can say.

Me: Oh. Then… where do you get your Slorgs from anyway? Are they just moseying around the Haunted Woods?

31: You'd be surprised how occasional it is when I see a Slorg around here! They get shipped to me from a preserve off on an island somewhere.

Me: Oh, really?

31: Uh-huh. It's called Slorg Island. And I'd say it's a couple of miles out to sea from Krawk Island.

Me: Thank you for your help and time.

31: No problem.

Off to Slorg Island, it is! After a long and wild boat ride, I finally docked at the cheery little island with my journalistic notebook in hand. Wandering up to a fancy-looking green Usul, I waved.

Me: Hello!

Usul: Welcome to Slorg Island, a preserve discovered solely for the purpose of keeping the wonderful slug-like petpets alive! I'm Sierra.

Me: Just call me Kitty. Anyway, I was wondering about this Island and wanted to ask you some questions.

Sierra: Of course.

Me: What's it like here on the Island? And how did it originate?

Sierra: Well, the weather's mostly cool and moist, the perfect climate and habitat for any Slorg. And, well, this hunk of land has been here for centuries, and only recently was discovered!

Me: Wow. Who discovered it?

Sierra: A little Slorg named Jo. You see, a very long time ago, these slimy caterpillars once lived in abundance in the Haunted Woods. Every corner you turned, there one was! But then when a few Neopets discovered the Woods, they began to get tired of the overpopulation of Slorgs and started releasing hunters to exterminate them! Jo was extremely tired of her species' unfair lives and one day decided to travel far, far away, as far away as her gooey belly would allow her. She asked the others to come with her, but they refused, saying how crazy she was for even the thought of swimming so far. So she made a journey all the way past Krawk Island, and eventually brought herself here, to Slorg Island. She bore children, at the time, though her lifelong partner had sadly died a while before she left. That started the entire Slorg population for this wonderful Isle!

Me: *writes down in notebook* Uh-huh? That's a great story! But her poor life partner! L

Sierra: I know! But her courageous heart allowed her to make the journey work out!

Me: Yeah! Well, thank you for your time, but I'd like to check out the Slorgs now!

After bidding the Usul farewell, I hurried into the outside preserve. There were thousands upon thousands of Slorgs within acres of land. They were all of the colors possible; pink, blue, Faerie, fire, pink, plushie, and of course; the original green hue! Each one slimed along the smooth ground, slept, ate, conversed with the others, or observed plants and things. One particular blue creature slid up to me.

Slorg: *peers at notebook* You a journalist?

Me: *looks up from writing* Yep! Call me Kitty.

Slorg: My name's George but the others around here refer to me as Sleorge.

Me: *nods* Do you know about the legendary Jo?

Sleorge: Jo? You mean the one who discovered this land?

Me: Yeah.

Sleorge: *turns around* Hey, grandma! You have a visitor! A journalist! J

Just then, an old Slorg approached us. I wouldn't have known she was so aged, but her skin had a light purplish tinge to it, though was mostly pale out of elderliness. She greeted me.

Jo: Welcome! I wasn't expecting any visitors!

Me: And I wasn't expecting to meet the petpet who founded this isle! Two generations later! Wow! Sierra wasn't wrong when she said it was only recently revealed.

Jo: I can still remember the eerie beckons in the Haunted Woods at night.

Me: Well, now that I have the opportunity of an exclusive interview, I'm not going to miss out! First question: how many children did you have?

Jo: *laughs* Slorgs can have a surprising amount of babies in one pregnancy, actually. I had forty.

Me: *eyes widen* That sure is a lot. And to think, us humans feel giving birth to quintuplets is a ton! Anyway, how did you find names for all of them?

Jo: I named one after my husband, and the rest just practically named themselves.

Me: What was your husband's name?

Jo: Kenny. *smiles at the thought*

Me: Okay, when did you first go on your voyage toward this Island?

Jo: *thinks* Well, it was only a month after my husband passed away, so I boldly asked any of the others if they wanted to come, and when they declined, I decided I would take a chance and go on my own. After all, I was responsible for the forty children I would once bare later!

Me: When did you settle on the idea to go for a swim across Neopia?

Jo: It was so long ago, and I was in my prime, and I was actually not a bad swimmer.

Sleorge: The best swimmer! *wide grin*

Me: Ooh! *suddenly looks at beeping watch* Errgh. I have to go! Thank you so much, Sleorge and Jo! You've both been *very* helpful! *smiles*

Sleorge: *interrupts* See ya! *wanders off*

Me: Could I ask one last thing of you?

Jo: Of course!

Me: Can I take your picture?

Jo: Sure. Would you like me to autograph it for you, too?

Me: That would be great!

After taking her picture, and getting it specifically autographed by Jo herself, I waved goodbye and headed back home. And to wrap up my story on Slorg Island, I bid you farewell, and hope you have many wonderful Slorg adventures! Slorgs are amazing creatures, and deserve to have an island named after them!

Happy sliming!

(Though she may look pink, Jo is actually a purple Slorg, but her color is faded from old age.)

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed my story about Slorgs and Slorg Island. Have fun with your Slorgs and be sure to take great care of them! ^_^ They are at the amazingly low price in the shop wizard at lower than 2,000NP! (Prices are subject to change in accordance with the shopkeeper's liking). Also, if you want to, you can feel free to vote for Cy in the BC this week! ! I will luff and greatly appreciate all fan-mail!

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