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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Swimming, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Short Stories > BabyGlorie's Birthday Bash

BabyGlorie's Birthday Bash

by puffkins2000

It was the night before my 3rd birthday. My sister, Irridessia, had already had her 2nd birthday five days before.

     I sat at my desk in my room reviewing my wishlist. Singing Angel, my pure white Angelpuss, was sleeping on my bed. I could hear her tiny snores, so I knew she was sound asleep. She mutters in her sleep, too.

     Maybe I should introduce myself first. I'm BabyGlorie, a starry Uni. But I should tell you that I'd rather be called BabyG. I've hurt many people and pets who don't call me BabyG. And ones who call me vain, get a lot worse. Of course, this doesn't apply to Irri, who can't stand not to call others by their full names.

     I yawned, but wasn't sleepy just yet. I was far too excited about tomorrow. I looked at my clock. Five minutes till the 27th Day of Hunting.

     I stared at my wishlist for a few more seconds. The first item I wanted was a Faerie petpet paint brush for Singing Angel. I never told Singing Angel that I wanted one for her, so she never knew about it. The second item I wanted was anything related to Angelpii. I adored the Angelpuss Pillow and wanted to wear those Angelpuss socks. And the last item I wanted was a cotton candy tree. Oh, how I loved cotton candy trees!

     I looked at my clock again. It was 2 minutes until my birthday. I opened my bottom drawer and took out my starry birthday blower. I sat on my bed, staring at the clock. The clock struck 12:00. I blew my birthday blower at Singing Angel, making her fly up in the air.

     "Arggh!" she screamed, jumping up, half asleep.

     "Happy Birthday to me!" I said, blowing on my birthday blower again. "I'm three years old, today!"

     Singing Angel rolled her eyes and flopped back into my bed. "Ugh, you woke me up for that?" she moaned. When Singing Angel is tired, she's not as talkative.

     I narrowed my eyebrow. "Singing Angel!" I picked her up and swung her around.

     "I'm getting very, very, very dizzy!" Singing Angel yelped. I set her down on my bed and she fell over.

     I laughed. "I'm going to have the best birthday ever! I can see it now!" I said, looking out my window. I looked back at Singing Angel, who was already back sleeping. I sighed and looked out the window again. "I just hope I get my wishes..."


The next morning, I was up before the rest of my family. Of course, I usually was up earlier, anyway. I hurried and changed into my pirate costume. It was a blue denim skirt, a red-and-white striped shirt, a red-with-white-polka-dots bandana, and an eye patch. The only thing I was missing was a sword. I also added my gold earrings. I rarely wore earrings, unlike my sisters.

     I went downstairs to the kitchen, where they're were a few balloons tied to the chairs and a huge plate of pancakes, with whipped cream, sat at my place at the table.

     "Surprise!" Puffkins2000 said, along with Susquhana, Irri, and Cochiese, from behind the Living Room door.

     I clapped my hooves together. "Hurray!" I shouted. I had almost said "Hurrah!", like Irri says all the time, but stopped myself in time. "This is going to be the best birthday ever!" I continued, sitting down in my chair. My siblings sat around me, while I stuffed a forkful of pancakes in my mouth. They had already eaten before.

     "We bought you a few things for your birthday, BabyG," Irri said, handing me a gift wrapped in starry wrapping paper. "I hope you like it!"

     I had finished my pancakes, as I unwrapped it and squealed when I saw it. It was a Starry Pillow made by Irri. Irri was a great seamstress and sewed a lot.

     "Aww, thank you Irri!" I said, hugging her. Irri blushed, but was happy I liked it.

     Cochiese, my younger skunk Usul sister, shyly handed me a starry bag, with a big blue bow, with tiny dots, holding the strings together.

     "Mother helped me pick it out," she said shyly. Coch was shorter than most Usuls, with green eyes and she was a ballerina. Never seen a Ballerina Usul, have you?

     I slowly untied the bow, to save it for my collect of weird collections. Or, maybe Coch wanted to keep it for her hair. I slowly open the bag and pulled out a book. "Alright! A book! I haven't read this one yet. Thank you Coch!" I exclaimed. I set in under my Starry Pillow.

     The last package was a starry box. It was from my blind Angel brother, Susqu.

     "I didn't know what else to get you, BabyG," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

     I opened the box. It had 4 books in it!

     "Wow!" I exclaimed. "Books! I love books! Thanks Susqu." I smiled at him, even though he couldn't see it.

     I looked at my mom/owner, who was smiling. "What did you get me?" I asked her slyly.

     She laughed, "BabyGlorie! You know you'll get the rest of your gifts at you party." She put my plate in the sink and washed it.

     "Yeah, I know! BQ, Mayabee, Leila, Launa, and Casadee will all be here, when we get back from Krawk Island," I said, referring to my friends. Casadee is a spotted Kougra who love to battle like me. Mayabee is the next oldest. She's a rainbow Wocky, with a passion for fashion. Ick, clothes! Launa is a speckled Acara who loves plushies and Usukis. And Leila is the youngest sister of those 3. She's a yellow Usul, that also loves Usukis and plushies. BQ is their owner and Puffkins' friend.

     "Well, we should go soon!" I continued, grabbing my backpack, which I'm never without.

     "OK, then, BabyG," Puffkins said, taking her backpack purse off the table. It had a bunch of NP in it, so it was kind of heavy. "We'll be back soon, OK?" Puffkins was saying to my siblings.

     "OK," they replied, smiling. Somehow, they looked like they had a secret, but were too excited to tell.


"Are you sure you want to play this?" Puffkins asked me. I was wanting to play Buried Treasure.

     "Of course. Nothing can spoil today, right? Besides, I'll pay with my NP."

     "OK..." Puffkins trailed off. We had been on Krawk Island for about an hour. I played Dubloon Disaster and got to keep the NP for myself, which is what I was talking about. I couldn't go to all the exciting place on Krawk Island, because we didn't have any Dubloons at this point, but I had gotten to explore to Fungus Cave and the Smugglers Cove. And was that a sight!

     "Arr!" the short one cried out, when they saw us. "What are ye doin' here?"

     "Uh, just leaving!" Puffkins quickly said. She started to head outside.

     But I stood still. "I know you are pirates, but can't you speak properly?" I asked them. I could see Puffkins' face fall into her hands.


     "You should construct that sentence, 'What are you doing here?'" I said, watching the 2 pirates stare back at me.

     "I'm terribly sorry, but it's her birthday today and she's a little.." Puffkins began and ended with a quick swirl to the side of her head, meaning I was crazy. OK, so maybe I was. A little.

     "Hey!" I exclaimed. Puffkins pulled me away, out of the Smugglers Cove.

     Puffkins sighed, "Even on your birthday, you get into trouble."

     "Who? Me?" I asked, giggling. "Why would I get into trouble?"

     Puffkins rolled her eyes, but laughed anyway. We headed to the Buried Treasure, which I won 2000 NP! Boy, was I shocked.

     "Let's stop by the guild, on our way back home. Besides, we'll need to go that way, if we want to get a free jelly."

     "Sure!" I said.

     My owner's guild is in Neopian Central. When Irri and Susqu used to live in their own NeoHome, we'd stop all the time to visit them. But they usually live with us. They still do, but the NeoHome in Neopian Central is like a second home to us.

     After we got our Free Jelly (and every other place we went to and got stuff, was in my backpack), we stopped in the guild. It was kind of quiet went we walked in.

     "Oh, no," I mumbled, knowing was about to happen.

     " Surprise!" a mixture of people and pets cried out.

     "Wow! I never expected until I came in here," I said. I looked at Puffkins who grinned at Coch, Irri, Susqu, and our petpets. "You set this whole thing up! Thank you!" I ran and hugged my family and then hugged my friends. SugarLupeStar and her pets, Miracles (strawberry Gelert), Rocky (starry Shoyru), Roxy (white Lupe), Cutie Pie (Faerie Kacheek) Roszeena (green Zafara), Neko (blue with white swirls Wocky), Kay (purple Aisha, with black feather-y wings), and Reia (Mystery Island Peophin), 911Quick and his pets, Moony (Speckled Acara), Lottoia (Halloween Peophin), Fro_gy (Tyrannian Quiggle), and Meemoga (strawberry Moehog), Cool_Dancing_Hamster and her pets, Kiffi (yellow Kacheek), Red (red Shoyru), and Glitter Sky (blue Uni), and BQueen and her pets, Leila (yellow Usul), Launa (speckled Acara), Casadee (spotted Kougra), and Mayabee (rainbow Wocky), all wearing pirate outfits. I was lucky that I was wearing my outfit!

     "We wanted you to celebrate with all your friends from the guild," Puffkins said. "So I sent out invitations to everyone."

     "Yeah, and Irri and I spent forever looking for the perfect food for your party," Coch looked at Irri and gave her a look that said, 'Pirate food... Eww!'.

     "Why don't you open your presents, now?" Susqu said, pointing to where a bunch of gifts laid.

     I opened my family's presents first. "Wow! More books!" I said, looking at about twenty-five or more books. "I have a lot of reading to do!" I laughed.

     Kiffi handed her family's gifts. Her family had given me lime Achyfi, tigersquash ice cream, tigersquash swirly cake, pirate Usuki play set (Pirate Them, of course!), and a sparkly pink brush. "Oh, thank you!" I said to them.

     911Quick handed me a gift, his pets smiling from behind him. "We hope you like this," he said. Moony nodded, drinking a Raspberry Slushie.

     I opened it and gasped. It was a starry paint brush plushie! "I always wanted this!" I exclaimed. "How did you know I wanted one?"

     Puffkins rolled her eyes and laughed. "Because you had it on your wishlist, BabyG," she reminded me.

     "Oh, that's right!" I laughed nervously. "Thank you! I always wanted it!" I said, again, holding the plushie tightly, as though the Pant Devil might steal it. "And to get a cotton candy tree..." I added, grinning.

     Puffkins laughed, "Nice try, BabyG." She rolled her eyes and handed me another gift. "You have a lot of gifts to open and then we can eat!"

     Kiffi pouted and said, sadly, "What an awesome gift! Mine was nearly as good enough."

     Glitter put her arm around her sister's shoulders. "Your gift was just fine!"

     "I gave her a sparkly pink brush!" Kiffi protested.

     "Aww, Kiffi! I love your gifts! They mean so much to me," I said.

     "That's right, Kiffi. Inexpensive gifts doesn't mean that they're not as great as expensive gifts. It's just what comes from the heart, that means the most," Irri said.

     "Very well said, Irri," Coch said softly.

     "Exactly! Kiffi, you don't know how much I wanted this brush, too!"

     Coch and Irri looked at each other. I noticed it. "I'm still not vain. I just love sparkly things!" I said to them.

     I turned back to Kiffi. "Here, you can play with my paint brush plushie for a while."

     Kiffi grinned. "Great!" she exclaimed and ran after her brother, Red, trying to paint him.

     We all laughed and giggled, and pretended we were pirates. Leila was ending up making Mayabee burst into giggles.

     We ate and played games and talked. My new friends, met my old friend, and became friends with each other.


The party had just ended, when we went home. Cochiese nearly fell asleep from all the excitement of the party. Puffkins was holding her paw and Irri was holding her other paw, trying to keep her awake, by walking, until we got back home.

     Susqu and I carried my gifts home. We had to be careful not to drop anything. I had to be extra careful with my Uni elixir was BQ and my Faerie pen, from SugarLupeStar.

     I opened the door up, to head inside, when I saw a pile of gifts around the front door.

     "More presents?!" Susqu exclaimed. He nearly dropped my books, that he was holding.

     "I'm popular," I retorted, but in a friendly way. Then I grinned. "I can't wait to see what I got!"

     "After I put Coch to bed and after you take your books to the Library," Puffkins said, heading upstairs, with Coch, who was now fast asleep.

     "Alright," I said, picking my books up. "Irri, could you get the ones that I left on the table in the Kitchen?" I asked.

     Irri nodded and in a minute, she returned with several books in her arms.

     "Boy, I have a lot of reading to do, don't I?" I asked my brother and sister, while in the Library. "I can't wait to start on them."

     "May I borrow this book when you're done with it?" Irri asked, picking up a book about Gelerts. Susqu was putting some books near the chair in there, on the table.

     "Of course. I think I'll read it first, so you can read it, when I'm done." I set my stack of books on the one shelf, so I knew which ones to read. Weird, but I also had a shelf of books that I wouldn't read. It wasn't full though.

     Irri was putting her stack of books in alphabetical order, and then slid them on the shelf. "OK, then. I can't wait to read it."

     We went back to the Living Room, where Puffkins had stacked the presents that arrived for me, on the Kauvara sofa.

     Susqu yawned and said, "I'm going to bed now. Goodnight. Happy birthday BabyG. I hope you had a great birthday."

     "Yes, I did have a great birthday. It was so nice of your guys to have a wonderful party for me, when I didn't expected it."

     My family smiled at me. I looked down at my gifts that laid in front of me.

     "Goodnight Susqu," I said softly, as he headed upstairs. I hurried and opened my gifts. Puffkins' friends had given me cakes! 3 birthday cupcakes, a snow cake, and a chocolate cake. "Mmm!" I smelled each and every one of those delicious cakes.

     "And now for the birthday Uni, I give this to you," Puffkins said, handing me a Faerie Petpet Paint Brush! I gasped. "It's for when Singing Angel-"

     "Can finally be painted Faerie!" I finished, holding the beautiful Paint Brush in my hooves. Singing Angel has flown over from the chair to get a better look.

     "Me?" Singing Angel asked, looking at the paint brush. "You were going to paint me... Faerie?" For once in Singing Angel's life, she was speechless.

     "Yes, this was my one true wish. To paint you Faerie," I smiled at my Angelpuss. She smiled back.

     Irri and Puffkins gave each other a smile that said, "More surprises."

     "What?" I asked them. "What else are you hiding?"

     "Close your eyes, BabyGlorie," Irri said, putting her paws over the eyes. They both lead them somewhere, where it smelled of flowers, so I guessed it was one of the gardens.

     "Smell this, BabyG," Puffkins said.

     I smelled the strange plant. It smelt like... cotton candy! I quickly opened my eyes. And gasped. It was my lifelong dream tree; the cotton candy tree! I screamed, excitedly and jumped around, hugging my owner and then my sister.

     As I was jumping around, I nearly fell into a pink tile patio table, that was standing in the middle of my garden.

     "Where did this come from?" I asked myself. The I smiled. "Wait a minute. This is another one of my birthday presents, isn't it?"

     Puffkins nodded. "Yeah, it is. We'll get some chairs later, alright?"

     "Oh, thank you for everything, Mother!" I said. "I love everything so much!"


Later that night, I sat at my desk, writing in my journal. I opened my drawer, that held the Faerie petpet paint brush (for safekeeping) and smiled. My starry pillow laid on my bed, Singing Angel was sleeping in it. My starry paint brush plushie sat on my shelf, looking so new and soft. I smiled again. I had gotten my most wanted wishes and even more. The gifts didn't really matter to me. It was the friends that I spent my birthday with, that really mattered.

     I checked over my journal and ended my day with "This truly was the best birthday ever!"

     How true it was.

The End

Author's Note: If this story is published, I'd like to thank my best NeoFriends for letting me use them and their pets in my story: BQueen6430, Cool_dancing_hamster, Sugarlupestar346, and 911quick! You're the best! And a quick note to Neopets, please let us paint Angelpii, Faerie! ;)

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