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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 93 > Short Stories > The Day I Ate Jhudora's Snowball

The Day I Ate Jhudora's Snowball

by tracypaper12

Buffy dragged her big Cybunny feet along the dusty ground, scowling angrily at her owner, Tracy. It was her fault she was even in the Haunted woods. One minute, Buffy was reading about Krawks and their history, and the next, she found herself being dragged out of her room, out of Neopia, and all the way to the Brain Tree. Once Tracy had asked him for a quest, they had then gone to the Esophagor and gotten another quest. Buffy guessed they weren't getting fed this month. And now they were walking through the endless forest, in search for intestines and marina.

     "Buffy, keep up, we're never gonna complete the Brain Tree's quest at this rate!" Tracy shouted. Buffy glared daggers at her optimistic owner, before hopping half-heartedly up to Tracy. Buffy's Kacheek sisters Monica and Lucy were chattering noisily, and her Chia brother, or bother as she liked to call him, was perched on Tracy's head, drooling onto her bandana. She didn't seem to notice. Buffy chuckled quietly.

     "There you are!" Tracy said, ruffling the hair on Buffy's head. "How's my favourite mutant."

     "Bored," Buffy retorted, "and hungry. Can we go home?"

     "Aww, c'mon spoilsport," Lucy grinned, "you need to get out of the NeoHome more. Besides, going to other worlds helps develop your cultural understanding." Buffy frowned at her. Lucy was her favorite in the family, but even she could be way too enthusiastic.

     "And why the brain tree? He's just a big ugly mutant who wants to know everything," Buffy whined.

     "Kinda like you then," Monica giggled. Lucy joined in. Buffy pouted. Was she the only one in her family with a brain? Tracy turned round.

     "Listen, I know you don't like being social," Tracy said, taking a handful of Neopoints from her bag. "Go spend these on something you'd like. We'll meet back at the brain tree in an hour." Chandler gurgled.

     "Flubby," he shouted. Buffy cringed. It seemed saying her name was beyond him, so he called her 'Flubby' most of the time. Buffy didn't approve. She hopped off without a reply, the Neopoints in her paw. There was only one thing on her mind. Food.

     Buffy looked into a pot of scary soup with distaste. The whole shop was filled with disgusting foods Buffy didn't even want to touch. She waited inside the shop, in hope of an almost gummy rat, or something even half edible. After standing around for half an hour, she left, disappointed and hungry. The sky was getting dark. Well, darker than usual. Buffy began to walk back to the brain tree. Maybe Tracy would let her keep the Neopoints.

     "Would you like a ssscratchcard?" a voice hissed from behind her. Buffy screamed loudly, piercing the deathly silence. She turned to see a strange figure, dressed in an old top hat and suit, brandishing scratchcards. His face was twisted in a crooked grin.

     "Would you like a ssscratchcard?" he repeated. Buffy wiped her head. It was the scratchcard salesman, Sidney. She couldn't believe she had screamed like that. All she could hope was that her brothers and sisters hadn't heard it, or they would tease her forever.

     "Err... sure, I-i'll take one," she stuttered, handing him Neopoints from her bag. She just had enough to pay for it. Sidney's eyes glimmered wickedly. Buffy shuddered. She didn't like him. She didn't like him one bit. He handed her a card. It was a Festering Fortune Scratchcard. She slowly scratched a panel away with her claw. A blank. Scratching away another panel, then another then another. Sidney turned round, and pulled 3 snowballs out of his bag.

     "Congratulationsss," he hissed. Buffy looked at the three snowballs. There was a brown one, an ugly one, and a Jhudora one. Buffy carried the snowballs, smiling to herself. She looked up at the sky again. It was getting late, and she realised she had to head back to the brain tree.

     "Eww," Monica said with distaste at the new snowball Buffy had given her. Needless to say, it was the brown one. She pointed her Kacheek nose in the air, before handing it to Tracy. Buffy smirked. She handed Lucy her ugly snowball.

     "Thanks Buffy, I'll use it in the Battledome against Meuka," she said happily.

     "Think fast Tracy!" the robot Kacheek shouted, tossing the ugly snowball at Tracy. She caught it and put it in the inventory.

     "Do you want me to look after yours, Buffy?" she said, eyeing up Jhudora's snowball. Buffy shook her head. In the whole ten minutes she'd owned it, she'd become rather attached to it. She traced her claw across the green and purple markings. It's so beautiful, she thought to herself.

     As soon as she got home, she ran up the stairs and into her room. The room itself was painted a deep shade of black, the wall littered with skulls, similar to those on Buffy's fur. The only light came from a reading light in the corner. Buffy liked it this way. It felt... cozy. She placed the snowball on top of her chest of drawers (which were black, of course) and collapsed into her grey bean bag chair. She looked at the snowball. Its sticky surface shone in the dim light.

     "Now to get back into my book," Buffy said, picking up her William Draikspeare novel. She was just getting to the interesting part, when a bright light shone in front of her. She put down the book irritably, and looked up. The snowball had begun to glow.

     "I didn't think it was Jhudora's nightlight too", she muttered. She was just about to cover the snowball up, when suddenly, the snowball began to move. Its green and purple stripes began to spin in circles across its surface. Buffy gaped at in it awe. The stripes began to move faster. Buffy could not take her eyes off the strange item. She felt the room begin to grow dark, everything around her a blur. She felt her body move towards the snowball. An urge raced through her body, a longing screamed in every vein in her body. Suddenly, everything went black.

     "Buffy?" Tracy shook her roughly about the shoulders, "Buffy? Wake up!" She could hear how worried her owner sounded. She tried to sit up, but she felt like she had eaten a rock. She looked at her green and purple sticky paws. Or a snowball, she thought to herself miserably.

     "Ohh, thank goodness you're OK!" she said happily. She looked at Buffy curiously. "One thing though, why did you eat your snowball?" Buffy winced. She realised how stupid this was going to sound.

     "Erm, I think it tricked me into eating it, I didn't really want to," she said quietly, rubbing her stomach. Tracy propped her up, and gave her a funny look. Sometimes she could do the weirdest things, Tracy thought to herself.

     "Would you like to come play a board game downstairs with us?" Tracy said, changing the subject. Buffy knew this, but decided to go along with it. She didn't particularly want to be in room alone any more today.

     "If you insist," she said, trying to hide her relief. After all, what could a measly little snowball possibly do to her?

     It was midnight, and Buffy couldn't sleep. She had a sinking feeling in the bottom of her stomach. She wasn't sure if the snowball was causing it, or whether she was just apprehensive. Groaning loudly, she got out of bed to fetch a glass of water. She tiptoed down the hallway, and into the bathroom. It was pitch black. Fumbling around, she flipped the light switch, and filled a glass up from the tap. Buffy drank the water, and put the glass back on the side. Her reflection in the mirror caught her eye. She gasped. Her grey fur was covered with purple blotches, and a pain of demonic wings had sprouted from her back. Her claws had turned a hideous shade of lime, and her eyes were a deep purple. The room started to spin. Here we go again, Buffy thought as she plunged back into darkness.

     "T... Tracy" Monica screamed. "Jhudora's in our bathroom!" Buffy groaned loudly, rubbing her aching head. Tracy burst through the door, a broom in hand.

     "Stay back," she warned, making stabbing motions with the broom. Lucy, Monica and Chandler hid behind Tracy's legs. Buffy began to get up.

     "If this is a joke..." Buffy began. Tracy batted her with the broom, sending her back to the floor. Monica cheered quietly.

     "What was that for?" Buffy yelled. Tracy cowered. Buffy picked herself up off the floor, and looked in the mirror. But instead of seeing herself, she saw a tall dark Faerie, giant wings protruding from her back. She was Jhudora. Tracy regained her courage, and attempted to hit Buffy with the broom again. Buffy grasped the broom end, and snapped it in half.

     "Look, will you stop hitting me with that thing! It's me, Buffy!" she said, tossing the broom remnants on the floor. Tracy looked at her confusedly. Buffy sighed.

     "I think it was the snowball," she continued. "I'm not sure how, but I think it transmogrified me." Tracy raised an eyebrow.

     "How do we know you're really Buffy?" she said.

     "What? Of course I'm Buffy! Why would Jhudora be in our house in the first place?" Chandler tottered round Tracy's legs, and up to the dark Faerie.

     "Flubby!" he gurgled.

     "Ahh, get him away, he's drooling all over my shoes!"

     Lucy and Monica looked at each other and nodded. It was definitely Buffy. ***

     "So, what are we going to do?" Tracy said, flopping onto the sofa. Buffy opened the fridge, and took out a Neocola.

     "Wow, opposable thumbs!" she cried excitedly, opening her Neocola. She drank the contents of the can all in one. She pointed at Monica. "Where is my organic red apple!" She chuckled to herself.

     "Get your own apple," she spat. Buffy frowned.

     "You have displeased Jhudora," she said, picking Monica up by the tail, and swinging her back and forth.

     "Put me down you freak!" she screamed, "do you know how long I spent combing that tail?" Buffy laughed louder.

     "Your quest points have been set back to zero!" she boomed.

     "Buffy, put your sister down now!" Tracy sighed. Buffy mumbled something under her breath, before putting the flustered disco Kacheek back down.

     "Sorry!" she said sarcastically, slumping onto the sofa. Tracy repeated the question.

     "What am I going to do? I dunno, I actually quite like being Jhudora," Buffy chirped, putting her hands behind her head. Tracy stood up.

     "Oh no! You are not staying like that young lady!" Buffy stood up too. She towered a whole two feet above Tracy.

     "And what are you going to do about it?" Buffy sneered, looking down at Tracy. Tracy gulped. The real Jhudora was much less intimidating. In fact, this wasn't like Buffy at all.

     "Buffy, are you OK?" Tracy said. Buffy just sneered. It was obvious that the snowball wasn't just affecting her appearance. "We have to go out and find a cure, before this gets out of hand!"

     "No, Tracy, I think you're wrong," Buffy said, pushing Tracy down onto the sofa, "I think it already did"


Tracy opened her eyes slowly. Her head was throbbing. She found herself in the dark NeoHome cellar. Looking down, she saw her arms and feet were bound with rope, and a piece of cloth had been stuffed in her mouth. Next to her, Monica, Lucy and Chandler had also been tied up in a similar fashion. Tracy managed to spit the piece of cloth from her mouth.

     "Yuck! That was one of my old socks!" Tracy cried, spitting frantically. Chandler started crying loudly.

     "Calm down, I'll get us outta here!" Tracy said frantically, pulling at the ropes.

     "You won't be able to escape," a voice said. Tracy turned to see Buffy, a smirk across her face. "Anyway, I'm afraid I must leave you now. I have to put evil plan in action."

     "Cliché," Monica muttered. Buffy kicked her roughly with her platform boot.

     "I heard that," she spat. Monica cowered.

     "Please don't do this Buffy!" Tracy cried. Buffy snorted.

     "My name is Jhudora, and nothing you can say will stop me, muahah!" Buffy climbed the stairs, and left the NeoHome. Tracy sighed.

     "So what do we do now?" she said, tugging at the ropes. Monica smiled.

     "I have a plan," she smiled.


     Wardy the Spardel ate his petpet food quickly. He hadn't noticed a dark Faerie walk past him, take the weapons from the kitchen table, and exit through the door. In fact he didn't really care. And when he heard him owner, Monica calling him, he trotted down the stairs and into the basement.

     "Oh thank goodness you came!" Monica said, "now chew through the ropes!" Wardy tilted his head. He'd much rather be back upstairs, eating. He turned to leave.

     "You rotten petpet!" Monica screamed. "Get back here now!" Wardy trotted up the stairs.

     "I'll trade you in for a Puppyblew, you dim witted dog!" she shouted. Wardy stopped. Being traded in wasn't his idea of a good time. He slowly walked back to Monica, and began to eat at the ropes.

     "Good puppy," she said, freeing her arms.

     "Kroeger could have done that in half time!" Lucy shouted. Monica scowled.

     "Could not!"

     "Could too!"

     "Ah huh!"

     "BE QUIET!" Tracy screamed. The two Kacheeks were silent. "Good, now untie me!" Lucy and Monica looked at each other, before sending their two petpets to gnaw the ropes.

Neopia Central

     Tracy ran down the street, her pets close behind. Buffy was nowhere to be seen. She skidded to a halt when she saw her friend, Lapin, fixing her mailbox.

     "Lapin, have you seen Buff.. I mean Jhudora anywhere around?" Tracy said, trying to regain her breath

     "Last I saw she headed up into the clouds," Lapin said, "I wonder what she was doing here?" She turned to Tracy, but she had already sped down the road.

     "Thanks Lapin," she called out. Lapin just laughed, and returned to her broken mailbox.


     "Surrender now, Jhudora!" Buffy screamed as she tied up the dark Faerie. Jhudora shook her head. "Soon, you will be gone, and I will be the new Jhudora!" Buffy cackled.

     "What is the point in that?" Jhudora said, "why can't I just be the regular Jhudora?"

     "Silence, foolish mortal!" Buffy boomed.

     "But I'm not a morta..." Jhudora's sentence was cut off, as Buffy secured a large piece of duct tape over her mouth.


     "I need a break, Tracy!" Monica whined, lagging behind the group, who were hastily making their through Faerieland. Tracy ignored her, and continued to race ahead, with Lucy by her side.

     "And where are we supposed to start?" Monica shouted breathlessly. "She could be anywhere!" Tracy stopped suddenly.

     "You're right," she said slowly, slumping onto the cloud floor below her, "what do we do now?" Lucy gave Tracy a grin.

     "I need a break, Tracy!" Monica whined, lagging behind the group, who were hastily making their through Faerieland. Tracy ignored her, and continued to race ahead, with Lucy by her side.

     "And where are we supposed to start?" Monica shouted breathlessly. "She could be anywhere!" Tracy stopped suddenly.

     "You're right," she said slowly, slumping onto the cloud floor below her, "what do we do now?" Lucy gave Tracy a grin.

     "To find our target, we have to think like them," she hinted. "Now, where would 'Jhudora' be?" Tracy thought to her self.

     "In... the... bookshop?" she said hopefully. Lucy slapped her head.

     "No, you fool! Jhudora's cloud!"

     "I see no link..." Tracy began.

     "Oh, just come on!"

     The four of them sped towards the hovering purple cloud, ready to face Buffy.

Jhudora's Cloud

     "Bring me a Wand of Supernova!" Buffy boomed at a little green Chia.

     "B.. but this is my first quest!" he stammered. "I... I can't afford that!" Buffy frowned.

     "You deny my wishes?" she growled. The Chia started crying. "Fear my wrath!" Buffy pointed her long purple finger at the sobbing neopet. A bolt of light shot at the Chia and he disappeared in a puff of lime green smoke. Once the smoke had cleared, all that could be seen was a little green Slorg, slithering away dejectedly.

     "Muahaha!" she cackled loudly, her voice echoing across Faerieland.

     "Stop right there, Jhu... I mean Buffy... erm..." Tracy began breathlessly, clutching the stitch in her side.

     "Never!" Tracy yelled. Buffy pointed her finger at Tracy, who leapt away quickly. The light deflected off the cloud, and sailed off into the air. Buffy screamed.

     "Curses!" Buffy launched another beam of light, which struck Lucy. She flew backwards, engulfed in a thick lilac fog. An Anubis emerged, looking dazed. Tracy screamed.

     "NOOO!" she yelled, charging at Buffy, and knocking her to the ground. Buffy cried out furiously, and pointing her finger at Chandler. The blast sent him flying across the cloud.

     Tracy scrabbled around. She didn't have much time, before she became the next on Buffy's hitlist.

     "Don't bother trying, foolish mortal. Your end is nigh!" she shouted, raising her hand. Tracy searched her pocket. All she found was Chandler's half eaten Illusen cookie. Illusen cookie!

     Tracy grabbed the cookie, and tossed it at Buffy. The half chewed confectionery hit the side of her face with a sickening squelch. Buffy ripped the cookie from her face in rage.

     "How dare you...?!" her sentence was cut short, as she realised what was happening. Dark grey hair was sprouting from the side of her face. Her body began to transfigure back into the physique of a Cybunny. Finally, her ears grew back, long and dark behind her. She looked around at the Slorgs, dazed.

     "Wha... happened?" she said slowly. Tracy ran up and hugged her.

     "Buffy, just promise me you'll never eat scratchcard kiosk prizes again."

     "Did I miss something?"

One Month Later

     "Aww, Tracy, don't make me go!" Buffy pleaded, digging her nails into the door frame. Tracy tugged hard.

     "Look... you... have... to... go!" Tracy shouted, pulling at the Cybunny. "You still have another week of service for Jhudora to pay for the damage!"

     "I don't even remember!" Buffy yelled, digging her nails deeper, "why can't you go?"

     "Because... well because," Tracy shouted. Finally, Buffy gave in, sending the two hurtling across the front lawn. "You should be grateful she turned Lucy and Chandler back, Jhudora isn't renowned for her kindness".

     "You can say that again," Buffy murmured, trundling down the path. It was going to be a long week.

The End

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