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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Sleeping, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Articles > Hamleys – The Real Story.

Hamleys – The Real Story.

by stormydreamer

Also by frozencloud
NEOPETS IN LONDON- The voice activated Neopets has been widely sort after all over the world, but in the UK there seemed to be a suspicious lack of them. Come to mention it, there had been a lack of Neopet related visits from the team either, despite the fact Neopets originated there! But on the 16th of May, the UK's luck seemed to change, for an interesting piece of news (At least for the UK anyway) sprung up:

Adam and Donna are going to be at Hamleys in London next Saturday for the launch of our Voice Activated Toys!!! Neopets Artists Keith and Ants will also be there to draw pictures of your favourite Neopet! Yar!

Naturally, we wanted to go. Well, wanted would suggest our parent's had the opportunity to say no. It seemed a good idea - go to London, meet the infamous Donna and Adam, plus the long suffering artists, and even meet two friends from Neopets. What could go wrong?

After almost getting on the wrong train (It's amazing how you can get lost in your home town,) we finally reached London, hopped onto the underground train network, and hopped off after realising yet again we had the wrong train, we finally reached Hamleys. It was then the magic started.

In the week of planning we had to prepare for our Hamleys trip, we had made Neopet ears to wear around the store, and although we were slightly regretting this decision, against our better judgement we put our ears on our heads and marched confidently into the store.

The first thing that hit us was the amount of people. The queue to get to the artists went right to the back of the store, and we later found out that it would have taken us three or four hours to get a sketch of our pets. Although the sketches were amazing better than sliced bread, we were too impatient to stand around waiting. Instead, after being filmed and interviewed for some of the footage, we made our way over to Adam and Donna to start stalking talking to them.

Both of them seemed pretty much amazed at the people who had turned up just to come and see them - there were people from all over the UK, and even some people who had flown over from Europe. One fanatic fan had even flown from America to meet them! After getting their autographs and our fair share of Rare Item Codes, we stood around for a while talking to them and couldn't believe how nice they were. In our strange conversation about anything and everything Neopets, we managed to learn the wonderful and inspiring story of how the name "oifetchmecorona" came around, and where the Aisha got its name - which is a story you really don't want to know…

One of Adam's favourite questions to ask anyone (and everyone, it seems) was if anyone remembers the Mellish - the pet that evolved into a Mynci. Sadly, no one did (Much to his disappointment!) But for anyone who does - it was based on one of Adam's friends, who was also there to talk to the Neopet players. He said this about the Hamleys launch:

"It's just great to be here. So many people, all here just to see us. I just hope everyone is enjoying themselves as much as we are."

We also met Lucy, Adam's sister, who talked to us about our Neopet accounts for a while and gave us this comment:

"I hope everyone had a good time. It's fantastic that everyone came and you all better keep playing!"

By this time, Adam and Donna seemed to be getting writer's cramp from the many autographs they had to sign and Donna's voice was fighting a losing battle. But still, they gave up a few minutes to add a comment for everyone when we told them we were planning to write this article.

Donna said the following:

"I'm amazed that so many people are here. Many people travelled a long way to be here and it's been a lot of fun talking to all the players."

Judging by the amount of requests and suggestions they'd got from many eager players, it also looked like a lot of hard work was in store for them when they arrived back in America - with people asking them to take another look at frozen accounts and the suggestions of lowering certain item prices and adding new features, they'll probably be kept busy for a while.

Adam was equally happy about how everything turned out.

"Today is great, very happy that so many people turned up. I feel sorry for our artists!"

After asking hundreds of questions about new and upcoming pets, worlds and features of Neopia, we found out that a new pet was coming soon, and Adam was considering a bear or a mouse pet, or maybe even a cross between them. Twisted, sick and disturbed? Maybe; but it's definitely original.

In the meantime, our ears seemed to have drawn a lot of attention to us, and after being asked to be in plenty of photos, including ones with Adam and Donna and the Lupe we decided to have a rest and take a look at the London Eye. That plan didn't last long though, and soon we were back in Hamleys talking to Adam and Donna again - and picking up yet more Rare Item Codes, which were being given away by various people wandering around the store.

Donna, Adam, and all the Neopians who turned up all had a great time at Hamleys, and the day ended with many happy Neopets players thanking Adam and Donna for creating Neopets and grabbing as many free Rare Item Codes as possible. Avoiding the strange man selling 'jelly balloons' we made our way out and gave the giant Lupe one final wave. All we can say is that we hope Neopets make a return to good old England soon!

Before we left Hamley's, we decided to ask the question that has plagued Neopians ever since the first immortal words were uttered.

"Adam, is there really a Jelly world?" we asked.

"Jelly world?" Adam chuckled, eyes darting nervously towards Donna. "Never heard of it," he winced. "Ever! There is no such thing." The eyes returned to Donna in the vain hope he'd convinced us about the whereabouts (Or would that be the lack of whereabouts) of Jelly world.

We believe you, Adam. *cough*

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