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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Continuing Series > Once Upon a Time in Faerieland: Part Three

Once Upon a Time in Faerieland: Part Three

by dynamitebl

Untitled Document Another two hours passed since the Faerie gathering started and yet the Battle Faerie failed to show up. None of those that participated in the festivities seem to be bothered by this. The Queen participated in the Dance of Flowers with the crowd. Near the refreshment table, Fuhnah sneaked extra Faerie cakes into her pocket. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Takayla, the only Faerie not dancing, sat perched high above the field, hidden among the branches of a tall oak tree. Worry creased her forehead.

     Nothing's happened and yet I still feel uneasy. What's wrong with me? Why can't I enjoy the party like the others? Even Aurora is having a good time. At least the Air Faeries are keeping a closer eye on the entrances now. Takayla pulled her knees up and laid her head down on them. Slowly, while peering at the scene below, she fell asleep.

     Sometime later that night Takayla awoke to the sounds of screams. Down below, amid a firework of magic beams, faeries were fighting cloaked figures carrying bulky machines.

     "Vacuums!!! Vacuums! Nets we were prepared for, but not this!" she cried, adding "At least not all of them have vacuums…" when she noticed a couple of bounty hunters with nets. She rummaged around the leaves, trying to find her wand when her hand fell on a quivering form on the branch near her. Alarmed, she shoved back the branches to reveal her fire Faerie friend. Fuhnah sat with tears streaking down her face.

     "You were right, Takayla. Why did you have to be right?" Fuhnah said as she sniffed loudly.

     "The Battle Faerie never showed up?" asked Takayla who received a shake of the head for an answer. After thinking a few seconds longer, she made up her mind. "Fuhnah, you must go and find her! She's the only one that can help us now!

     The Fire Faerie hesitated. She turned her attention on the scene below. Faeries were scattered everywhere, trying their best to out-fly the suction of the vacuums. The Queen, surrounded by dozens of faeries, did their best to disable as many vacuums as possible. A random magic beam shot near Fuhnah and Takayla, knocking them both away from each other. Fuhnah looked back at Takayla and nodded. Blessing herself with an invisibility spell she learned from an air Faerie, she took off to the North.

     Takayla, taking Fuhnah's example, blessed herself with the spell and flitted down to help the Faerie Queen. The field was alive with the sounds and dust from the beams and magic pebbles that flew in every direction. Only one thought remained clear, she had to protect the queen while her magic was still strong. Summoning up all the power she had, Takayla pointed her wand at the Queen and chanted the same spell she had said only moments before. In an instant the Queen vanished. Some of the Faeries around the Queen looked stunned, but the Air Faeries took it as a hint and started directing their magic towards each other. Faeries begun to pop out of site as the invisibility spells took effect.

     "What's going on? How are they getting away? Barghan! Check the perimeters and make sure none of them get away. Balthazar will not be pleased if we don't meet his quota!" yelled one of the cloaked pets. "Increase the speed of your vacuums! Full power, boys!"

     The noise of the field intensified as the bounty hunters followed his orders. A loud eruption drowned out everything as a fire Faerie sent her sparks to explode the nozzle of a vacuum. Faeries shot out of the machine and joined in the foray. Water Faeries rushed around trying to aid the wounded as needed.

     Desperate, the bounty hunters started to swing the nozzles of the vacuums in every direction. Suddenly, Takayla found herself trapped in one. Tossed around the inner chamber of the contraption, she became too dazed to summon any spells to aid her. There were at least two other faeries in there with her, all giving off a slight illumination so that it was not completely dark in there.

     A few more minutes passed before an order of retreat was heard. They were loaded into a vehicle of some sort and transported away. Trapped in the darkness, the Faeries' light begun to fade. With their magical light gone, their wands were useless. Takayla, having exhausted most of her powers, turned visible again.

     "Is everyone okay?" she asked. "It's me, Takayla."

     Next to her, a Water Faerie answered. "I'm Steffanie. Where do you think they're taking us now?"

     The only other Faerie with them, another Earth Faerie, remained silent for a long time before answering. "I don't know…Do you think they'll take us to His lair? Annabelle said when she was taken last Spring that's where they took her. I don't want to meet Him."

     "It'll be okay," Takayla assured her. "Fyona made it out okay. She will find us. Just you watch." She only hoped what she said was true. Faeries of the past were not rescued, how was she so sure that she would be?

To be continued...

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