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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Short Stories > Researchers: Progress

Researchers: Progress

by teghan62

After getting clobbered by something, I thought it would be safer to stay away from those things. There are too many dangers out there, I thought. Maybe I shouldn't go out there again. Sure, I was more mature, thanks to that potion, but that didn't mean I was completely ready to go see them again.


     "Ee-Asir, are you sure you don't know anything about what happened to you?" Barak-Nistar asked me. He was still dying to get some notes.

     "Not a clue," I replied, not wanting to tell him. "Quit asking me, it's getting annoying."

     "Okay," he said. "But… do you really know anything at all?"



     Tzel-Evod sniffed, and got up. "Stop it, already. It's not like this ever changes." With that, he got up and walked towards Jen's room. "GET UP!" he yelled at her.

     "Mmph," came a muffled voice. "Make me." With a groan, Jen got up, and tweaked Tzel-Evod's nose.

     "Made ya," snickered Tzel-Evod, satisfied.

     Jen gave him a glare, and then opened up Barak-Nistar's files. "Hey, what's this one?" she asked, pointing to one at the very bottom. It was titled "Before".

     "Err… Nothing!" Barak-Nistar quickly said. He ran over and scrolled upwards. "What did you want to look at?" he asked, a sheepish grin on his face.

     "I just wanted to see 'Paint Brush Experiment: Egg.' Is there anything wrong with that? I haven't seen it yet."

     "Sure," I told her. I did most of those notes, though, since I was experimented on.

     Jen opened up the file. It read:

     Paint Brush Experiment: Egg.

     When a paint brush is used on an egg, the neopet inside that egg will change to whatever colour the paint brush is. Ee-Asir, originally a blue ixi, became an island one when an island paintbrush was stroked over her egg. It takes longer for the paint brush to take effect than on a hatched neopet. Also, the Rainbow Pool is not needed when the neopet is still in the egg, thus making it more efficient and less time wasting.

     My experience in the egg-Ee-Asir

     I could only see light, hear sounds, and feel movements. The light became dim when I came home for the first time. I heard discouraging sounds… like I was going to a horrible place. The swift movements didn't help to reassure me. When my egg was covered with the island paint brush, there was a tropical atmosphere in my egg… and the smell of Tigersquash. The only reason I hatched so soon was because of a crack, and then a sudden change in my weight… with the tooth necklace and earring. But it's still impossible to go back to an egg… although I wouldn't want to.

     "Hmm… that's good. Was it really like that, Ee-Asir?" commented Jen. But she didn't wait for my answer, she left to go above ground.

     "Well, that's nice," stated Tzel-Evod. "Leaving without an answer. Bleh." He got ready to go, but Barak-Nistar wouldn't let him.

     "Not today, bro. You're staying here, we aren't ready to find out new stuff. We still have to figure out-" Barak-Nistar glanced in my direction, and then whispered the rest to Tzel-Evod.

     "Gotcha. I'll just go make this place… spiffier."

     "Spiffier?" I questioned.

     "Ya, spiffier. You got a problem with that?" asked Tzel-Evod, offended. He sniffed, raised his snout and walked off. Then he paused. "What does spiffy mean?"

     "Well," I replied, "the dictionary says that the word 'spiffy' doesn't exist. Tzel-Evod, try to learn some new spiffy words," I said. "Ack!" I covered my mouth with my hooves.

     "Ha, take that! I'm going to go to bed, if you don't mind. It's not like there's anything better to do," said Tzel-Evod, and walked off. Barak-Nistar followed him. You could tell by the look on his face that he agreed with Tzel-Evod.

     "Fine," I snapped, they looked around. This was my chance, but what if I did run into Jen? I had to take the risk. Silently, I got up and dashed into the darkness.

     I ran through, my eyes were adjusting to the darkness. I ducked and dodged and jumped over dark bodies with glowing red eyes. I felt that same sharp thing that had poked me my first time out here poke me again. With an enraged yell, I stomped down on it.

     It screamed in pain. "Ee-Asir!" It yelled. I thought I could see it cover its mouth in shock.

     What? How did that thing know my name? "What?" I asked it.

     "Nothing! Nothing at all!" it said, and then prodded me again, and ran. Confused, I kept on running. And I ran into a wall. Again. Really smart. But how did that… thing know my name?

     I decided to ignore it, and continued wandering around underground Neopia. There isn't much to say here… basically I just bumped into walls, tripped, fell, slid, and ran around like crazy.

     Finally, I saw the same source of light with the… well, this time; I knew it was a cliff. So how was I going to climb that? I tried to run quickly, but that didn't work. I tried digging my hooves in, but that didn't help either.

     After a really, really, really, REALLY long time of trying to get up the wall, I finally gave up and started banging my head against the wall in frustration. Well, my head just happened to hit a push-able block, and a staircase appeared. "Oook…" I said.

     I climbed the staircase, and, what do you know, I fell down it. I climbed it again, and I fell down it, again. Then, I used one huge burst of speed, and rushed up the staircase.

     What I saw astonished me. There was so much light… I couldn't stand it. I decided to go back down, but an arm caught me.

     "Hey, where's your owner?" asked a male human.

     "Owner?" I asked, confused. What was this "owner" he was talking about?

     "Well, strays like you aren't painted."


     "Quit playing dumb," the human told me in frustration.


     "STOP IT!" he shouted in my ear.

     "Stop what?" I asked. I might have sounded like I was an idiot, but I just wanted this guy away. Well, it worked, because he growled and left. It was then that I realized that I felt like I knew him from before. I shrugged it off, and went back to my home.

     I quickly found the hole from which I had emerged, or, I just fell through it. I rolled down the staircase and bumped into another rock wall. It was then that I noticed it.

     It was a headband, pure black, but it had a light on it. If I could get it, I would easily be able to find my way back home, and maybe even see the creatures. I tried to grab it, but I couldn't reach it. I thought of banging my head against the wall, but that didn't work. So I just jumped, and I got it.

     Putting it on, I pressed the button at the top until it shined brightly. Then I stumbled down the stairs, but amazingly enough I didn't fall! One point for Ee-Asir, I thought, giving myself a point on my imaginary score sheet.

     I scrambled down the staircase, which vanished as soon as I reached the bottom. I looked around, and saw a black Zafara with red eyes.

     "Ack!" It yelled, and then ran away. But before it could go, I saw a glimmer coming from it's tail. It's tail was shaped differently, though… as if it had been mutated.

     I decided to keep on going. I found another wall, close to the where the staircase had been. I pawed a hoof at it, but then I heard voices.

     "Is it over? Or shouldn't you be returning?" asked a raspy voice.

     "It's over. I'm free!" replied a familiar voice, similar to the Zafara that said 'Ack!' I assumed that that was the Zafara.

     "Great, that means we won't have to go back. Did you find out anything while you were there?" asked another voice.


     "How come?"

     "The stupid Kougra. And now, an ixi."

     "What about the Lupe?"

     "He's my brother. Hurt him and your dead."

     "Ah, a little lovey-dovey there, aren't we?"

     "Shut up, he's important."

     I didn't want to hear anymore, so I left and continued looking around. I saw the comforting light from home, so I reduced my own light and rushed in. Turning it off and taking it off, I looked at Barak-Nistar's face.

     "Where have you been? And what's that?" he demanded.

     "Okay, okay. I grew thanks to a growing potion that was poured on me the first time I went out. The second time, this time, I went to above Neopia and met a strange guy, and I found this… thingy."

     "Hey, Tzel-Evod, she's doing a better job than you!" joked Barak-Nistar. But there was no annoyed remark. We went into Jen's room, and found him there, looking at a note in his paws.

     "Look at this," he told us, passing the note. It read:

Dear Ee-Asir, Barak-Nistar and Tzel-Evod,

     I have to go, but I have to leave you here. I will never see you again, and you will never see me again. I have decided to go to above Neopia, and start a new life there. I will never come back here again. Please continue without me, I feel that you will help me…


     "What?" I asked in shock. I barely knew her, and she was going to abandon us? But, the letter said that she wanted us to continue, so we should do that. "Guys," I began, "We should still continue. That's what she said she wanted us to do."

     "You're right," said Barak-Nistar, tears dropping from his eyes.

     "So, what were you saying about Tali being better than me?" asked Tzel-Evod, trying to change the subject.

     "Well, I found some thingy that makes light…" my voice trailed off, still thinking about Jen.

     "I think we need a change here," said Barak-Nistar, pacing back and forth. "I'll stay with my position, but since Ee-Asir knows the outside better than we do, I think she should be the one going out. Tzel-Evod, you can clean and cook and that stuff. Agreed?"



The End

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