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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 94 > Articles > Is Happy Valley Really Happy?

Is Happy Valley Really Happy?

by onda_bianca

HAPPY VALLEY - Happy Valley is one of the most peculiar places in Neopia. I’ve often wondered what makes Happy Valley so happy, when one day, I realized it is the Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar gives away free items and Neopoints during the whole month of Celebrating (December), which brings joy to everyone in Neopia. After the month of Celebrating, however, you may find that Happy Valley isn’t so happy. My pet Ttrrug decided to take a closer look. Here is what he found:

It is now the month of Hunting, five months after Celebrating was over. I never really care to visit Happy Valley when we aren’t celebrating, so this is a new destination for me this time of year. I arrive in Happy Valley, which still has the appearance of being happy. But I take a closer look. I notice that the snow isn’t as exciting as it was when I got free presents.

I also notice that there are far less people here. There are some natives living here, a few shops, and some game playing, but nothing like when I last visited. The place seems a bit empty, and the people aren’t quite as happy.

Out of nowhere I am hit with a giant snowball! OUCH! I turn around and see a Snow Beast, attacking me! He is very mean looking, and I don’t know what to do. I suddenly realize that it was from the game, Snow Throw. I am so scared seeing this angry Snow Beast that I run into the nearest igloo!

Once inside the igloo, I speak with a native who tells me that the Snow Beasts have been attacking all Grundos, and anything that even slightly resembles a Grundo. With the lack of visitors, no one has been playing any of the games, including Snow Throw. This makes the Snow Beasts very angry, so they take their aggression out on innocent Grundos who aren’t even playing the game! It apparently has became VERY dangerous for Grundos to even walk around Happy Valley.

Other instances that have been reported are the mysterious disappearances of petpets. The Snow Beasts have been suspected of snatching innocent petpets, just to be mean. The people of Happy Valley are very worried and living in fear of these creatures, afraid of being randomly attached by wet snowballs and afraid of having their petpets taken from them.

After the Snow Beast situation is explained to me, I ms told that I should leave Happy Valley soon. I have stayed longer than any other visitor during this month and am now putting myself in danger of becoming very unhappy. I know I have to live with the Snow Beasts running around attacking others with wet snowballs, but I have decided to explore this valley a bit further.

I decide to peek in on the shops and game areas, but unfortunately, only one worth going to. The Wintery Petpets store is closed, in order to keep the petpets safe from the Snow Beasts. Since it’s not the month of Celebrating, Gift Tags and Merry Outfits aren’t needed and although they aren’t officially closed, there isn’t much to do there. The games are also pretty empty since the Advent Calendar doesn’t work. It isn’t any fun playing some of these games if you’re the only person there, so I decided to pass. This left me with the Slushie Shop. As I enter, I find a rather grumpy looking Eyrie. There are not a lot of slushie’s to choose from and I end up with a Holiday Slushie, a repeat from the month of Celebrating. I ask the grump Eyrie about Happy Valley, and he tells me that there really is no happiness during these months, afterall, no one gets free presents, so why be happy?

This was very sad. It seems as though the Advent Calendar is causing discontent among the people of Happy Valley, so I decide take a visit.

Upon arriving, I see a Christmas Aisha. Unfortunately, I am given no greeting. The following message was on a sign, and the Aisha simply pointed to it with out saying a word:

Oops! - It isn't the month of Celebrating... so there isn't anything to give away :(

I then ask the Aisha why the calendar couldn’t give things away all year. I explain how Happy Valley is only happy one month out of the year. I explain that this is due to the Advent Calendar, but after the month of celebrating, Happy Valley falls apart. The Aisha, however, just shakes his head and points to the sign again. I let out a sigh and sit down right there.

The next thing I know, everything around me is different. There are a few pets around me running up to the Advent Calendar. I see a small neopet, approaching the calendar, but returning only with a pile of dung. WHAT?!?! The Advent Calendar is now giving out dung! I am quite confused, so I look around and see that only cheap items are being given as gifts. I ask someone what is going on and they tell me that the Advent Calendar ran out of good items to give. It can no longer give away NPs, and the items have turned into cheap items that can be obtained for free. The Advent Calendar is no longer special and I see Happy Valley is in ruins.

Suddenly, I hear a loud noise and wake up, realizing this was only a dream. I look around and I’m thankful that the Advent Calendar is still closed, as I quickly leave. Once outside, a large wet snowball hits me, but I smile. Maybe the reason Happy Valley is not so happy during these times is because it doesn’t get many visitors. Perhaps if more people visited, Happy Valley would be happy all year! After all, who needs free pressies to be happy? Not me!

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