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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Short Stories > Alumrylin and the Monoceraptor

Alumrylin and the Monoceraptor

by shoyru_lover91

also by eatm1ce

"Happy Birthday, Lumry!" said a tall dark haired boy, as he handed over a strange potion to his yellow Moehog.

     "Thank you!" said the Moehog. He quickly drank it, "Finally, I'm a boy again!" the Moehog exclaimed happily.

     Alumrylin, Lumry for short, was a yellow Moehog. He was an only pet of his beloved owner. Unfortunately, his owner had got the lab ray a while back and it had zapped him into a girl. As his birthday was about six months away, Lumry's owner had secretly decided to get his pet the strange potion.

     So now, six months later Lumry was a boy again. He looked at his owner,

     "Ben, is there anything I can do to thank you?" he asked.

     "Not really," Ben, his owner, said. "Hey, how about a trip to the coffee shop? Birthday treat!"

     "Yes please!" said Lumry, "Can we stop by the Art Gallery please?" he asked, his face lighting up. He had an idea.

     "Sure," replied his owner as he walked off in the direction of the catacombs.

     Lumry smiled. He had the best idea of what he was going to do as a thank you for his owner.

     When they got to the Art Gallery, Lumry stopped to look at the sign that told which specials were coming up.

     "Recollection of Neopian Wars over the years…" muttered Lumry softly to himself. Perfect, he thought. Lumry was very artistic. He loved to draw, and was very good at it. He thought, I could draw the Monoceraptor. I've drawn it many times before. It shouldn't be so difficult.

     Lumry smiled to Ben and spoke, "Okay, now we can go to the coffee shop."

     After they went out for a Birthday treat, and they got home, Lumry went right up to his room after thanking Ben. He sat down at his desk and pulled out some paper. He began to draw a rough copy of the Monoceraptor.

     A few days later, Lumry had finished the final copy. He was very proud of it. When he had completed it, Ben was not home, so he decided to go to the Chocolate Factory for a quick snack. He placed the final picture in his blue carryon, not wanting anything to happen to it.

     Once he had finished his snack, Lumry began to walk home. As he walked, he passed the Rainbow Pool. His picture flew out of his carryon, which had been carelessly left open.

     "Oh no!" exclaimed Lumry. He chased after the picture, which began blown around by the wind. The picture finally stopped, and dropped right into a rainbow colored puddle.

     "Oh great!" he moaned, "I'll have to start all over again now."

     He walked sadly home and sat down at his desk and started to redraw his picture. A few hours later Ben knocked on Lumry's door.

     "You okay Lumry?" he asked.

     "Yes! Fine! Just doing some… homework. Yes, just doing some homework," Lumry replied hiding the picture and picking up his Physics' book.

     "Okay, if you're sure," Ben replied, "But, you might want to try doing your homework with the book the right way up," Ben laughed as he closed the door.

     Lumry managed a little laugh as he placed the book back on his desk, "Close one," he said to himself.

     A few hours later, Lumry was done again. He looked outside and noticed it was just about sunset. He quickly put his picture into an envelope, put the address to the Art Gallery, and sealed it down.

     He raced down the stairs and grabbed his coat as he headed out the door.

     "Just going to check out the sunset from the hill!" he called to Ben.

     "OK," Ben replied, but it was too late, as Lumry was already out the door and on his way to the post box.

     He held his picture tightly and when he reached the post box shoved it in quickly to avoid ruining it again. That done, he walked home quickly, and after enjoying a dinner of carrot and pea omelette and space slushie, he went to bed.

     Meanwhile, later that night, down at the puddle the picture had fell in….

     The paper rose into the air and glowed softly and the Monoceraptor climbed out.

     "Me hungry… must eat Jubjubs," it grumbled, and stomped off into the night.

     The next day, when Lumry woke up, he went downstairs and sat at the kitchen table. Ben was still asleep. Lumry picked up the daily newspaper, and read the headline to himself. "Monoceraptor On The Loose," he muttered, and looked at the picture.

     The Monoceraptor photo in the paper looked like the one he drew, only 3D. He muttered, pulled on a jumper, and ran outside quickly.

     He ran into Neopia Central, and saw the Monoceraptor stepping on buildings, crushing them as if made of paper. Lumry ran nearer to the giant creature, peering up at it.

     "HEY! OVER HERE!" yelled Lumry.

     The Monoceraptor looked down stupidly. It lifted its foot to squash Lumry.

     Lumry ran off quickly, and avoided getting squashed. He threw a few stones at the Monoceraptor, but it didn't help. Lumry began to run away faster, the creature following it.

     Lumry reached the Rainbow Pool, and saw his drawing in the puddle, minus the Monoceraptor. He suddenly had a brilliant idea.

     He picked up the drawing, and held it. "Over here!" he called to the creature

     Once again, the Monoceraptor looked down.

     Lumry took a corner of the drawing, and began to tear it into pieces.

     The Monoceraptor began to fade. As Lumry ripped the picture more, it faded even more. Finally, when the picture was in tiny pieces, the Monoceraptor was gone.

     Lumry looked around in disbelief. People began to crowd around him, cheering. He grinned, and went home silently.

     The next week, the Art Gallery Wars Special came out. When Ben and Lumry went to see it, they passed Lumry's second drawing.

     Ben looked to Lumry in shock. "Why, Lumry! It says I did that! I didn't, though!" he said in shock.

     Lumry smiled. "I know. I did," he spoke. He put his arms around Ben and hugged him.

Authors' Notes: Hi! Thank you for reading our story! We'd just like to say that the Moehog in this story is fictional, so we're really sorry if he has the same name as one of your pets. Thanks.

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