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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Relaxing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 89 > New Series > Addiction Predicament: Part One

Addiction Predicament: Part One

by apparent

Unusually, boredom struck the four Neopet siblings that lay mindlessly around the living room in their current home rented at the Neolodge. It was a Sunday afternoon, the afternoon their owner set aside for reading and quiet activities, the afternoon that the four of them dreaded all week long. Unfortunately there was a Sunday in every week, and this particular day seemed more tiring and dull then it ever was before. Swirlyhorn impatiently paced around the area of the decorative room, while looking towards her younger brothers.

     Saigru lay on his back while on the juice-stained couch sprawled within a corner of the living room, batting his paws mindlessly into the air. A seemingly blank expression managed to settle into the navy wrinkles on his face, giving him a rather solemn touch. Jyrosen, who usually entertained himself by pestering one of his siblings, fought off the force of falling asleep within an old rocking chair. Krawker_oth hummed softly to himself while fondly stroking his spotted Cobrall with an extended paw.

     The sun managed to try and cheer up the atmosphere as a few rays of light peered through the silk curtains that graced the windows, however the complete transformation from boredom to excitement did not appear to happen. There seemed to be no escape, the feel of having absolutely nothing to occupy their time with was everywhere. Now on her four hooves, Swirlyhorn trotted slowly over towards the wooden shelf, which upon its surface lay the few trophies that belonged to the family. She squinted her blue eyes, taking in the familiar appearance of the bronze, silver, plushie, and gold textured trophies silently. However, her attention was caught for more then a moment when the Go! Go! Go! Champion sculpture lingered within her gaze. Shifting her eyebrows and wriggling her tail, Swirlyhorn declared aloud, "I bet I'll be able to beat any one of you here at Go! Go! Go! any time."

     Jyrosen snorted while half asleep and Saigru began to chuckle. Paying no attention just yet, Krawker continued to hum while letting his Cobrall perch upon his small shoulder blade. It was Saigru's turn to speak, although he was not supposed to, and he responded defiantly, "Ah, hush up, Swirlyhorn. We all know you're just a whole mouthful of t-a-l-k, which, you might not know, spells 'talk'."

     The Uni snickered faux evilly with ease towards her younger brother's words. She sat upon the first step of the staircase, built freely near the couch, and confidently stroked her white mane. "Well then, Mr. Smarty paws, I challenge you to a bet playing Go! Go! Go! Whoever wins will receive 10,000 and the right to tease the loser for as long as they want."

     Silence followed as Saigru thought this over a bit, knowing it might erupt into something too competitive for his liking - but why back down? It'd make him look like a wimp, or so he thought, and a couple of plays of one of his favorite games couldn't hurt much. "Alright, then, it's on. What're the rules you've conveniently set up for your pleasure?"

     Jyrosen sat up a bit after drifting in and out of sleep. His eyes were a bit bloodshot from being disturbed, but despite his sleepless state, he managed to ridicule, "Haha! A fashion queen playing against an energetic brat at Go! Go! Go!? This will be entertaining, won't it, Krawker?" The Lupe cackled a bit while nudging his spotted brother, who simply shook his head disagreeably in return. Swirlyhorn snorted and held her head up high, having a strong feeling of victory on her behalf arising soon. "Well, let's see, whoever can win the most games of Go! Go! Go! in a week. Next Sunday morning we'll tally up the amount of games won and whoever wins gets 10k from the other."

     Saigru nodded. He wasn't too sure about the length of time, Swirlyhorn was sure sneaky and she could probably win 1,000 games in a week if he wasn't careful. "Fine. It's on, and I suggest you watch your back sis', I've got many sources of help around here."

     "Help? But that's cheating!" Swirlyhorn wailed with complaint. Momentarily she thought to herself, but then quickly responded, "Alright, that's okay, Saigru, I've got my means of help too." She looked towards her younger brother in the corner, but the Krawk simply showed resistance while putting his hands in the air. "Oh no you don't, don't give me that look. Sorry guys, but I'm staying out of this one, it looks like it's going to get too complicated for my liking." His Cobrall seemed to hiss in agreement to its owner's statement, and Saigru laughed at Swirlyhorn's expense.

     Swirlyhorn grunted and headed up the staircase. Jyrosen peered up at her with curiosity, then back towards Saigru. "This is gonna get good! Phew, I think I should go buy some bandages or something, huh Saigru?"

     Saigru shrugged his navy furred shoulder while nervously watching Swirlyhorn bound up the stairs towards her bedroom. He was worried, Swirlyhorn could get a bit aggressive within her work at times, and he was not the most brilliant when it came to developing plans, either. "I'm... Gonna get some rest." The Kougra wearily followed up the stairs, although it was early in the evening and his bedtime wasn't anywhere close. This was going to be the longest week of his life, and tomorrow he wanted to get a head start with winning a few games.

     Jyrosen pinched Krawker a bit on his arm, "Who do ya think is gonna win?"

     "I'm staying out of this one."

     "Aw, 'frady Aisha," Jyrosen pouted, and then stood up onto his fours. "What makes you so sure, anyway? I wouldn't be able to withstand three rounds of that GGG game without falling asleep, what will be different with Swirlyhorn and Saigru?"

     "They're getting too competitive already. You see how serious Saigru was taking it? I don't know... I'm just staying out of this one. Enough said."

     Jyrosen shrugged and headed into the kitchen to find something to eat. Upstairs in their bedrooms, Saigru and Swirlyhorn began emptying out their Kau banks filled with Neopoints. If there was going to be a competition, they'd better get started soon.

To be continued...

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