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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 82 > Articles > To Cheat or not to Cheat

To Cheat or not to Cheat

by star_dust_484

GAMES ROOM - I'm sure you've played the game before, if not you've seen the trophies. Cheat, its a game that has been around Neopia for quite a long time. The downside, it costs money to pay so is this game worth it? Definitely. Every time you catch the cheater, you get between 5-25 NP, I believe. Every time you beat a level you win a Battlecard and even more NP and to top it off its quite simple after you learn the tricks of the trade. Now you may be wondering, how do I catch the cheater? First, I am going to go over the players then some extra tips.

Capara: Capara may look tough but she's actually quite easy to beat. She tends to cheat often usually if she's claiming to have 3 or 4 cards of a kind, she's lying. But wait! Don't click that 'Accuse person of cheating' button just yet. She may cheat but your better off letting her *possibly* get away with it then if your wrong and have to collect the pile. So unless your at least positive I wouldn't do it and usually someone else will accuse her. Plus the NP you get from catching a cheater is very low, only 8, I think. You may not want to cheat while she's around either, she's a quick accuser and will catch you even if your only playing 1 or 2 cards in that play.

Little Timmy: Little Timmy is slightly harder but you'll still be able to beat him with ease. He doesn't cheat half as often as Capara so be wary of accusing him unless your sure he's cheating. He tends to play only 2 cards at a time making it slightly harder of catching him but I'd still say its a piece of cake.

Branston: Now I find Branston to be a lot harder than Little Timmy. Branston either doesn't cheat often or he's extremely good at it. Branston doesn't accuse very often either so if your not sure if someone else is cheating, you'd just have to guess but I like I said earlier if your not 100% sure your better off letting it go.

Chuffer Bob: Chuffer Bob is not that much harder than Branston. What weakens Chuffer Bob is he is always accusing people. So you can easily catch people your not 100% sure on because he'll accuse them of cheating in a second. What makes him such a threat to you is you cannot get away with cheating, when your playing against him try your hardest not to cheat because 9/10 times he'll catch you.

Brucey B: Ah Brucey B, Brucey will seem fairly easy at this point. He tends to accuse often and will often play 3 or 4 cards when cheating. But with every one of these players, you must be on your toes or else Brucey B will get you in a trap.

Kalora: This visor wearing Kau isn't much harder than Brucey B. She's very good at making you think she's cheating when she's not so be careful when accusing her. Other than that she's pretty simple.

Princess Fernypoo: Fernypoo is very easy, she cheats and accuses often. Reminds me of Capara except without the hair. Still you should always be 100% sure before accusing, it makes the game much easier and quicker that way.

Agent 00 Hog: Agent Hog is much harder than all the others before him. He still, like all the others cheats but he does do it often. Moral: Be extra careful.

Spectre: He's the hardest (and thankfully last) of them. He's got an eye for cheaters so your better off avoiding cheating while near him. He's very good at concealing his cheating too and when I play it seems like none of the other players dare to accuse him.

So, now you are aware of their ability. Let's get down to see if they are cheating. Okay, so your playing for an example lets use Little Timmy. Your playing and Little Timmy plays four sixes. You look at your hand and realize, you have one or more of that same card. They are cheating. If they say they have three of one card and you have two or more, they are cheating. If they say they have two of one card and you have 3 or more of that card, they are cheating. If they say they have one of one card and you have four of that card, they are cheating. Understand? Its okay if your a little confused, you'll understand so much more when it happens during the game Cheat. Now you need some defence skills. This next passage should explain those techniques.

You may be wondering what you can do to keep yourself from being caught? How do you actually win? Well, both of those questions are answered here. Don't cheat. I wouldn't dare take the risk, trust me, I won. The only time you should ever ever cheat is when you have to. Like let's say you have an ace and you can only choose between Jack, Queen and King. This is the only time you should cheat. But, some of you who like a thrill here is some advice for those people. Don't say you have three of four of something when you don't. Only if it's actually true. You can easily slip through if you say you have one or two of something. So, there's some advice for risk takers and people who want to play it safe.

Why should you play Cheat? In my opinion, it's one of the best games in Neopia. You win prizes and have lots of fun. You really have to think it through. It's a puzzle and luck/chance game in one. Another reason is you get lots of NP. If you beat all the levels, it adds up to about 5,000. Plus you can win at least 7 Battlecards. These are good for three things: To use in the Battledome, sell or donate to the less unfortunate Neopians. To summarize, the game really enriches you and your Neopian experience.

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