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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Continuing Series > The League of Super Authors: Part Three

The League of Super Authors: Part Three

by erika_idle

Rosie the Ixi, Sebastian the Lupe, Harriet the Aisha, and Albert the Chia watched as a very familiar jet flew down from the sky onto the rocky Tyrannian runway. A mysteriously handsome red Eyrie walked out of the jet to join the four small pets.

     "Good work, group," said the Eyrie.

     Albert huffed. "I think you have some explaining to do, J," he said, coldly.

     J smiled, "Such as?"

     Albert stepped forward, and fiddled with his glasses. "Umm, such as why you left during the battle, or what sent the Writer's Block to Tyrannia in the first place, or if there are more of them, or what you know about them, or why you couldn't destroy them yourselves, or who you are.. really..."

     "Whoa! Slow down. These things will be answered in time," J said. He motioned to the jet. "You've had a long afternoon. Come along, I'll get you four home." The four pets followed J into his luxurious private jet.

     Harriet and Sebastian were led away to little bedrooms in the back, but J brought Rosie and Albert into the spacious lounge. Rosie hopped onto a futon and yawned. "What do you need, J?" she asked. "It's late, you know."

     J nodded, "I wanted to explain all of my secrets, and more, to the two of you first. I think a smaller audience will understand quicker than a larger one, don't you?" he said.

     Albert climbed onto a large chair, and nodded.

     "My real name is..."

     Rosie and Albert leaned forward.

     "Jay," said Jay.

     Rosie and Albert both sighed.

     "Are there anymore questions that either of you would like to ask of me?" asked Jay.

     Albert sat up. "Why don't you just tell us everything?"

     "I guess I could do that. But first, does anybody need to go to the bathroom? I hate a bad audience," Jay said.

     Neither of the pets left, so Jay began his story.

     "I was born many years ago in Tyrannia. It was a dark time. Wars plagued all of Neopia. If Terror Mountain wasn't fighting Tyrannia, then Mystery Island had a problem with the Lost Desert. Growing up among all the wars, I decided that I wanted to be the Chief Strategist for the National Neopian Army," Jay coughed. "Well, I am a Chief Strategist, but not for the NNR. I am the Chief Strategist for the Tyrannian Land Army and the Ambassador to Tyrannia."

     "So, you get a lot of money?" asked Rosie.

     "A lot of free omelettes," mumbled Jay.

     Albert stifled a laugh. Rosie glared at the Chia, and poked him in the ribs to keep him silent.

     "My point is," Jay continued, "that there is another, unknown world out there. Well, sort of. It is an evil space station. So far, I am the only soul in Neopia that knows about it," finished Jay.

     "What's there? I mean, what's at that space station?" asked Rosie.

     "A foe unlike any that Neopia has encountered," Jay said in a very dramatic tone. "They feed off of creativity, they thrive on individualism... well, you get the point. They come in many shapes and sizes, and the Writer's Block that you met was not the only kind of species that plagues the space station."

     "How do you know about the Writer's Block?" asked Albert. "You weren't there."

     Jay chuckled, "I know of the Writer's Blocks. Although nobody knows what they are, there have been many sightings of them throughout Neopia. Weaker Neopians have fallen to their so-called 'brain-drains'."

     Rosie and Albert exchanged looks. "So, why did you call us to help you?" asked Albert.

     "Because you have the minds of literary geniuses. You are the Emily Doglefoxes, the Edgar Allen Kaus, the William Shakespteries of your time. I knew the instant I saw your web site," said Jay.

     Albert smiled at Rosie smugly. "Who's the webmaster?" he chanted, gleefully.

     "The point is, Neopia needs your help. And unless we want a national crisis, it is probably for the best if we keep this whole space station thing...

     hush-hush. You understand? Neopians aren't going to react to the news well that there is an enemy space station orbiting Neopia," Jay said.

     Rosie and Albert nodded. "Should we tell Harriet and Sebastian?" Rosie asked.

     "I will tell them tomorrow," said Jay.

     "You don't have to tell me," said a feminine voice from the doorway. Harriet stepped out of the doorway in a pair of fluffy, pink, Usuki pajamas with footies and fluffy Usuki ears. "I heard everything."

     "Harriet! What are you doing up?" cried Rosie.

     "I was thirsty," she mumbled, yawning, and scratching her six ears.

     Sebastian stepped out from behind her, also in his pajamas and carrying a lamp shade and a rolled-up flight magazine. "No need telling me, either. I woke up because fur ball here," he said, pointing to Harriet, "woke me up. She said she had a nightmare and wanted me to take her to the kitchen to get some water," he said, rolling his eyes. He dropped the lamp shade and the magazine on the floor in front of Harriet. "Your shield and sword, m'lady," he grumbled.

     Harriet picked them up, turning bright red.

     "Well, I guess this saves a lot of time," Jay said. "Does anybody have any questions?"

     Nobody spoke.

     "Well then, I suggest you all go get some shuteye. I shall see you four in the morning when we arrive at Mystery Island. There are a lot of Writer's Blocks there, you know," Jay smiled, ushering the four small pets back into their rooms.

     Rosie and Harriet went back to their shared room, and Harriet hopped onto the top bunk. "Mystery Island," mused Rosie. "Harriet, we're going to Mystery Island! Isn't this wonderful? We're flying in a private jet to Mystery Island! We really are super heroes now!"

     Harriet giggled. "Hey, Rosie?" she asked.


     "Will you go get my shield and sword for me?"

     Rosie smiled up at the Aisha, and willingly went and got the lamp shade and magazine for her. She set them up on the top bunk. Harriet mumbled a 'thank-you' under her breath before curling up with the shade, magazine, and almost her entire Usuki collection.

     Rosie lay back down in the bed, wondering what new dangers they would face in Mystery Island...

     Meanwhile, in a space station far, far, away...

     "Drat! You spilled my Double Mochachinno, #405562!" cried the King of the Writer's Blocks. "Now look at me! I'm oxidizing."

     "Sorry, sir," said the small block.

     "What's the report on that League of Writers?" asked the King.

     "They are heading to Mystery Island, sir," said #405562.

     "Good. They will never know what hit them," laughed the King evilly.


To be continued...

What will the League find in Mystery Island? What new dangers await them? What will be the King's next move? And not to mention George! Find out in the next thrilling chapter of the League of the Super Authors!

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