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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Swimming, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Short Stories > Attack Of the Babaas

Attack Of the Babaas

by fzun

It all started out like this. It was a peaceful day on Mystery Island. I was lying on my beach chair soaking up the sun's powerful rays with my pets on either side of me. Everything was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Until about an hour later...

     "Hey mom, look at that!" Aishims, my blue Aisha shouted excitedly, pointing out towards the far end of the beach. It was a big black and white blur. I couldn't make it out, but it was getting closer. They made a roaring stomping noise that hurt my ears. I covered my ears and my pets did the same.

     They were getting closer and closer. They were moving rapidly.


     "Hey, what the AAH!"

     I heard the voices cry out through my covered ears. Now I could see this mysterious thing more clearly. It was a pack of some kind of petpet that somewhat resembled a lamb. I've never seen this petpet before but apparently my pets have.

     "Mom!" Floatsims, my Christmas flotsam yelled out with her fins over her ears. "I learned about these things in Neoschool! It's a pack of Babaas! And they're heading this way!"

     Now that the pack was closer, I could see that I've seen this somewhere before. The faint remembrance of it flashed in my mind. The Babaas were coming closer, knocking people over as they passed. At the front of the pack I saw a Halloween Babaa. It looked menacing and determined. I saw the fire and fury in his eyes as he led his pack to destroy object after object. The leader turned his head towards me. The fire flashed in his eyes as he started to run towards my pets and I.

     "RUN!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, picking up Ushulims, my blue Pteri and Usulian100 (we like to call her Usulian), my blue Usul whom were the sitting on either side of me. I dashed off quickly, Aishims and Floatsims at my heels. The Halloween Babaa looked at us. His eyes looked at us angrily as we ran from the pack. The Babaa said something in Babaa language to the pack. Suddenly all the Babaas shifted their attention towards my pets. I quickly picked up the pace. Evidently so did the Babaas.

     I raced through the streets of Mystery Island with my pets, dodging Neopian after Neopian, yelling out "Excuse me!" every time I passed. I looked around for someplace to hide, somewhere I could lose this menacing herd, somewhere I could protect my pets from these Babaas. I stopped and looked around. I saw a small shack at the edge of a wood some twenty yards away. The Island Mystic! Of course! The answer was obvious.

     I dashed towards the shack without looking back at the Babaas. I reached the shack and pulled back the reed door for my pets to enter. Right before I entered I saw the pack of Babaas come into view, fury and confusion in their eyes. I ducked into the shack and slammed the door.

     The shack was dark and quiet. I looked around and saw that the hut was actually bigger on the inside from the out. In the middle of the hut there was a small fire that dimly illuminated the room.

     "Hum..." said a voice from nowhere. "Hum..."

     "Who said that?" Usulian asked, frightened. She evidently hadn’t realized where we were. "Who's here?"

     "Come, my child,." the voice said again. A figure emerged from the shadows. It was an old, frail, wise looking figure with tan skin and a turban wrapped around his waist. "Tell me of your problems."

     "Well you see, Mister..."

     "Just call me the Island Mystic"

     "OK, Island Mystic. You see, our problem is this," Floatsims started. "We were just sitting on the beach, minding out own business when these Babaas came out of nowhere and started attacking everybody! Of course, being the brave flotsam I am, I helped defend them and-"

     "Hold it," Aishims said, halting Floatsims' fictitious story. "That's now how it went." Aishims sneered at Floatsims. She turned away blushing. "This is how it really went."

     "We were taking a day off from Neoschool by going to Mystery Island to relax at the beach. We were doing just that when this huge, menacing, herd of Babaas started attacking people. They eventually came after us and-"

     There was a loud RAM on the door and Aishims cut his story short. We listened and we heard it again. We went to the window. The Island Mystic pulled back the curtains to see that the herd had found us! With them was a large Lupe, who was butting his head against the door.

     "If he keeps this up, he'll knock down the cottage!" Ushulims shouted knowledgeably. "If you take the amount of force on the door multiplied by the square root of the amount of time between each butt-"

     "Cut to the chase," I said, cutting her off. I knew from experience that if I let this math genius keep talking the hut would be long gone before she even finished.

     "We have about 1 minute before this place falls to pieces!"

     The Island Mystic let in a sudden gasp. "Quickly everyone, we'll take the secret way out."

     The Island Mystic walked up to the fire and clapped his hands twice. Almost instantly the fire went out. My pets and I watched in surprise as the Island Mystic stepped on the floor in some type of Morse code or something. Whatever he was doing had some effect on the fire because it started to turn over. I heard my pets let in gasps of surprise as the fire flipped over to reveal a small portal.

     "One at a time, please," the Island Mystic said smiling.

     "Go first Floatsims. Since you're so "brave"," I said teasingly.

     "Haha, very funny guys," he said to the laughter of my pets and I. I even heard the Island Mystic let out a small chuckle. Floatsims got into the small tube. The Island Mystic did his Morse code thing and the tube suddenly dropped into the ground.

     "Who's next?" the Island Mystic asked. RAM the door went again.

     "Me, I don't want to stay here for another second," Usulian said looking frightened at the door. She made a mad rush for the tube and quickly fit herself in side. The Island Mystic stomped and she disappeared in the same manner as Floatsims.

     Next went Ushulims, followed by Aishims. Then it was my turn. I cautiously fit myself into the tube. I'm a lot bigger than my pets, and slightly bigger than the Island Mystic. I managed to fit myself into the tube but I was uncomfortably squished. "RAM" went the door again. The Island Mystic stomped on the floor in the usual pattern and I felt the sudden drop.

     "AAH!" I screamed as I dropped. It was so sudden, even though I knew it was coming. The wind rushed by me through the opening of the tube. I felt like I was going to fall out. Thank goodness I was to squished to fall out. I squirmed and twisted my way through this unique transportation system until finally I stopped. I opened my eyes, which had been closed the whole ride.

     I was outside, at the edge of the forest to be precise. I saw the Lupe and Babaas some distance away. The Lupe butted his head once again at the door and this time it worked. The door fell down. The Babaas let out cheers of happiness and rushed inside, pushing the Lupe away. The Lupe walked away, rubbing his head with one paw and had a sack on Neopoints in the other.

     "Should we go to the NeoPolice, mommy?" Floatsims asked me quietly, pulling on my sleeve.

     "That's a great idea sweetie!" I whispered back to her. "I never even thought of that. Let's go."

     "But we can't leave! The Island Mystic!" Aishims protested. I slapped my forehead.

     "Oh yeah, I totally forgot about him. We'll have to go and find him..."

     "Go on, I'm fine," we twirled around. The Island Mystic was facing us from the woods. I nodded in a sign of thanks and started to leave. "Wait."

     I spun around again to face the Island Mystic. Before you go, I have a haiku for you.

Favorite looks thin

yesterday, happy today

like breath smiles before.

     "Thanks," I said to the Island Mystic. His haiku made no sense to me. And from the look on my pet's faces, neither did they.

     "C'mon guys, let's go put those Babaas away."


It's been a week since the incident. The whole thing was story was printed in The Neopian Times. To put it short, Aishims, Floatsims, Ushulims, Usulian, and I went to the NeoPolice after that and told them about the Babaas. We went back to the shack but they were gone. I found out from The Neopian Times that they were captured just a few days ago by a group of Neopets, a Grarrl, a Mynci, and an Acara.

     I've tried to put the adventure in the back of my mind, and live a normal life again. My pets went back to school a few days later, after surviving the experience and a couple of visits to the NeoPsychiatrist's office. Now we lead our normal lives. Sometimes Neopians will walk up to us on the street and ask "Aren't you those Neopets who nearly got killed by a Babaa and got saved by the Island Mystic?" Of course we lied and said we hadn't the faintest clue what they were talking about. But in the back of our minds, we always know that the memory will always be there.

The End

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