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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 6th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 90 > Continuing Series > The Ghost of Cotton Island: Part Three

The Ghost of Cotton Island: Part Three

by too_kule

The warehouse loomed over the three friends. A cold wind blew past them as they suddenly noticed how frightening the Cotton Warehouse was. But they had to search through it, or else Cotton Island would never be the prosperous tourist attraction it was that day.

     "You know, maybe I'll wait here well you two explore the warehouse. I can... um... keep guard!" Toby the orange Buzz thought up.

     Lydia laughed, "You wish Tobester! You're coming in with Mickey and I, case closed," the cloud Chomby replied.

     Mickey the skunk Moehog laughed. "It won't be that hard. Ten bucks says Zern that nasty Jetsam we met earlier today is haunting the warehouse," Mickey said.

     Without replying the her friend, Lydia entered the abandoned warehouse with Toby and Mickey right behind her. Sheer darkness engulfed the three friends. They tiptoed through the warehouse as quietly as possible. A rustling in the corner or some the sounds of movement above them caused them to jump.

     "It's probably just a Psimouse or something," Toby assured himself.

     They treaded through the darkness when suddenly a sound that simply couldn't be made by any Psimouse was heard. It was coming from their left.

     Mickey slowly pulled out a Plastic Butter Knife. "Whoever is there, be warned, I'm armed," Mickey told them.

     Despite her fear, Lydia managed to laugh. "Yeah, what are you going to do? Spread butter all over them?"

     "Shut up!" Mickey replied.

     Suddenly, someone came out of the darkness. The shape of a Jetsam emerged from the shadows. "You, you're the ones who are pretending to be the ghosts!" the Jetsam also known as Zern cried.

     "No way, you're trying to shut down the warehouse so your warehouse will dominate all the business on the island," Lydia retorted.

     "I did not! As much as I would like my factory to succeed, I would not to such a sleazy, underhanded prank like this! I'm searching for the said 'ghost' so I can put a stop to this nonsense," Zern explained.

     "So are we! We thought that--"

     But Mickey was interrupted by another sound. Through the darkness, an eerie pale glow shone through. The ghost. "

     It's the ghost!" Toby cried.

     The Buzz was correct. Through the shadows, the pale glow grew into an intense teal blaze. The four Neopets had to squint because of the light emanating from the ghost's body, so they couldn't see exactly what the ghost looked like. The ghost came closer to the four pets and started moaning.

     "Oooooooh, aaaaaaaaaah, eeeeeeeeeh! Get out of the waaaaaarehouse, or feel the wrath of I, the ghost of Cotton Island!" the ghost bellowed. The voice sounded awfully familiar to them. Suddenly, more voices could be heard.

     "OK guys, switch the lights on!" a voice from behind them said. Suddenly, all the lights in the warehouse turned on. Lydia, Mickey, Toby and Zern spun around to see the Mynci workers standing there.

     "How did you know we were here?" Mickey asked.

     One of the Myncis stepped up. "Well, you asked us about the ghost and we heard you were going to the library. We put two and two together," the Mynci said. "Oh yeah, you also woke us up when you ran here across the boardwalk. But look at the ghost!"

     The four Neopets spun around again and gasped at what they saw. With the lights on they could see the ghost better. Standing there was none other than a ghost Elephante. Sarah!

     "I don't believe it," Zern gasped. "Sarah! Why?"

     The ghost Elephante stepped up. "I'll tell you why. My entire life I've been here at the warehouse, running it. I've put so much into this crummy island, I thought it was time I got some back. I ran for mayor of Cotton Island," she cried.

     "I remember, you lost the day before the ghost sightings began!" Lydia exclaimed.

     "Yes. I wasn't elected because the islanders 'didn't want me to leave the warehouse'. I attract so many tourists and you can't even elect me as the next mayor! So I tried to close the warehouse. Maybe if I didn't already have the job, I'd be elected as the next mayor! I painted myself with a Ghost Paint Brush on several occasions to spook these no-good workers into quitting. But it doesn't matter, you have no way of proving it," Sarah laughed.

     "We don't, do we?" said another voice. Standing there were about a dozen Chia Police officers.

     "Oh yeah, we also got the police to come too," added the Mynci worker sheepishly.

     An officer walked up to Sarah and slapped some handcuffs around her wrists. "You're under arrest!"


"I feel so sad Zern about having to leave, I feel like I've known you forever!" Lydia exclaimed as she gave a farewell hug to the Jetsam.

     "It's OK. Don't worry, we'll see each other again. Mickey, Toby, you take care of yourself too," Zern added as he turned to Mickey and Toby. They were all at the port, ready for their departure. It had been two weeks since the night at the warehouse, and the vacation was finally over.

     "It went so fast," Toby sighed.

     "Hey Zern, any news about Cotton Island's most famous crook?" Mickey asked.

     "Don't worry, Sarah's locked away. And guess what? An auction was held for who gets possession of the warehouse. Guess who is the newest owner of the Cotton Island Warehouse?" Zern asked smugly.

     "That's great! Wow, two warehouses. You're one busy guy!" Lydia laughed.

     "Yes, I probably will. And I've hired back those Myncis," Zern added.

     "Great! Well Zern, it was great meeting you. Farewell!" Mickey exclaimed as he got up onto the boat with his two friends.

     As the boat departed from Cotton Island, the friends prepared for the peaceful boat-ride home. They really were anxious to get there. After the eventful vacation they just finished, they'd probably need another vacation just to recover from it!

The End

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