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The Neopian Times Week 87 > Continuing Series > Of War and Amulets: Part Seven

Of War and Amulets: Part Seven

by yellowyoshi749

Jade and Sharn wandered down yet another corridor. They didn't seem to end! She was dressed in a sand coloured tunic, just like Sharn. They had discussed many things since they had been reunited, but what they would be discussing soon wouldn't be quite as light hearted.

     "Here we are," Sharn announced. Jade stared at another stone door, this time it was the colour of sand, instead of white like all the rest.

     Sharn pulled the gold handle on the door and pulled, swinging the door towards them. He stood to the side and held out a paw, grinning as he said, "After you."

     Jade walked past him, smiling slightly, trying to hold a straight face. As she entered the room she gasped. It was a large chamber. In the center there was a long table with chairs lining it. In these chairs sat numerous Neopets.

     The table itself was amazing, but the surrounding walls were even more amazing. Lining them were banners. Each banner was the same in ever aspect.

     Each banner had a sandy border with a white background. In the middle two swords crossed over one another in full colour. From the black leather hilts all the way down to the keen double-edged blade. Behind the sword, a silver shield was visible. It had strange writing on it. Gems of all sorts lined the outside. The whole room was a breath taking sight.

     Sharn entered and bowed low, high authority in his voice as he spoke, "Hello Sergeant. This is Jade. She has the amulet half that was stolen from here by Thrice. She can wield a sword like no other and fights well."

     "Come, sit here, Jade, and tell us about yourself."

     Jade sat down. She retold her story, from the beginning of the earthquake back in Tyrannia, to the arrival at Sakhmet. Each creature listened intently. There were no questions asked-by the way she described her story their questions were answered. When she finished, the Sergeant stood up and spoke loudly, his voice echoing through the silent chamber, "That is amazing Jade. But now I must request that you give me the amulet..."

     She nodded and slipped the gold chain off of her neck and handed it to him. He gently laid it on the table, studying it. He turned it over on its back and stared at the writing.

     "Long ago when these amulets were made-the year Latine ruled, everyone could read the writing. However, over the years many forgot the ancient language, except for Latine. The only creatures who can read it now are the ancestors of Latine. But there haven't been any rulers for hundreds of years now," his voice carried a touch of sadness.

     Jade's voice ran out like a bell as she jumped up, crying, "I can read it! Here!"

     She picked up the amulet and read the back, "'Tarwny Kra Allumen Ameenon, Zar Aerin Sutanay Zenn.' Which translates to 'When two amulets combined the Light stands tall...'"

The Sergeant gulped but regained his composure quickly. When he spoke his voice was hoarse, "Welcome to Sakhmet, Queen Jade."

     Sharn gaped. Jade gasped with surprise. The rest of the council leapt up, mumbling under their breath. Jade shook her head and stuttered, "I-I'm not Queen of Sakhmet. I-I can't be!"

     "You are and there's no doubt now!" he responded calmly.

     "I am not!" she argued back.

     "You are!"

     "You have no proof!"

     "Yes I do. Latine was an odd coloured Shoyru. She was teal, you are jade. You have a relation, Jade. You are the queen and there's nothing you can do," he said matter-of-factly.

     She sighed heavily, "I don't want to be queen. I just want to fight in this war..."

     "Then at least be the army General."


     The argument ended. They all sat down to discuss the battle plans for the upcoming war.


Kiata reported back to the Shadow Lord. The large army was camped just on the outskirts of the Haunted Woods. Kiata stood, twiddling her paws as she spoke to him, "Er... Shadow Lord. I followed that jade coloured Shoyru, Jadestone, and I didn't get the amulet back nor did I get information..."

     The Warlord peered down at her. He wore a black war helm with a black tunic and cloak. He said nothing at first, but when he did his voice was unusually calm, "Alright. I would have expected better, but no matter. You will, however, be in the war, fighting for your life, front and center with Shokiba to make up for it."

     The silver Shoyru bowed low, "Thank you Master..."


     She scurried away, only to see the smirk on Shokiba's face. Oh, how she'd love to wipe it off! After all, she had been the original General of the Army. Before Kiata could say anything, the gold Shoyru the-Shadow Lord bellowed to his horde.

     "Let's go Shadow Army! It will take four days to reach Sakhmet! There is no time to waste. Let's ride!"

     Every last member of the army mounted up on the black Unis and set off across the dunes.



     The doors to the wide chamber flew open. Many of the council leapt up, thinking it was the enemy. To everyone's relief it was just two familiar faces-Jasperisena the starry Shoyru and Midnight__Shadow, the shadow Kacheek.

     Taking her seat swiftly, Jasperisena nodded towards Midnight. The Kacheek nodded back.

     "The... Shadow Army... four days... march... from here!" she huffed.

     Jade jumped up, "Four days!?" she cried. "That's so little time to prepare!" Upon saying this there were many cries and shouts.

     "What'll we do!?"

     "There's not enough time to prepare!"

     "We're doomed!!!"

     "QUIET!!!" the Sergeant's voice echoed angrily throughout the chamber. Everybody froze. Moments later chairs could be heard scraping across the stone floor and muttered apologies.

     "That's better," he said, his voice much calmer. He turned to Midnight, "How did you come by this information?"

     Taking a deep breath she began, "I'm a spy, as you all know. I was trekking across the dunes when I heard voices, not just two or three but many. They didn't see me because of my sand coloured cloak. The last to speak was Orlan and he said, 'Let's go Shadow Army! It will take four days to reach Sakhmet! There is no time to waste. Let's ride!' and then they were off."

     Jade stood up and acknowledged her. She turned to all the council and spoke, "So the Shadow Army will be here in four days time. We must take action now. I want..." They talked late into the night, Jade's plans would be executed the following morning.


As the Shadow Army came closer to Sakhmet, the council prepared for the oncoming attack as best as they could. A quarter of the soldiers of Sakhmet escorted the Neopets of Sakhmet, who weren't able to fight out of the back gate of the Palace to a refuge two miles away. Another portion of the soldiers were handing out weaponry and armour. The rest of the soldiers were either patrolling the walls, or constantly checking that all the gates, doors, and windows were shut and locked, save for the main door of the palace. Jade, Jassy, and Midnight were constantly found together. On the fourth day they were running around frantically.

     "Watch the west side! Who knows where they'll charge from!" cried Jade.

     "You there! Check the food and water stores!" Midnight shouted.

     "Hey you! Check the gates! Jassy called.

     As they ran through the crowded streets, one of the lookouts called down from his post on the north wall. "There are dark figures in the distance!" Everything went dead silent. Then whispering began. Jade looked at Jassy and Midnight.

     "Stay here a moment," she said calmly. She spread her wings and took to the skies, for the weather vane was located at the top of the palace. When she reached it, she wrapped an arm around it, swinging in such a way that she was facing the north but hanging stretched out as far as she could. Only the tips of her toes on one paw were touching the rounded roof.

     After peering into the distance for what seemed like forever, she glided down, back to Midnight and Jassy.

     "That's them alright. We need to get all the soldiers together." Dashing through the main doors and through a few hallways the General and two Lieutenants made their way to a high balcony. When they got there Jade spoke, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Everyone get ready and line up at the north gate! Have ALL armour and weapons!"

     Each creature rushed to do her bidding. She turned to Jassy and Midnight, "Come, we need to get our Uni's tacked and ready to go since me, you guys, and Sharn will be at the head, while the Sergeant will be right behind us with the army."

     The two nodded and followed her out into the stables.

To be continued...

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