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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 89 > Short Stories > All I Want Is Boochi

All I Want Is Boochi

by bridgetmckennitt

Orli_Green woke up to the sounds of his brothers Everdancer and Snapshadow arguing in the room next door. For the hundredth time since his family had moved into their NeoHome in the Lost Desert, Orli was fervently glad that he did not have to share his room.

     Though, the only reason why he wasn't sharing because he was the 'baby' of the family. Orli grumbled as he brushed his fur. Just because his siblings were much older than him didn't make him a baby.

     Jessica316N, his Uni sister, opened his door and grinned at him. "Mom's waiting for us and you're the last one ready. Come on, baby brother." She petted him on the head and left his room.

     "I'm not a baby!" Orli shouted back, even though his sister couldn't hear him. He unfurled his wings and flew out to the hall where his family was waiting for him.

     His mom Bridget was searching through her backpack while Jess was reading the latest 'Battledome Gazelle.' She loved battling and was constantly looking for new weapons to use. His brothers, Evan and Snap, were playing with a ball they found and mainly goofing around. The Techo and Eyrie respectively were excited because Bridget was allowing them to go off exploring on their own. Orli frowned. Bridget would never let him do such a thing. He was to follow her around while his siblings went off on their own.

     "There you are," Bridget said as she looked up from her backpack. "Okay, let me get this straight. Jess, you're going to the Battledome, right?"


     "And Evan, Snap, you two are heading off to the Haunted Woods?"

     "Uh huh."


     Bridget turned to Orli. "And you're coming with me on an errand. I have to visit our shop in Neopia Central to restock it."

     Orli nodded his head, but inwardly groaned. That was no fun at all!

* * *

When they got to Neopia Central, a sign caught Orli's attention. "Mom?"

     "Yes, dear?"

     "Can I go exploring? I promise I won't go far."

     Bridget stared at him thoughtfully. "Alright," she finally said. "Just don't get lost."

     Orli hugged Bridget and flew towards the sign. It mentioned about a baby Bruce named Boochi and his ray gun.

     "Boochi?" he said aloud.

     "Boochi's a great guy." Orli turned around and saw a Cybunny also reading the sign.

     "Excuse me?"

     "Boochi. He's the baby Bruce that goes to random Neopets and turn them baby." The Cybunny sighed, "I wish I would get a visit from Boochi."

     Orli pondered that. As the youngest of his family, he was considered the baby. However, he didn't look like a baby Shoyru. Still, his family had gotten him playpens and baby food before. Maybe it would be easier on everyone if Orli was turned into a baby Shoyru. Life would be simple then.

     "How do you find Boochi?"

     The Cybunny laughed. "You don't find Boochi. Boochi finds you! Though I suspect the more you're out in the open, the easier it is for Boochi to find you. Why, do you want to become baby as well?"

     "Just thinking about it. Um, see you around?" Orli spread his wings and took to flight. He wanted to find Boochi.

     Unfortunately, it was at that moment that Bridget returned from her shop. "I'm all done, Orli. Let's get go to the Chocolate Factory and pick up some goodies for everyone."

     "Actually, mom? How about you go to the Chocolate Factory and I explore some more? Please?" Orli batted his eyes and made his sad face.

     Bridget smiled, "Sure. The line is probably going to be long anyway and we shouldn't crowd the shop."

     As soon as Bridget turned her back away, Orli went off looking for Boochi. He flew around the Money Tree in search of the baby Bruce. He checked the Rainbow Pool and the Magic Shop. He even checked near the Wishing Well, but still couldn't find Boochi.

     "I need to draw him out, but how?" Then the Shoyru got an idea. He still had a few Neopoints left over from playing Kacheek Seek. Maybe if he bought something that the Bruce would like and put it out in the open, then Boochi would surely come.

     Orli went into the Food Shop and bought the first item he could get his hands on. Then he took the food, set it out near the Art Centre statue, and prepared to wait. He didn't have to wait long. A pink baby Bruce spotted the food and came towards it. Orli waited until it was right next to the food before he jumped out.

     "Boochi, turn me into a baby!"

     The baby Bruce jumped in surprise and suddenly, to Orli's amazement, began to cry.

     "I'm sorry Boochi for making you cry," Orli said.

     "Bu--but I'm not Boochi!"the Bruce cried out.

     The Shoyru felt even worse with that remark. "Dreadfully sorry. I really did think you were Boochi though."

     "That's okay, most people do. Hey, why do you want to become baby?"

     Orli looked at the ground and shuffled his feet. "Well, I wanted to be a true baby since I'm the youngest in my family."

     "That doesn't seem like a good enough reason. You know, once you go baby, things change. The things you could as an adult neopet you can't necessarily do as a baby. People keep pinching your cheeks and speaking gibberish to you. It's a hard life," the Bruce admitted.

     "Oh, I never even thought of it that way before. Maybe you're right. I'm happy the way I am now." Orli saw Bridget walking towards him in the distance and he grinned. "There's my mom. Glad we had this talk. Thank you." With that, he flew away.

     The baby Bruce quickly ate the food that the Shoyru left behind and giggled mischievously. He petted the ray gun he had hidden and walked on.

The End

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