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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Short Stories > Tahlix’s Great Petpet Search

Tahlix’s Great Petpet Search

by onda_bianca

Tahlix was a happy Chomby. He had great food, fun toys, books read to him, and was trained regularly. He had two wonderful brothers and had everything he could possibly want, except one thing. He always dreamed of having a petpet. He saw all the other pets had their own special friends to share everything with. All of his friends had petpets, and Tahlix was jealous every time he saw them.

     Petpets were a very cool thing to have. His friends played with, fed, talked to, and even battled with their petpets. Tahlix often times got very lonely. He longed for a petpet of his own. Unfortunately, he found that petpets were very expensive, and he did not want to trouble his owner for one, so he never told anybody about his secret dream.

     One day, Tahlix was feeling unusually lonely. He had just finished his class at the academy and he saw a little Hornsby waiting outside. He went up to pet this Hornsby and wondered if he had a home. Perhaps this was the pet Tahlix was waiting for! He could adopt the little Hornsby and finally have a great petpet! Tahlix began to talk to the Hornsby, when, much to his disappointment, a cloud Ixi walked up to him.

     “Hi! I’m Inizii, and this is my pet Felicita! Felicita waits for me after my class so we can go and play afterwards! Do you want to play with us?” The cloud Ixi smiled and motioned Tahlix to come along.

     “No thanks,” responded Tahlix, “I have to get home to play with my own pet. I’ll see you around.” Tahlix walked off sadly, leaving Inizii and his pet to play. He hated pretending like he had a petpet, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit that he didn’t have one.

     On his way home, Tahlix decided to stop by Faerieland. He headed straight for the petpet shop and was amazed at all the wonderful Faerie petpets. There were tons, and they all seemed to have wings. They were beautiful! His eyes went straight to a thing called a Flosset. He went up to the Flosset and began to play with it a little. The Flosset was friendly, but not like the other petpets Tahlix had seen. But Tahlix thought this still might be a wonderful petpet to have. His friends would sure be impressed if he had a pet with wings waiting for him outside the Academy.

     Tahlix dug his hands inside his pockets to see how many Neopoints he had. He found 764. That’s more than he’s EVER had, maybe he could buy the Flosset!

     Tahlix went up to the shopkeeper, and poured his Neopoints onto the counter. “Can I buy that Flosset over there with this?” Tahlix asked.

     The shopkeeper counted the Neopoints and smiled. “I’m sorry, that Flosset will cost you 50,000 Neopoints, and that’s a deal. Why don’t you save up some more, and come back in a couple years.”

     Tahlix let out a sigh. “Well, can I buy ANY petpet here?” he asked. The shopkeeper responded, “I’m afraid not. Why don’t you check out the other pet shops around Neopia, they may be a bit cheaper. But I am afraid that 764 Neopoints just won’t be enough for any shop.”

     “Thanks,” mumbled Tahlix as he left the shop with his head down.

     Tahlix felt extremely said and could not control the tears. He sat under a nearby tree and cried until the tears would not come anymore. Once the tears stopped, Tahlix trudged back home. Even after a long cry, he did not feel any better, but he could not tell anyone what was wrong.

     After a long night without sleep, Tahlix decided it was time he saved up some more Neopoints so he could afford a petpet. He wanted to earn the Neopoints all by himself, so he headed to the games room.

     Tahlix was looking and decided to play Defender Trainer. He knew all about Neopia and thought he could do quite well! He identified and unscrambled the names pets and, his specialty, petpets. He had not, however, heard of a Turtum before, and lost the game at this point. Before leaving the game, he took a long look at the picture of the Turtum, and decided that was the pet he wanted! Before he left, Tahlix asked the gamekeeper where he could find a Turtum, and found out that he should take a trip to the Meridell petpet shop.

     Tahlix became really excited. What if this was the pet for him! He now had more Neopoints, 1036 to be exact, and he was sure this would be enough for this Turtum. Once Tahlix arrived in the shop, he ran straight for the Turtum that he saw in the picture on the game.

     “You will be my petpet!” exclaimed Tahlix, in much excitement. He picked up the Turtum and gave him a big hug, but found that this Turtum did not like hugs. He was not a playful pet and was not fond of Tahlix. Tahlix put the Turtum down and looked around the shop. None of the petpets seemed to be for him. Feeling a bit disappointed, Tahlix left the shop, not even attempting to buy a pet.

     Tahlix made his way into Neopia Central and wandered into the main petpet shop. There, he saw a fun looking Cobrall! It slithered, bounced, and just seemed to be lots of fun! Maybe this was the pet for him. Tahlix was sure he had more than enough Neopoints for this Cobrall, and brought him up to the shopkeeper. He dumped out all his Neopoints onto the counter and says, “I’ll take him!”

     The shopkeeper counted the Neopoints and shook his head. “I’m sorry, I need 6000 Neopoints for that Cobrall.”

     Tahlix responded, “But I really want him! I never told anyone this before, but I have spent all of my life wanting a petpet. I even went to the games room to play games to save. This is all the NPs I have, my lifelong savings! Please accept my offer.”

     The shopkeeper thought for a minute. This Chomby looked really desperate, but a shopkeeper has to earn a living too. He decided he could not let the Cobrall go at that price, he’d be losing money. He shook his head again and said, “I’m sorry. Try going back to the games room. Play a few more games and save a bit more. I can give you this pet for 5000 Neopoints, but no less. With hard work and saving, you can do it.”

     Tahlix sunk his head lower than before. “Well… can I buy any pets in here with these Neopoints?”

     The shopkeeper thought and went through his entire inventory. Unfortunately, no petpets ran that cheap. “I’m sorry, but I can’t give you any at that price. I have to make a living too. In the meantime, why don’t you try to find a petpet instead of buy one while you are saving?”

     Tahlix was close to tears, when he realized the shopkeeper had a brilliant idea… to find a petpet!

     “Thanks!” exclaimed Tahlix as he ran out of the shop.

     Tahlix ran to the Haunted Woods. He went to the first ghost he could find. He went and picked up the ghost and started to try to play.

     “BOOOOOOO!” screamed the ghost.

     “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!” Tahlix exclaimed, as his heart just skipped a beat. “Why did you scare me like that?”

     The ghost responded, “You don’t just come up and grab a ghost you know! That is very rude and will make any ghost quite upset. Now, get away before I scare you again!”

     Tahlix looked hurt and replied, “But all I want is a pet! Will you be my pet?”

     The ghost was horrified! “A pet?” he exclaimed, “NO! Ghosts aren’t pets! We’re ghosts. If I was your pet, all the other ghosts would laugh at me! Now get away!”

     Tahlix sunk down his head and slowly walked away, and out of the Haunted Woods. Finding a pet was hard, he wasn’t sure if he could take this kind of rejection. He thought a ghost would be fun, but they were scary and mean and not too friendly.

     Tahlix decided he’d try his luck in Tyrannia. He slowly made his way into Tyrannia when he realized he was very tired. He sat underneath a large rock to rest when he heard a little voice.

     This little voice grew louder and strong until a wailing sound came. It was coming from under Tahlix! Tahlix was startled and stood up very quickly to find a small rock underneath him. Could this possibly be the thing that made such a large noise? Tahlix just stared in astonishment.

     The little rock spoke, “So you sit on me and then don’t say a word! That’s what everybody does. I’m not important enough to talk to.” This rock looked very sad for a rock. This is because he was very ignored. No one cared if they hurt a rock, and no one cared to talk to a hurt rock.

     “Oh, you can talk,” replied Tahlix. “I’m very sorry I sat on you, I’m just tired and a little sad. You see, I really want a pet, someone to be my very best friend, just like all the other pets. I’ve tried to buy pets, but I don’t have enough Neopoints. I’ve tried to find pets, but no one wants to be my pet. If only someone wanted to be my pet…” Tahlix let out a big sigh.

     The little rock perked up a bit. “Say… what kind of pet do you want?”

     Tahlix replied, “I just want a pet that will be my friend and be happy with me. I don’t care what kind of pet. Why, do you know of someone?”

     The little rock smiled again and said, “Well, how about me?”

     Tahlix finally realized what the little rock had been getting at. How could he have missed it! He would be a perfect pet! He was helpful and friendly and just perfect! And none of his friends had a rock for a pet!

     “Really!” Tahlix exclaimed. “I’d love it!”

     Tahlix picked up the little rock and ran home with him. They became the best of friends, always playing and laughing together. The best part was that this little rock could come with Tahlix wherever, even to the academy, since he fit nicely in any pocket of Tahlix.

     Soon after Tahlix found his perfect pet, other pets decided to get pet rocks as well. Soon, Neopia was full of pet Rocks, all inspired by Tahlix and his little rock.

The End

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