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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Running, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Short Stories > Darkmoon's Money Problems

Darkmoon's Money Problems

by bludragn3

Darkmoon and Dragoon were on the Neopian High Street. Like they did every Saturday morning, they were searching the local game shops. They had also, like every Saturday morning, gotten into an argument about game trivia.

     "No, the Halberd of Inferno isn't a beat-everything weapon, Darkmoon! It attacks with fire, so enemies like Scorchios and Draiks would be able to resist!" said Dragoon, a green Shoyru.

     "Of course that's what you'd say, sorcerer Shoyru!" Darkmoon, a green Gelert, responded. "Maybe you could see me beat fire-resistant monsters with a Halberd of Inferno if you weren't always so far behind me casting healing spells!"

     "Maybe you wouldn't need them if you used a bow!"

     "Maybe I could buy a really good bow if you didn't waste all my gold repairing things!"

     "I don't know why you don't have any gold - you sell everything that finds its way into your paws!"

     Undoubtedly, this argument was thoroughly annoying one particular dragon - that's right, that dragon is Blue Dragon, how did you guess? --who decided to take action. "Darkmoon!! Dragoon!! SHUT UP!!!"

     The Gelert and the Shoyru both immediately stopped their argument and faced their owner, standing straight like two pets in an army. "Why, Blue, glad to see you! Where were you?" Darkmoon said.

     "I was in the Food Shop, buying groceries," Bluey replied, still frowning. "I could hear you five blocks down the road!"

     Dragoon laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Well, we were just, er, discussing a new game we got..."

     "New game?" Bluey asked, becoming interested. "What is it?"

     "Oh, it's the best. I've played it once at a computer store. It's got everything a game could need - great graphics, excellent music, and the biggest and most detailed world I've ever explored... besides Neopia, of course," Darkmoon stated.

     Bluey smiled, "Well, I'd love to see it once you get it home. I've still got a little shopping to do," Bluey started to walk in the direction he came from. "Oh, and by the way, a Halberd of Inferno can defeat fire-resistant enemies. You're just not trying hard enough. Bye!"


"Okay, let's see this new game," Spirit the blue Zafara said once Darkmoon and Dragoon brought the game box into the computer room.

     "Hang on a second, Spirit. I need to install the game first," Darkmoon answered.

     Dragoon pulled the game CD out of the box and handed it to Darkmoon. Dragoon then proceeded to examine the box. "ER, Darkmoon... is the game supposed to have 'Expansion Pack' in its title?"

     Darkmoon had just put the CD into his computer's CD-ROM drive. "I don't believe so. Are you saying we picked up the wrong game?"

     Dragoon looked over the box one last time. "Darkmoon, this is Niablo: Dungeons of Alertim, the expansion pack! We need the original Niablo in order to play it!"

     "Oh geez! I spent my last five thousand Neopoints on that!" Darkmoon groaned.

     "I told you that you guys needed me to come along..." Spirit stated.

     "Do you think we should take the game back and try to get your money back?" Dragoon inquired.

     "Never! The great Darkmoon of Valor will never return a game, for he shall find a use for every game that graces his Golden Gauntlets of Gaming!" Darkmoon said, standing up. "I'll just have to scrape together the money and buy the original. Then we'll have two new games to play."


Darkmoon's Room...

Darkmoon's abode was a tribute to Gelert-kind everywhere, filled with posters of famous Gelerts and a map of Darkmoonia - a version of Neopia designed by Darkmoon himself. Darkmoon had a green-colored safe on his desk, which held his small fortune. And speaking of small...

     "It's completely empty! There's nothing but a single Neopoint left!" Darkmoon pulled out the bronze coin and stared at it longingly. "What happened to all my money?"

     "You said you spent your last five thousand Neopoints on the game," Dragoon said.

     "Do you think I would hint at how much money I actually had? I keep a whole bunch of Neopoints lying around for emergencies and stuff like that."

     "Apparently, your last five grand was your emergency fund."

     Darkmoon lay down on the bed. "How am I going to get some money fast?"

     "Well... you could ask Bluey."

     "I guess so... in fact, I'll do that now. Away!" Darkmoon ran out of the room.


Living Room...

Bluey sat in a chair, watching television. Darkmoon was negotiating a payment plan with him.

     "Bluey, give me some money," Darkmoon pleaded.

     "No, I can't afford it," Bluey stated.






     "No! I already said that I couldn't afford it."

     "You could make it my birthday present."

     "Your birthday was a month ago."

     Darkmoon looked at the ceiling. "Oh, right. Um... I could clean the house for a week!"

     Bluey replied, "You? Clean the house? That's madness!"

     "Please, Bluey? I don't know what else to do."

     "Go to the Games Room and make some money."

     "You know I'm not very good at..."

     "Do it! Now! I command it!"

     "What? Okay! I'll do it! Away!" Darkmoon ran out of the room.


The Neopian Gaming Center...

Darkmoon wandered around the huge arcade known as the Neopian Gaming Center. "Oh, man, I'm in way over my head. What should I do first?" Darkmoon looked over at a game machine that had "Meerca Chase" written on it. "Hmm... I've heard good things about this game. I'll try it!"

     Darkmoon took the helm of the Meerca Chase machine. "Easy, medium, hard? I think I'll have to go with easy." Darkmoon selected easy and started a game. He went through the game in the standard fashion - get Happiness Neggs, avoid the red ones. "Hey, this is pretty fun! And easy." Darkmoon continued playing until he accidentally hit a red Negg. He hastily selected "Send Score" and the machine printed out a voucher for about 200 Neopoints.

     Clutching his voucher, Darkmoon walked over to the exchange table, where a friendly red Blumaroo was working. "Hello, would you like some Neopoints today?" she greeted.

     "Yes, I believe you've got something for me," Darkmoon said, smiling. He put his voucher on the table.

     The Blumaroo took the voucher and slipped it into a machine. The machine spit out a few fifty Neopoint coins, which the Blumaroo handed to Darkmoon. "Thank you! Have a nice day!"


Bluey's NeoHome...

Darkmoon walked inside his NeoHome's front door and put down his bag of about two thousand Neopoints. "I played almost every game in there... and this is all I got."

     Grabbing his bag, Darkmoon went into the kitchen where Spirit was wiping a glass with a washcloth. "Hey," he said.

     "Hello," Darkmoon greeted.

     "Can I get you something to drink?"

     "Sure... a Neocola, I guess."

     Spirit went to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of Neocola. He opened it up and grabbed a straw from a container on the counter. He inserted the straw into the open can and slid the can on the countertop to Darkmoon.

     Darkmoon caught the can before it slid off the counter. "I'm having some trouble, bartender."

     "What's going on?" Spirit asked, wiping the glass again.

     "It seems I need some money quick and I don't know where to go."

     "Ah. I think I know what you need to do."


     "Go to Miss Bastet in the saloon on the other side of town and she'll fix you up with a right purdy stack of Neopoints."

     "Okay..." Darkmoon finished his Neocola and got up.

     "I'll start you a tab, then."

     "A tab? Come on, Spirit, enough with the bartender jokes."

     Spirit and Darkmoon shared a little laugh. Darkmoon started walking away, but Spirit stopped him by saying, "Hey, I'm serious."


Darkmoon knocked on the door of the Aisha Domain, also known as Bastet's bedroom. Bastet the delightful red Aisha answered the door. "Hey, Darkmoon, what's up?"

     "I've got a problem," Darkmoon replied.

     "What's that?"

     "I need some money fast."

     "Money? Why, whatever for?" Bastet had a aura of jauntiness around her.

     "I need about three thousand Neopoints to pay for a game."

     "Three thousand?"


     "Hmm..." Bastet thought for a moment. She then disappeared into her room, and came back with a bag of Neopoints. "Okay, I'll loan you the money."

     "Cool! Thanks a million, Bastet!" Darkmoon reached for the bag.

     "Hold on there, Darky," Bastet pulled the bag out of Darkmoon's reach. "First you'll have to agree to some terms."

     "Did you just call me Darky?" Darkmoon asked, tilting his head.

     "Yes, indeed, I did. And if you agree to this money, you'll be hearing it a lot more."

     "ER, why exactly?"

     "Because if you take this money, I'll own you forever."

     "Own me forever?"

     "Well, for about a month, at least. See, you'll have to be my personal slave for a month if you want this money."

     Darkmoon thought about this proposition. "Hmm... do I really want to be an Aisha's underling?"

     "Just take it!"

     "Oh, I'm convinced!" Darkmoon grabbed the bag from Bastet's paw.

     "Okay. Report back to me tomorrow, Darky, so we can begin your duties. Bye!" Bastet shut the door.

     "Uh oh... my 'duties?' 'Darky?' That doesn't sound good."


Darkmoon, Dragoon, and Spirit were at the computer store, where they were searching for the game Niablo. Darkmoon proudly toted around his bag of five thousand Neopoints with him.

     "So you got all the money?" Spirit asked.

     "Yup, every point," Darkmoon answered happily.

     "Here, I found the game," Dragoon announced.

     "Ah, conquest awaits!" Darkmoon smiled.

     "ER Darkmoon? Did you ever check out the price of the original game?" Dragoon asked.

     Spirit looked at the game's price label. "Oh... bad news."

     "Um... how much does it cost, Dragoon?" Darkmoon inquired.

     "It only costs two thousand Neopoints!"


The End

Author's Note: All the Neopets mentioned in this story are mine. If you enjoyed this week's story, please drop me a Neomail. But no hatemail or I'll jack up the price! Hah!

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