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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 88 > Short Stories > The Capture Of The Grey Faerie

The Capture Of The Grey Faerie

by frostedfalcon

People say myths can be based on fact, or facts can become so unbelievable that they can be considered myths. The story of the Grey Faerie was on such fact turned into a myth.


     The Grey Faerie admired her land, a beautiful sunny village surrounded on all sides by hills. The inhabitants were happy there, and the Faerie was happy with them. Every day Baelia visited the villagers where she told them stories of what had been happening in Neopia. Baelia, to the villagers was a heroin. She had saved them from an attack by an evil Faerie long ago and they were forever in her debt. They didn't dare leave the safety of the village so Baelia's stories were the only contact with the outside world they got. For a while it seemed nothing could harm the villagers, nothing that is except a Faerie…


Baelia admired the view from her cloud. It floated high above the little village and allowed her to see everything going on. She had strayed from the Faeries long ago when she went to help the villagers, faeries weren't supposed to involve themselves in other Faerie's business, but Baelia couldn't just stand by and watch innocent pets be tortured for some evil Faerie's own amusement so she left the Faeries and saved the village. Baelia always wanted to go back to the Faeries but she couldn't risk revealing the village's new location. From her cloud Baelia was able to keep track of the towns and lands outside of the village, which made there no possibility of finding the village.

     "I don't care if it has taken 35 years I will find that pesky Grey Faerie! Double your searches, where ever that stupid village is she will be as well!" Jennumara sat in her chair ordering her minions around. She wanted vengence for what Baelia had done and she would get it.

     "We've searched everywhere Miona its hopeless, we'll never find that village, if you ask me Jennumara's gone a bit cuckoo!"

     "Well I didn't ask you Jikulo! You heard what she said she wants the Faerie found, and you know what she did to Rikop when he decided to go against her!" Miona pointed at the black cloud above them, a haunting reminder of what Jennumara would do if they strayed away from her, "The village has got to be somewhere around here, maybe we're looking in the wrong places the Grey Faerie is hardly going to leave the village somewhere for us to find is she? Lets check the hills and the mountains!" Miona darted off in the direction of Neopia Central, spreading her black Kougra wings as she did so.

     "We've checked the hills thousands of times!" Jikulo shouted after his friend but got no reply, so he followed her.

     "Here! That doesn't look like a natural formation of hills does it?!" Miona stretched her paw and pointed at a circle of 8 hills with a cloud above them.

     "No, I can't believe we've never seen this before!" Jikulo smiled and flew down to the cloud to investigate further.

     "Jikulo!" Miona flew off after her Gelert friend, he didn't know what he was getting himself in for, if that was where the Grey Faerie was then she wouldn't let them get past her without a fight, Miona should know she was once one of the villagers from when Baelia had saved them.

     Miona landed next to Jikulo, "What do you think you're doing! Jennumara told us to tell her when we found the village, not spy on the Faerie. That would give the game away don't you think? Come on we're going back!" She grabbed hold of Jikulo and flew off in the direction of Jennumara's palace.

     "Miona and Jikulo report sighting the village my queen!" A small black Kacheek bowed in front of the Faerie.

     "Good, send them in and tell the troops to prepare!" Jennumara laughed evily and smiled at herself, finally she would get her revenge, finally she would get that Grey Faerie locked up and finally she would get the village.

     "Baelia's coming!" A bell rang as all the villagers rushed around tidying up, they looked forward to Baelia's daily visits and always tried to make the village look presentable.

     "No need to tidy up, I don't care if the village is messy, I only care for your safety!" Baelia smiled as she landed on the village street.

     "Baelia thank you for making my crops grow, my family shall never starve again!"

     "Baelia thank you for the plentiful food you have supplied our village!"

     "Baelia can we have another story?"

     Baelia walked down the street to the village green hearing the familiar thanks and praise she normally received.

     "Gather round everyone and I'll tell you the story of the creation of Neopia!"

     "My queen!" Miona and Jikulo bowed before Jennumara and watched her rise from her seat.

     "I hear you have found the village, take me to it, NOW!" Jennumara glared at the two pets as they turned and lead her out of the palace and to the village.

     "The Faeries were lonely and decided that the time had come to make a land where mystical creatures could live in harmony with one another, so they put all their power together and created a planet with small colonies of amazing creatures!" Baelia looked around as all the villagers were engrossed in her story.

     "Down there my queen!" Jikulo pointed at the 8 hills and Jennumara laughed. She flew down to the cloud where Baelia lived, it turned black with her touch.

     "Baelia, your cloud!" a small Ixi pointed up at the cloud that hovered above the village.

     "Oh no, she's back!"

     Baelia looked around, the small green hills that surrounded the village grew bigger and as they grew they became twisted mountains, the sky was covered with black clouds and a figure was flying down to the village, "Run everyone, get out of the village immediately! The Faerie is back!"

     Baelia flew up to meet Jennumara, a moment she had dreaded for 35 years.

     "Well well well Grey Faerie, we meet again, this time you wont be so lucky!" Jennumara blasted the Faerie with her wand; Baelia was hurled to the floor leaving a large imprint. Jennumara flew down to the injured Faerie, "Stealing my village, sending me away, it was all your doing, and you have to pay for it, this village belongs to me and shall be mine again!" Jennumara screamed and sent lightning bolts flying from her fingers, the village rose in the air and as it did everything in it turned black, all the statues of Baelia turned into statues of Jennumara as they had once been, all the Neopets in the village turned evil and everything was left in a shadow. "Miona, Jikulo round up the villagers and send them to the palace, they will serve me there!"

     "But my queen, what about Baelia?" Miona stopped before carrying out her orders.

     "This useless Faerie? I think I can handle her!" Jennumara laughed as Baelia winced in pain, "What's wrong Baelia, in pain? GOOD!" Jennumara zapped her with her wand again and Baelia's wings disappeared in a puff of smoke, "Well then Baelia, it appears you're going to be in even more pain, permanent pain for what you did to my village!" Jennumara laughed as shadows surrounded Baelia and caged her. Jennumara flew over to the cage and secured the lock and whispered an incantation over the cage:

     "Shisa, jilopa, kujio!"

     As Jennumara said the last words the lock on the cage turned gold and the cage lifted up onto the highest mountain that surrounded the village, there Baelia was destined to stay until the goodness of one pet could save her.

     Myth or fact? No-one truly knows if what Miona and Jikulo revealed was what truly happened, but what they do know is Baelia was caged by Jennumara and no-one has any idea where she is hidden, nor any idea where Jennumara has hidden the village.

The End

Authors Note: Feedback is appreciated and I'll do my best to answer all your questions, I'd love to know what you think of the story! All pet names are made up, any similarities to your own pet names are purely coincidental.

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