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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Articles > How to Make Your Pet Original Without Making Them Original At All

How to Make Your Pet Original Without Making Them Original At All

by noremac9

PET CENTRAL - Everybody wants an original pet. There have been all these articles on personality lately, but y'know, they just don't cut it. You've got to make your pet ORIGINAL, not make them a special attitude. So that's why I'm here-- to teach YOU how to make your pet truly ORIGINAL.

First off, pick a Faerie. It should probably be a unique Faerie, but generic will do. Now, say you picked… Jhuidah. This is where you make your pet's background. You pretty much follow this pattern…

My parents-- named _____, and ______ --lost me while on Mystery Island. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do, and I was just a baby ____. But then, I saw a woman is a grass skirt, with wings. I was scared, but she comforted me, and she brought me home with her, to a secret place. Then she fed me, and cared for me. I never saw my parents again, but I stayed with her for the rest of my life. She was Jhuidah, the Island Faerie. I owe her my life. She even gave me _____, and that's why I have _____.

Eh, you might want to elaborate more, but then again, maybe not. Most people don't. Er, not that anyone else would be using that outline-- we're being ORIGINAL here, after all. Anyway, you basically mold your pet around Jhuidah, or whatever Faerie you picked. And that brings us to our next point.

The next idea is to give your pet some markings, or paint it with a special paint brush. If, say, your pet became Jhuidah's adopted child, some good runic designs would be to maybe throw a Mystical Coconut rune on their head, some green lines along its body, and just for good measure, something like a magic palm leaf rune on their tail. That should do it. Of course, if you wanted, you could just go for a paint brush-- even though they already have an Island, and a Faerie, something like a… I don't know… something really creative… like a Jhuidah paint brush! If a pet were painted with it, it'd probably have a nice grass skirt, a flower… wait, that sounds JUST like the Island Paint Brush. Okay, scratch that. They'd have a spoon, and a giant bunch of curly black hair, and probably a coconut top, female or otherwise. Not THAT'S original. I still say go with the runes.

Okay, so then, this pet goes off on their own. The idea being, Jhuidah's their mother, and now they want to prove they can make it in the world. So, pretty much, they get lost in the jungle. Just like when they were a pup/hatchling/small pet of some kind. I think it's something like coming of age, but it's really cool, whatever it is, to do. Anyway, so they get lost in the jungle, and then, when attack by a random beast, discover their adopted mother blessed them with elemental powers. Or maybe they were born with them, whatever. The point is, now they can… um… shoot vines over people, er, something like that. And you need a little mysterious quote to go along with that, something like "She doesn't get tangled in the vines - she tangles others with vines." As lame as that is, other people will think it sounds cool.

Okay, so next, your pet needs wings. Don't give me that look-- no decent original pet is lacking wings. You've got to have them, like it or not. I mean, it's pretty original to slap some wings on a pet. Like, say, some bat wings. That's pretty cool. So, if we use our example, we'd give what's-their-face, the Jhuidah pet, with elemental powers, and some cool coconut stuff on their head, leaf wings. It doesn't matter about the feasibility of the whole thing-- you need wings on your pet. If, per chance, you pet ALREADY has wings, give them special wings. Like, if it's a Faerie pet, make sure their wings are, um, the same color as the REAL paint brush they're painted with. You know, that Esophagor paint brush your Moehog is painted with.

Okay, enough about color, wings, Faeries, elemental power, and the rest of that junk, let's move onto the fun stuff. Everybody's GOT to have a special weapon. I mean, NOBODY'S EVER thought of that, so this is your chance to be really original! It doesn't even have to be a non existent weapon, mainly because if it is, when people call upon you to use it in the 'dome, they're going to laugh when it doesn’t REALLY exist. Something like an attack fork, I don't know… something nobody's ever associated with a certain pet. Maybe a nice Hidden Tower item would do, or something of that sort. If you really don't plan on using it in the 'dome, get something REALLY cool, not some stupid Battle Potato. Something like… well, say the Faerie you picked is Jhuidah, something like "Jhuidah's Dirty Slippers!" Oh, no, no… my bad, that's not very menacing. How about, "A Staff That Was Probably Blessed By Jhuidah At One Time Or Another?" Anyway, you get the idea, just make something up yourself. Than you always draw pictures of your pet holding it, or with it in the background, or with it balancing on their head, or something even WEIRDER. Anyway, that, once again, brings me to my next point.

Art-- you need ART! Get a bunch of your friends to draw fan art-- and I don't care if their Kikos look like Headless Von Roo plushies-- it doesn't matter. Just get them to draw tons of art starring your pet, and put it on your petpage this is essential with a unique pet, because only COOL unique pets get fan art. Oh yeah, and remember to pay your friends. Now, that's only the half of it. You need to draw a really cool picture. I mean a REALLY cool picture. If you can't draw, it doesn't matter. Just do your best, and follow these instructions on entering the Beauty Contest.

First, you enter your pic (I know, that always threw me off, too… crazy contest and its nutty rules!). Next-- and this is THE most important part-- you write the description for your picture. You need to give your pet an accent, firstly, so pick one of the following: a welly kyute accentie, or a bitter, STARK, who-needs-you-anyway accent. The accent is very important, so choose wisely. Now, here comes the MOST important part-- say, "Better pic on petpage," or "bettew picce on muh wittle petty pagey!!!", whatever. People won't actually check-- they'll just assume THAT'S why the pic is SOOO bad. That's the greatest secret to the Beauty Contest EVER!

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