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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 86 > Continuing Series > Of War and Amulets: Part Seven

Of War and Amulets: Part Seven

by yellowyoshi749

Untitled Document Jade, Captain Jake, and the eight guards who had originally taken her to the King stood on the shores of Meridell. The Captain sliced the noose and ropes binding her paws. He then handed her her sword and daggers. She sheathed everything and turned to them.

     "You should best be off miss, as the King doesn't like to have unwanted strangers on 'is land."

     She nodded and spread her wings. In moments she was heading in the direction of Sakhmet. Below Flem, Heilan, Jake, and the other guards waved at her.

     "She has a stout heart but will she succeed in her quests?" it was Heilan who spoke up.

     "We shall see Heilan, we shall see," Jake murmured as the jade coloured spec got smaller and smaller.


Orlan stood in his chamber, in full battle armour. At his side a sword that was as deadly as its master. Its black hilt looked brand new and slaves had polished its blade. All in all he was a fearsome sight. However, there was one final touch to be added, the name his entire army would begin to call him from this point on. The Shadow Lord.


The army before Orlan was massive. Thousands upon thousands of fully equipped and trained pets stood. All pets had at least one weapon, be it a sword or a double-edged scythe. Each and everyone was covered in armour--the only thing missing were helms. The reason for this was that Orlan believed helms would only get in the way and minimize his chances of winning.

     Standing to attention, side-by-side, Kiata and Shokiba stared at their supreme ruler. Finally he spoke, "Shokiba, Kiata, rise up the war cry." Then he called out to the rest of the army, "We leave in seven days time!"

     The army cheered. There was no need to have Shokiba or Kiata call out the war cry, they were already shouting it.

     "Long-live the Shadow Lord! Long-live the Shadow Lord!!!"

     Taking hold of Kiata the Shadow Lord whispered in her ear, "Go to Sakhmet. I want you to collect as much information as possible and report back here in three days time. Take enough food and water and get there and back again."

     She nodded and was off to do his bidding.


It only took Jade a week to reach Sakhmet. When she had made her first stop from Meridell she realized she hadn't gotten food or water. She was searching through a small sack containing many things, including things from her past adventure.

     As she rummaged through the pack she found a small packet. Upon it there was a note and it read:

     Jadestone, I know that you'll need food and water so I packed you a weeks worth. I apologize for King Skarl's actions. Things are tight here. Good luck to you and take care. Captain Jake

     She smiled to herself, though her smile faded as she thought about the task at hand. Slowly night crept over the horizon, the morrow bringing new quests, adventures, and friends.


Shifting sands was all that could be seen for miles around. Upon a hill stood Jade. Her black tunic swayed in the wind, which was now blowing sand here and there. In the faint distance a palace could be seen with its palisade walls. Outside hardly more than tiny specs could be seen. They were the market stalls that sold goods to pets outside the palace.

     Taking one final look at Sakhmet she set off from the dune, head down against the blowing sand. From atop the dune she hadn't noticed a particularly familiar Shoyru standing not too far away, soon to meet up with Jade, then again in the upcoming war.


Kiata watched Jade leave. Flipping the hood of her sand, coloured cloak the silver Shoyru followed her silently.

     After an hour of walking and withstanding the sand she arrived at the outskirts of Sakhmet Palace. Bustling and jostling pets were on either side of her, some buying and some selling.

     Jade disappeared into the crowd. Kiata tried to catch up, but a group of Neopets got in her way. Getting annoyed, she unsheathed her sword. Almost everyone backed away-however, there was the odd one who tried to withstand her, but they were defeated in moments. When she saw Jade up ahead, she raced through the crowds and stopped a good distance from her adversary.


Stopping before the guards at the wall gate Jade turned to look at the two Lupes, fully dressed in armour. She bowed and said to them, "I am Jadestone. I have come to Sakhmet to aid help, as you should already know the Shadow Army will be advancing on Sakhmet Palace soon, to take both the palace, its inhabitants, and the half of the amulet."

     The guard on the right stared hard at her, as if seeing if she was worthy enough, then spoke, "Yes we know. The Palace is being heavily guarded. As for the amulet, it was stolen ages ago."

     "Or was it?" grasping the gold chain around her neck, she slowly pulled the amulet from beneath a fold in her tunic. There it was-the golden half of the amulet of Sakhmet, dragon twisted around the glowing Topaz.

     The guards gasped and began scrambling around to get the gates open. When they finally did get them open they both saluted and said in unison, "Enter!"

     Jade saluted back and didn't bother to replace the amulet in the folds of her travel-worn tunic. She vanished into the city of Sakhmet.


     The silver Shoyru had other ways to get into Sakhmet City. Spreading her wings, Kiata silently flew up the side of the wall. She landed on the top and looked down. The crowd was even worse. Kiata searched for a certain creature that stood out among the rest when she spotted the jade Shoyru.

     Like a shadow Kiata made her way down into the crowd, following Jade.


The guards at the white doors leading into Sakhmet palace didn't give Jade a hard time. They took one look at the amulet bouncing around her neck and instantly threw the doors open.

     She stared at the wide halls and stone pillars. She shook her head and saw a set of stairs and a door ahead. Jade ran towards them, taking less than a minute to get to them. When she arrived, she began to scale the stairs leaving the door to be explored later.


Little did Jade know that Kiata was following her. As she neared the top of the stairs, Kiata began to scale them.

     When Jade got to the top she stared down the long corridor. Vases that were intricately carved and painted stood on stands of gray stone. Brown doors led off into other parts of the palace. Two guards stood at the top of the stairs.

     Jade passed by them without trouble, that is until Kiata appeared at the top of the stairs.

     "Get her!!! She's stolen the amulet of Sakhmet!!!" Kiata shouted.

     Jade swiftly looked over her shoulder to see her adversary standing on the landing of the stairs, grinning evilly. In front of her, the guards were rushing towards Jade. Dropping to all fours, she dashed down the hall.

     Maids came running out of rooms they were cleaning. Jade ran by them with the guards hot on her tail.

     At that moment a red Shoyru stepped out from the right hand room at the very end of the corridor. He wore a sand coloured tunic, the standard uniform of Sakhmet.

     He glanced at the scene before him and said with a strong voice, "What's going- JADE- " he was cut short when she collided with him.


     The red Shoyru caught the vase that was sitting on the stone stand, however, the stand wasn't so lucky. When Jade had collided with the red Shoyru she had caused them both to crash into the stand. Stone pieces lay in chunks around them.

     Jade sat up, rubbing her head. She stared at the red Shoyru and it dawned on her as to who it was. She blinked and then said softly, "Sharn?"

     He grinned and slowly stood up. As he did so he said, "Aye it's me. I won't bother asking you why you're here."

     She stood up as well and glanced over her shoulder, only to see that Kiata had vanished and to have two spears pressed against her throat.

     Sharn stared at them and growled, "Get those spears away from her throat! She has the amulet because she brought it back after Thrice had stolen it."

     The guards muttered apologies and withdrew their spear points. Swiftly they headed back to their positions on the stairs.

     Jade shook her head and thought, "I wonder where Kiata disappeared off to... no matter..."

To be continued...

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