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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 95 > Short Stories > Jhudora's Doglefox

Jhudora's Doglefox

by cuttie_pie1991

Star the yellow Wocky (her real name was Serena_Star319) was cleaning her room. Her oldest sister, Pearly_Garnet the green Kacheek, was in charge because her owner (sailor_moon81) had to run some errands. Her other older sister, Angela14516 the blue Aisha was in her room too. Almost everyone called her Angel or Angela.

     "Hey, sis," Angel said as she walked into her younger sister's room, "do you want to keep Patreeya?"

     "Sure!" Star answered. Patreeya the brown Doglefox leaped into Star's opened arms and licked her face. Star giggled, and asked, "Why do you want to give Patreeya away to me? She's a good Doglefox; she hasn't done anything bad." Has she? Star added to herself.

     "I already have Shawn, you know," Angel reminded her. "It's kind of hard to take care of two Doglefoxes." Shawn was Angel's other Doglefox. He was a white one.

     "But why do you want to keep Shawn? I thought you said that you liked Patreeya better than Shawn."

     "You dimwit," Angel replied. "I never said that."

     "Did too."

     "Did not."

     "Did TOO!"

     "Did NOT!"

     "Will you guys stop that?" an annoyed voice said, interrupting the argument. Star and Angel turned around and saw Pearl.

     "Sorry," Star apologized sarcastically.

     "Didn't I say that I liked Shawn better than Patreeya?" Angel asked.

     "I don't know and I don't care, how's that for an answer?" Pearl replied. "Seriously, why do you two always argue about the stupidest things?" Shawn, who was standing next to Pearl, barked.

     "Oh, just forget about it," a disgusted Star said.


A few days later, sailor_moon81 announced happily during breakfast, "We're going to have a picnic today with moon_princess_magic and her Neopets."

     "Cool!" Star exclaimed, jumping up so quickly that her scrambled eggs slipped off her plate and fell onto the floor. Patreeya barked happily and ate the scrambled eggs, her tail wagging the whole time. "I can't wait to see Maybelles again! I can show her Patreeya!"

     Sailor_moon81 sighed at Patreeya. "She [Patreeya] is going to get a stomachache, Star," sailor_moon91 muttered. But she smiled when Patreeya jumped into the air, flipped in the air a few times, and landed perfectly on the floor. This caused Shawn to do the same thing, and soon sailor_moon81, Pearl, Angel, and Star to all clap wildly.

     "But what about Pooshigli?" Pearl asked after the Doglefoxes' little "circus show." "There's no one for him to play with."

     "Pooshigli is going to be at a friend's house during the picnic so he won't feel left out," sailor_moon81 answered. "Anyway, let's hurry up and finish breakfast. We don't want to be late for the picnic!"


"Star!" Maybelles the blue Ixi called as she ran to Star. Sailor_moon81, Serena_Star319, Angela14516, moon_princess_magic, Allisandramum the Glowing Aisha, Maybelles, and Plethera_ the strawberry Usul were at a vast park. "Star! Star, wait up! Staaaaar!"

     "Huh?" Star said and turned around. "Oh. Well... hey, Maybelles!"

     "Hi!" Maybelles greeted. "What's up?"

     "Angel gave me Patreeya," Star said. She was holding a leash, which Patreeya was tied to. Patreeya barked at flying Pteris who sounded like they were teasing her. Patreeya then growled, and tried to get loose.

     "Wow!" Maybelles said, surprised.

     Patreeya tugged the leash out of Star's hands, and ran after the flying Pteris. The Pteris were flying over a lake. Patreeya, who looked like she wasn't looking where she was going, leaped into the lake.

     Star ran after Patreeya and plunged into the warm-watered lake, looking for Patreeya. Maybelles followed Star, and also started looking for the brown Doglefox. From above, the two friends heard an evil laugh. Both felt dizzy, and started to sink to the bottom of the lake...


Star and Maybelles landed in Faerieland -- Jhudora's Cloud, to be exact. The yellow Wocky looked around. She could see Jhudora the Dark Faerie's NeoHome behind her. To her right, Maybelles was lying on the cloud. In front of Star was the big green-and-purple lake.

     Star then started thinking about her dream she had about two months ago: she dreamed she met Jhudora who was about to capture her. Luckily, Star woke up, so she didn't know what would happen to her if she did get captured. She wasn't really scared then, so she was pretty sure she would not be scared this time.

     "Is this Serena_Star319?" an evil voice said. Star turned around and was face-to-face with a Dark Faerie who was not Jhudora.

     "Y-y-yes," the yellow Wocky stammered, realizing that she was scared, even though she thought she wasn't. "Who are you?"

     "I am Maelstra," the Faerie replied. "Come."

     "Ugh... Star, where are we?" Maybelles said as she woke up. As soon as she saw Maelstra, she shrieked.

     "Be calm, Maybelles, and you'll be fine," Star comforted her friend.


     "Maelstra?" an evil voice said. It was Jhudora. "What is taking you so long? Oh, that doesn't matter now. So, Star," she said as she faced the Wocky, "you like it here? I'm glad Patreeya did what she was supposed to do."

     "You mean" - Star gulped - "Patreeya brought me here?"

     "Yep," Maelstra replied. "Patreeya was Jhudora's in the first place. Jhudora is planning to -"

     "Be quiet, Maelstra!" Jhudora shouted. Suddenly, Star realized why Angel really gave Patreeya to her: because Angel already knew that Patreeya belonged to Jhudora; she just didn't want Star to know.

     Then, in a calmer tone, Jhudora said, "Maybelles? Star? Come follow me.

     Maybelles and Star wanted to say "no," but they decided not to when they thought about all of the consequences they might have to take.

     Maybelles and Star walked to the purple lake. Jhudora was leading, and Rosanna followed behind. When they reached the lake, they could see Patreeya, sitting on a fluffy, floating cushion on the middle of the lake. Patreeya was wearing a necklace with a purple "J"; it was like sort of like an Aisha's collar.

     "Do you want to keep Patreeya, Star?" Jhudora asked as she drew out her wand. "You'll have to fight me for it."

     "Fine," Star said.

     "Star!" Maybelles said, amazed. She couldn't tell if Star was brave or foolish - or both. "She's going to kill you," she added. "Why do you want to fight her?"

     "I'll unleash my secret weapon," Star said mysteriously, with a grin.

     "What is it, Star?" Maybelles asked.

     "You'll see" is all Star said.

     Jhudora said, "Jamitanu!" Out of her wand came a streak of dark purple light. Star narrowly missed it with a smile. "Had enough?" Maelstra cackled.

     "Oh Arielle!" Star called. Jhudora and Maelstra looked up at the sky with a puzzled look on their faces. "Arielle is Star's secret weapon?" Maelstra asked.

     "Now duh," Jhudora said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world - and, in a way, it was.

     "She better not be calling Fyora," Maelstra said to Jhudora, with her hands on her hips.

     "You moron. Star was calling to Arielle, not to Fyora. Don't you have a brain?"

     "There she is!" Star said as she pointed up at the sky. Arielle the Uber-Air Faerie flew down to Star and Maybelles' safety.

     "Numbiser!" Out of Arielle's wand came a light-blue colored streak. It hit Maelstra and she fell backwards, onto Jhudora's cloud. Arielle tried to aim at Jhudora, but she ducked, so it hit her NeoHome instead. Jhudora's NeoHome broke into at least a million pieces. Only a control panel from her Secret Lab remained in one piece.

     "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY NEOHOME!" Jhudora thundered angrily, shaking her fist. "NOW I'LL HAVE TO BUILD ANOTHER ONE!"

     "Oh well, Jhudora," the Uber-Air Faerie said. "Bye, Star! Bye, Maybelles!"

     In a flash of light, Star and Maybelles reappeared at the picnic park, right next to the same lake. Patreeya the Doglefox was standing in front of the two Neopets, wagging her tail. Patreeya was no longer under Jhudora's control; now, she was like any other usual Petpet.

     "That was weird, Star," Maybelles observed, looking up at the sky. When Star didn't reply, Maybelles turned around. Maybelles realized that Star already dived into the warm waters of the lake to see if she would get transported back to Jhudora's Cloud from the sound of a small splash.

The End

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