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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Short Stories > Boldheart: Never Say Goodbye

Boldheart: Never Say Goodbye

by meratocat

Windspeed the black Whinny walked across the dunes as the sun burned upon his black back. He was looking for the golden Aisha Boldheart, also called Merato, who had been thrown by the magic blast of Malothsi. He let out a soft blow of air as he finally found the Aisha, half-covered with sand, but still alive he noted as he prodded Merato, and the Aisha gave a groan.

     Merato slowly started to lift himself up, the sand falling away from his body as he did so. He looked up into Windspeed's large brown eyes, and groaned again. He recognized the Whinny as being the one that had held the Kyrii who had saved him from Lancoth, but where was the archer Kyrii?

     Windspeed pushed his snout into Merato again, and the Aisha laid a paw over his neck. Sensing that he was not fully well, Windspeed shifted his weight to try and help get Merato over and onto his back. After he finally managed to do this, he started to turn when he heard the roar of a dragon.

     Careful not to drop Merato, Windspeed quickened his pace as he walked back to Teala, for he knew something was not right, though the truth was worse then he had thought. There was Dreamoth, the white dragon who had saved him while he was still young, injured, and unable to dodge another attack as Malothsi prepared to end all for the dragon. A desert Kougra was running up towards the twisted creature called Malothsi, but Windspeed knew he would not make it in time to save the dragon.

     Acting quickly, Windspeed ran as fast as his four legs would take him towards Malothsi. Oblivious to the yells of Teala as he shot past, and the fact that Merato fall off of his back, he ran in front of Malothsi, and as he shot another blast of magic, Windspeed jumped in the way of it.

     "NO!!!" Teala cried jumping up and running over as she watched Windspeed fall to the ground with a large whine. He had saved the dragon, but the cost may have been at his own life. "Windspeed!" She reached down, and cradled his large head in her hands. Windspeed opened his eyes, and gave one last whinny before he closed them for the last time. He had been able to lay eyes on the white dragon once more.

     A tear dripped down the Kyrii's cheek, "Windspeed, no!"

     A crackling laughter hit her ears, and she turned with anger towards its source, the evil Malothsi. "Dear Teala, the fool is gone. He should not have interfered with my attack on the dragon!"

     "My name…" was all she could say as she stared up at him. "How do you know my name?"

     "Oh, dear Teala, I know much more then that. Your father was called Earloon, your mother Kakriaka, and your brother… his name is Ishtolam."

     "What did you do to my brother!" Teala cried standing up, and pulling her bow out. Perhaps Lancoth wasn't the only one who had a paw in taking her brother.

     Malothsi laughed. It was a dry laugh, long and cold. "Oh, don't you recognize me… sister."

     Teala took a step back. "No…" she whispered slowly.

     "Yes Teala. I am your brother Ishtolam, or I was. I am now Malothsi," Teala suddenly realized it. Ishtolam spelled backwards was Malothsi, "and I will soon be the greatest power in the world after I collect the dragons power!" Teala just stood speechless as the once yellow Kyrii who was her brother, now the evil Malothsi ran off in the directions of the dragons.

     "Why didn't you put him with an arrow while you had the chance!" Krantalo said huffing as he ran up to Teala. "I thought that you were going to help us!"

     Teala's eyes were cloudy as she stared off after Malothsi, and Krantalo who had left her side to run after the other. "My brother…" she whispered. She had found what she had been looking for, who she had yearned to see for the past eight years, and he had become a heartless monster.

     "Teala!" She turned, and there was Merato looking down into her eyes, his were a deep golden color, but they seemed to be angry. "You cannot sink into depression! We must end this here! Now!" and all Teala could do was nod. She still couldn't believe the bleak reality that she had just entered.


Mythouny had looked up as she heard the cry of Dreamoth, and saw him fall to the sand. For a fleeting moment, she had thought that he had been destroyed, but as she felt his spirit still in his body, she sighed with relief. Her relief, however, was short lived as Malothsi tried another attack, but was foiled by the valiant whinny that had jumped in the way.

     She watched as the Kyrii prepared to fire an arrow at Malothsi, and then fell at his feet, as he was able to run past. Mythouny looked trying to figure out what had happened. As far as she could tell, they Kyrii was unhurt. She looked as the vile Malothsi ran towards Dreamoth, and the great red dragon woke from her trance, and started to run to her friend's aid.

     She needn't use her wings, for the distance was not too long for a dragon of her size and will, so Mythouny ran over to Dreamoth's side just as Malothsi reached that spot also. Malothsi looked up into Mythouny's eyes, and laughed. "So Dragon, it appears that you have finally lost." He motioned towards Dreamoth. "You know that even if you were to destroy me, that the white dragon would perish. If you give yourself in to me, I will let him die quickly."

     "You yell threats in the face of a dragon!" She practically bellowed out at Malothsi. A creature would either have to be a fool or be mad to challenge a dragon while standing in front of it. With his large grin, Malothsi was probably the later. She raised her hand to swat him away, but then his words finally sunk into her heart. "Dreamoth…" she whispered softly, he was in trouble. She took a quick glance back at Dreamoth, and felt her throat tighten. She knew he was hurt, but how badly, she could not tell. She looked back down at Malothsi and growled. With a deep anger that he had hoped to stir in her, she lunged for him, and as she did, he pulled out his sword, and let her weight push herself into it.

     Mythouny fell back with a pained roar, taking Malothsi's sword with her. It wasn't enough to defeat her, but still enough to put her out of the fight. "So it looks like I have both of the mighty dragons in a position where I can bend their magic and strength to do my bidding." He snickered, and looked down at Mythouny. "You can be first." And with that, he took out a blood red gem with odd markings on it, and began to murmur some words in an ancient tongue.

     "Stop it!!!" a voice cried, and Malothsi stopped in his muttering to look up at the source of the voice, and there stood Teala her bow loaded, and her last arrow aimed right for her brother's heart. "Leave now, or I'll fire into your blackened heart, and end your evil now! I don't care if you once were my brother, because now you're nothing but a monster."

     "Sister," he said maliciously, "Don't worry, your time to die will come." And at that, on of the thieves on Malothsi's side fired an arrow at her. The only thing that saved the red Kyrii was the fact that the thief's aim was off, so instead it nicked her bow just as she fired, and instead of going into Malothsi, it went past him, and crashed into the cliff's side. Out of habit, she reached back for her quiver finding it empty as Malothsi pulled a concealed dagger from his vest, and aimed for Teala. "Say your final farewell, sister." And he pulled back his arm, ready to throw.

     Teala closed her eyes, and prepared to meet her end, but it never happened, instead she heard Malothsi yell out in surprise. She opened her eyes up again to see Krusk holding onto his arm by his fangs. "I'm here for you missstresss," he said letting go for a second before striking at Malothsi yet again.

     With a quick twist of his arm, however, he sent Krusk smacking into the cliff face behind him, and before the reptillior could recover, Malothsi stomped upon him and left him crushed to the ground as he walked back towards Teala. Looking at her brother's face, she saw droplets of sweat forming all over him, and he had a stagger in his step. Before he could take seven, Malothsi fell to his knees in the sand, and Teala walked over. "That darn reptillior..." he said. "His poison…" was all Malothsi said before falling face first into the sand, and slipping away from the realms of this world and into the next.

     "Krusk," Teala whispered as she walked over to the body of the reptillior, who opened one glassy yellow eye.

     "Missstresss…" he said. "You are safe. Now sssave the dragonsss…" and his eye closed, and his movements stopped.

     Teala stooped over him waiting for him to come back as he had before, and nothing happened. "Krusk?" she said as a single tear dripped down her cheek. She wanted to wait longer, hopping with a false hope that he would come back as he had before, but it didn't happen, and she knew that she had to help the dragons. "Thank you," she said softly wiping her face as she ran over to Mythouny's side and the red dragon slowly rose to her feet, the wound on her belly looking horrendous to Teala.

     "Dreamoth…" she gasped, and Teala put her paw on the scaly shoulder of Mythouny. "I can still heal him." She said, and she slowly walked with lumbering steps over to the side of the white dragon Dreamoth, and she placed one large paw over where Malothsi's blast of magic had hit him, and started the healing process of Dreamoth.


As Mythouny healed Dreamoth, Merato stood over the body of Lancoth, sword in paw, and watched as, leaderless, the desert thieves quickly scattered away, and split up. "Lajonah," he said into the air, "I'm sorry I failed you, I-I…"

     "You what?" Lajonah said walking up behind him. Merato's jaw dropped as he looked into her golden eyes, transfixed by their beauty.

     "You're alive," he said, and fell into her arms. "I thought that I had lost you." And Lajonah returned the embrace, tears of mirth silently falling from her eyes with finally defeating their foe Lancoth, and at having Merato at her side.


As Mythouny poured the last bit of magic into Dreamoth to heal him, she collapsed into the sand. "Mythouny!" Dreamoth said rising to his feet before he even realized he had been healed.

     "What's wrong?" Krantalo asked from his side.

     "She poured all her magic into healing to save me," he said slowly. "She's dying…"

     "That can't be!" Lajonah said running up with Merato right besides her. She had gotten to know the great red dragon quite well, and to see such a creature die would be horrible. "There has to be a way to save her!"

     "I don't know…" Dreamoth said, for once he had no soothing words to calm the others.

     "My staff," Merato said. "If only I had my staff, I could use some of the powder to save her…"

     Dreamoth looked down at Merato, and a grin spread across his muzzle as with a large flap of his white wings, he took to the air, and flew towards the cave that he and Mythouny occupied. The place where he had left Merato's staff when he has picked it up that day that seemed so far back. He quickly found the staff, and then taking it up in his talons, carried it back down to Merato, and gave a slight dragonish bow. "Please Merato, do your best for my mistress."

     Merato gulped. "I will…" and with a single paw, he undid the strap holding one of the bags to the staff, and opened it, taking out a whole paw full for Mythouny before closing back up the bag. "I hope this works," he said as he sprinkled the powder over Mythouny's wound.

     The group watched over the dragon, waiting for results, and nothing came. Dreamoth's ears fell back, tears dripped down Lajonah's face, and Merato buried his face in his paws, but then a strong voice broke the silence. "You have to speak some words to make that work on a dragon with the healing magic. I can help you there," a yellow Kyrii garbed in a long white robe walked forth over to Mythouny's side. He then started to whisper some words in an ancient tongue like Malothsi had, though his words sounded peaceful unlike the dark ones of Teala's brother. He then took a step back. "It is your turn Merato." And with a slight nod, Merato took a few steps foreword, and laid a paw upon Mythouny's wound, and suddenly a large wind blew forth, and all of the bits of red dust seemed to spring to life in the shape of a wonderful red dragon with large horns sticking back from its head, and two deep wise looking eyes.

     Who hath with the ancient words of the dragon-kind summoned forth I, Thinub'reka, the first of all the dragons of healing to do thy bidding. He looked down at Merato, and flapped his dusty wings a bit.

     "It was I," Merato said after the Kyrii gave a slight nod. "Please help us your greatness, and he motioned down at Mythouny. "Please let this dragon live on."

     The dragon of dust looked down upon Merato, its eyes looking into every crack of his soul when Dreamoth. "Please, do this oh great one. You know that she is the last of your once great bloodline." And he bowed his head foreword. "I promise that if you heal her, I will study in the arts of healing myself. I'll be her underling for all the time it takes." And he lifted his head.

     The shadow of the great dragon seemed to smile down at Dreamoth at his words. You shall be one of the great dragons. I can see this in you even though you are still young in reckoning, though the paths of healing are not for thee to take. Even so, as you say is true, she is the last of the red healing dragon's line, and I will not let thy bloodline die when I can so save it. And with another gust of wind, the dust broke apart, and the dragon spirit dived into Mythouny, healing her from the inside out, and then silence fell.

     The silence lasted for some time before Mythouny finally opened her eyes and looked back at Dreamoth and she smiled.


Merato took one last look at the two dragons before he and Lajonah made their way back out into the desert. Even though the main evil was rid of, there were still many stray thieves to deal with, and to keep away from the innocent. As he and Lajonah walked paw in paw past the many mighty sand dunes, he promised himself that he would forever wander until he had rid the desert of all its evil, or until he could no longer do so. He would always be Boldheart, Spirit of the Desert.


Teala stood on another dune as Merato disappeared. She stood over the grave of Windspeed, who had born her all this way, and never made it out. "You were valiant Windspeed." She said. "I'm sure that you're in a better place now."

     "I'm sure he is too," a voice behind her said, and with a gasp, she turned to see the yellow Kyrii

     "Who are you anyway?" she asked looking into his eyes. "Why did you help us!"

     He looked into her eyes, and Teala saw a touch of yellow in them. "The curse is finally broken, my mistress." And he smiled a lopsided grin.

     "Krusk…" Teala said open mouthed, and Krusk slid his paw under hers.

     "When I gave myself up for you, the curse was finally broken, and I was allowed to return to my first form. I thank you Teala." And she smiled.

     "It's finally time for me to return home," she said, and looked back at Krusk. "I would like you to come with me."

     "I will always be by your side my mistress," Krusk said and then the two Kyrii's walked off in the opposite direction of Merato and Lajonah.


"Dreamoth," Krantalo said looking up into the eyes of the dragon he had become friends with. "It is time for me to return to my kingdom now. I will miss you my friend."

     Dreamoth smiled down, not taking his eyes from the setting sun. "I will not hold you back Krantalo. Return to your father, I'm sure he awaits your return anxiously," Krantalo smiled, and with a quick bow started off.

     "Goodbye Dreamoth!" he said, and with a flick of his tail disappeared off down the dune.

     Dreamoth just smiled, and watched the sun disappear, and didn't move from the spot even long after the cold of night had set in. "It is never goodbye," he whispered into the air. "Not for you at least my prince. Like the endless deserts, and like the sands that cover them. Your adventures… they will never end."

The End

Authors Note: I would like to thank all of you who were patient with all of the long breaks I had in between the Boldheart series, and sat with me to the end. I hope that the series was able to entertain you all. I would like to thank all of you who sent me the positive feedback, and to all of the people who pressed me into making this a series, I had a lot of fun writing it. Any questions or comments will be welcome, so just drop me a Neomail, and for now good bye!

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