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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Continuing Series > Addiction Predicament: Part Five

Addiction Predicament: Part Five

by apparent

Sometimes it seems an event has happened to purposely cause your expense when you really needed good luck. For example, Swirlyhorn quickly arrived at the cabin where the Go! Go! Go! games were held, thinking that she would be able to play a few more rounds of the game. Her assumptions proved incorrect, or someone out there just hated her, for a large downpour erupted when she arrived at the game's cabin. To top it all off, she had no more Neopoints to spend, and the door to the cabin appeared to be locked. No one was inside.

     "This is so unfair!" Swirlyhorn cried, and began to stomp up and down within the puddles that collected on the wooden porch, drenching her sky blue fur immediately. Her eyes collected with tears of frustration towards her addiction and the mess it had gotten herself - and her brother - into. The only way to arrive home would be to walk, so that's what she began to do. In order to keep herself occupied, she thought out where she had gone wrong. "Maybe I shouldn't have made those three come online… yeah, maybe it was my fault for making the bet in the first place. I'm going to be in SO much trouble.."

     She cried while walking back towards the Neolodge. The rain began to fall much more heavily now, the wind whipping at her cheeks, chilling to the bone. A few Neopets passed here and there with an umbrella held over their head, quickly heading to shelter. Swirlyhorn took her time and arrived at the Neolodge fifteen minutes later.

     She opened the front door, sneezing and coughing. Her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. At first, she only saw Tekeli-Li, Sargug, and Plesio sitting on the famous family couch, looking quite comfortable in their home. Closing the door behind her, Swirlyhorn grinned a little bit, thinking that the three had come to her home to play with her as opposed to the cabin.

     "You guys game here to play with me?" She inquired, shivering while water dripped all over the floor. A sneeze shook her quivering body afterwards. Sargug and Plesio exchanged confused glances. Saigru butted into the room, carrying a tray filled with chocolate.

     "Saigru?" Swirlyhorn shrieked. "Y-you.. you invited them here?" Saigru gasped and then placed the tray onto the table, as the three Tyrannians began to hungrily chomp down on the food. He shrugged, and then coughed, "Ugg, ug, ugg ugg!"

     Swirlyhorn, now more confused (and sick) then ever, sneezed violently and turned to face her brother. "No… no, you're sick too? Don't tell me you've caught Ugga-Ugga!"

     Tekeli-Li, the only Tyrannian present at the moment that could deftly speak English, nodded his head slowly while blowing air on his wriggling fingers. "He has. He gained it from me, as a matter of fact. Didn't you know that ol' Tekeli-Li was magic?"

     "Of course I knew that." Swirlyhorn bit her lip. "Why'd you make him sick, though? What's going on here?"

     Sargug burped, and Plesio chuckled. Tekeli-Li rolled his eyes impatiently but had no choice but to respond. "Er… let's just say he got a little out of hand. He won too many times."

     The front door opened and Apparent stepped inside, the room, quiet. She glanced around and then sighed exasperatedly at the scene in the room. Chocolate was spread everywhere, the three Tyrannian game-players sprawled upon her couch, a sneezing Uni and an Ugga-speaking Kougra to top it off. No explanation was needed, "You three - you can go home now." She pointed to the door. With hesitation, Sargug and Plesio slowly advanced towards the doorway. Tekeli-Li followed after stealing a piece of chocolate, and the three ran out of the door.

     Next, Apparent turned towards Saigru. Instead of yelling, as she usually, did, she said, "Please explain yourself."

     Saigru blinked, and did what he was told. "Ug, ugg, uga ugga, ug ug gg, ugga-"

     "Alright never mind," their owner sighed. "No punishment for you two, just head upstairs and I'll go buy you some medicine from the pharmacy. I think sickness is enough of a punishment - for now."

     Swirlyhorn grinned and bounded up the stairs while sneezing all over the place. Saigru scratched his shoulder and followed behind, mumbling a few more "ugga"s underneath his breath.

     As their owner departed, the two rival siblings met in the hallway. Saigru coughed and his sister raised an eyebrow, while asking curiously, "So, how many points did you gain?"


     "You can stop with that imitation ugga-ugga, now, it's really, really weak."

     "How'd you know?"

     "I'm not as dumb as you think."

     Silence. The navy Kougra shifted on his hinds and then responded a few minutes later, "Well, I won about 20 games. It was cheating, though, because I wasn't able to play against the remaining opponents."

     "Hah! I win!"

     "But you played with 5-played rounds, too, so neither of us win."

     Swirlyhorn nodded slowly with agreement. "You know, that was real sly, bringing those three into the house like that."

     "I know," Saigru smiled. "I'd better get back to acting sick, now."

     The two went their separate ways into their rooms.


Later in the evening, Krawker_oth and Jyrosen arrived home from Neoschool, quite happy that their two siblings were sick. Each of them gained an afternoon of quiet time that was gladly acceptable. Their owner logged out early that afternoon, leaving the four of them home alone. Krawker and Jyrosen finished up their homework in the living room.

     "Jyrosen, what's 4x3+9?" Krawker asked, feeling quite lazy with his studies that day and had only one problem left until he was finished with his schoolwork.

     "It's 21, Krawker. Don't ask me for any more answers." The Lupe responded while looking through his large Neopia Studies textbook. Krawker scribbled down his answer and then tossed his Mathematics workbook onto the floor. "Thanks!"


     The spotted Krawk yawned, and then headed over to the trophy shelf. He propped himself upwards on the tips of his hind claws to get a good view of the shelf's contents. "Boy, wasn't Swirlyhorn so dumb as to challenge Saigru at GoGoGo?" His eyes sparkled while looking at the gold tinted Cheat! Trophy.

     "If you say so, Krawker."

     Krawker_oth nodded and then pranced towards his older brother, getting an idea similar to the one his sister did earlier that week. Jyrosen looked up, his facial expression curious as his younger brother declared, "She should've known Cheat is MUCH easier."

     Jyrosen stuck out his tongue. "You're on!"

The End

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