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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Continuing Series > Celestilla’s Big Scoop: Part Three

Celestilla’s Big Scoop: Part Three

by taffychic

Untitled Document The streets of Neopia Central were a muddy mess; only Andromeda's spirits seemed as bubbly as usual. Wisteria had finally woken up and had begun to wail piteously; Celestilla cantered along in a brown study, chewing on a pencil. Orayny and I kept our heads down and coats buttoned against the chill; the drizzle had begun to show signs of turning into slush.

     We had been tramping along for five minutes or so when Celestilla froze in her tracks. Slowly she turned toward Orayny, a look of enlightenment on her face.

     "What is it?" barked Orayny tersely, holding a still-howling Wisteria against her shoulder and furiously patting her back.

     "Paint over it," said Celestilla triumphantly. "Paintbrush colors cancel each other out. All Orayny needs to do is buy a paintbrush and paint over Wisteria's Baby coat. It's that simple!"

     "Of course I thought of that," said Orayny uncertainly, "but I didn't want to chance more side effects. My baby's obviously in a delicate mental condition as it is. I can't risk her sprouting eight wings and a radio antenna." Andromeda giggled at the mental picture.

     "It is a risk," I agreed, "and one that probably won't do any good. Besides, we're drawing enough attention to ourselves as it is." I gestured at the buildings around us; people and pets stared from doorways and pointed through shop windows at Orayny and Celestilla.

     Celestilla shuddered; we were radiating what she called "scandal waves" and every rival journalist in Neopia would soon gravitate right to us.

     "It's up to you, Orayny," I said.

     She looked at Celestilla hesitantly. "I think we ought to consult Samaritain first. Perhaps he's seen a case like this before," she murmured hopefully.

     Andromeda looked doubtful. "Wouldn't we have heard about it on the news? Besides, this is probably what Samaritain will tell you to do; it'll save you the money of a consultation. I think we should try it."

     Orayny was beginning to crack. "Well, I don't see how it could make matters much worse," she said. I groaned; this was trouble for sure. A sixth sense for calamity is another side effect of raising a recklessly opinionated Uni.

     However, I had already given the decision to Orayny. "All right, but we don't have time for the trading post. Grab a plain color paintbrush at one of those stands-" I gestured toward a small area of the bazaar we were passing through devoted to paintbrushes and morphing potions "-and we'll stop at the Rainbow Springs on the way to the hospital. Even if this works, I think Wisteria should still have a checkup."

     After hesitating for another minute or two, Orayny ran over and chose a handsome red paintbrush. She haggled a bit, paid the shop owner, and tucked the brush carefully in her satchel. We then steered towards a clear pool in the midst of the bustling marketplace. The Rainbow Springs was not difficult to find; beams of many-colored light shoot straight up into the sky from the waters of the spring, visible for miles around.

     We all agreed that Orayny with a baby Peophin at the Rainbow Springs would be too conspicuous, so I was sent to do the dirty work. Clutching the small bundle, I made my way through the crowd to a free attendant. She was a young Lenny chewing a large wad of gum. "Painting over a Baby coat, eh? Did what's-his-name with the Baby ray gun getcha?"

     "Er… yeah," I mumbled as I handed over my burden, thanking my lucky stars by name that she wasn't one of the many Neopians who would recognize Wisteria, no matter what form she was in.

     The painting process was finished in a matter of seconds. "Here's your blankets, ma'am. Do you want to keep the paintbrush?" the Lenny asked. I shook my head and she tossed the empty brush in a wastebasket. "Do you think you could lift the old girl out? My wings aren't strong enough for that kind of heavy lifting, and she don't seem capable to do it herself, somehow," she said around the gum, eyeing Wisteria with interest.

     My heart sank as I lifted a now full-sized Wisteria from the chilly water. Her horse parts were the same size as Celestilla, standing half my height at the shoulder. Her well-muscled fish tail looked quite capable of powering her wherever she wanted to go, land or sea, but it was no use. Wisteria's baby brain was still there. I gave a moan and awkwardly hoisted the heavy creature into my arms. She was shivering from her immersion in the springs and was beginning to cry again. The Lenny turned to another customer with a parting confused look at me and I began staggering over toward Orayny, carrying in my arms a wailing adult Peophin.

     "Oh, yes, this is inconspicuous!" cried Celestilla exasperatedly. She tossed her mane in irritation.

     Ignoring her, I collapsed on a park bench beside Orayny, dumping Wisteria into her lap. "It didn't work," I wheezed.

     "Well, we've got to get her to the hospital, quick," said Celestilla with a nervous look around. "I don't want her out in the open any more. Every media company in Neopia Central has probably had spies out following us since this morning." Orayny raised an amused eyebrow at Celestilla's antics.

     "I'm certainly not carrying her," I protested as everyone looked at me. "I've done my duty. Look at her! She can walk by herself."

     Orayny set Wisteria down on the ground. She had stopped crying for Orayny, but now she only blinked at us.

     "She needs motivation," exclaimed Andromeda. "I've got my ball. Maybe she'll chase it." She pulled a small rubber bouncy ball out of her Aisha collar and threw it in the general direction of the hospital. Wisteria's eyes lit up and she galloped after it, her tail slapping the ground wetly as she went. The rest of us jumped up and hastily ran after her.

     The only problem now," I panted to Orayny as we gave chase, "is convincing Samaritain to see us."

To be continued...

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