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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

To keep you up to date with the ever-changing Neopets, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates!

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31st January

  • NEW GAME - Yes, its two player head to head fighting in our latest game, Earth Faerie Aces. Two players can play at the same keyboard to help the Earth Faerie feed her plants in her Giant Garden. Click here to play!

  • Look at these pets, just because they have been painted a funky colour they think they can dance! Just added today - two more uses for the DISCO Paintbrush!!

  • Todays Battledome moves are the Lupe Prowl and Gelert Bark.
  • The Faerieland Colouring Game now has 4 more pets to colour!

30th January

  • Newbie Pack! - To make starting out in Neopia a little easier all new users will now receive a Newbie Pack with a few useful items inside.
  • Hear the sad tale of Dr_Death, the once brilliant vet.

  • Two more Neopets have started working at the Neopian Pound following the mysterious disappearance of Mrs. Worley and her yellow Blumaroo friend.
  • Today is the Lenny's turn for a facelift. We improved the quality of the pictures on the site in an attempt to boost its popularity :)

  • There is a new paintbrush colour for the Eyrie today - Electric! UPDATE - We have also added the Electric Bruce.

  • Updated the Ability Information page so you can see all the abilities up to level 25. If you havent seen this page before we recommend you take a look.
  • Two more Battledome abilities have been added. This time the Nimmo Leap and Wocky Growl.

29th January

  • NEW GAME - Yes, it's Crossword time! The Book Faerie has released a new game where you have to use your knowledge of Neopets to complete a Crossword, and win a prize! Click here to play!

  • A new Caption Contest has been launched. Why not try to think of something witty and fun? You could win 1000NP and a rare item!
  • BIG CHANGE - Today is the Bruce's turn for a makeover (again!!!). We hope you like the new version, and just so you know poor old Bruce won't be changing again.

  • The new Storytelling contest has just been launched. If you like the sound of winning 2000NP and a rare item, why not give it a go?
  • A new Pet Spotlight has been added to the site!
  • Now the Grarrl Roar and the Jubjub Roll are moves in the Battledome.

27th January

  • Some more very cool desktop backgrounds have been added, including this design of Kauvara searching for special ingredients. Click here to see all the designs!

  • After adding so many rare items, we have now released a whole ton of everyday goods, all at reasonable prices. Look out for new pastries and baked goods as well as chocolates and vegetables galore.

26th January

  • International Shipping! - Yes, now we can deliver to Australia, UK, Japan, and Singapore! Check our Online Store and see what great merchandise is on offer!
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is out now! Catch up on all the latest gossip, short stories, articles and mini-series. Plus there is a sneak preview of a new game, the NeoMarket report and lots more...
  • Added a couple more accounts to the Neopian Bank, as a result your account may be set back to Junior Saver however. If this happens just go and change it back.
  • We have completely redone the Send Greeting pages, so now its easier to search for, and choose a greeting to send to somebody. Also, we have added lots more greetings including these cool animated ones!

  • Don't forget the new Caption Contest has been launched. If you can think of a witty one-liner you could win 1000 NeoPoints and a rare item!
  • Added some more Pictures to our Gallery of Neopets players work! They are very cool!
  • The Eyrie has Arrived! - The Tatsu has evolved into the Eyrie, who was the winner of our Pick-A-Tatsu competition last week. We all hope that you like the new version.

  • A new Pet Spotlight went up today!
  • Two more species abilities have been added to the Battledome, the Jetsam Snap and the Flotsam Flip!. If you have either of these pets, and they reach a certain level, they will be able to use these moves.
  • Lots more cool Neopets backgrounds have been added today. Now there is no reason to have a boring desktop:)

25th January

  • We have updated the NeoCoins page as there was some confusion over what they would be used for. Hopefully it is much clearer now:)

  • NEW GAME - Yes, Poogle Racing! has arrived in Neopia! Good luck choosing the winner!

  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - Now the fight sequence is fully Netscape compatible, so people using the Netscape browser shouldn't have any problems!
  • The Faerie City map has been uploaded! You can get to the Faerie City from the Faerieland map.

  • The Costumes shop has been added to the Faerie City! This just shows you each type of Faerie available.
  • To celebrate the opening of Faerieland we have now added a new roll over on our front page. Hold your mouse over the Neopets title to see:)
  • Two more species abilities have been added into the Battledome, Blumaroo Dodge, and Cybunny Hop.
24th January
  • Our Online Store went online today! Check out our cool limited edition T-shirts. Currently only people from the US and Canada can purchase items, but don't worry if you live elsewhere, we are working on sorting out International shipping and hope to offer a worldwide service soon!
  • There is now a description of Faerieland, and a Faerieland Bedtime Story in the Neopedia!

  • Added more pets to our Faerieland Colouring Game, now there are fifteen pets to choose from!
  • Added a Wheel of Excitement article to the Neopedia.
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - The five Neopian arenas (Ice, Abandonded, Stonedome, Space and Underwater) have now opened for business. They all now link to the Battledome. Soon you will be able to challenge people in a certain arena, and see which arena you are in at all times. These five arenas are going to be the stage for the second round of the GIANT BATTLEDOME COMPETITION, coming within the next few weeks!

  • Added some more Pictures to our Gallery!
  • We have added a new Pet Spotlight today!
  • Two more abilities were added to the Battledome today, the Elephante Stomp and the Mynci Thwack. When we have covered all the different pets we will start adding some really special moves for higher level pets!
23rd January
  • Some new Greeting Cards have been added including these cute Valentines and Thank You ones:)

  • Neopets hits the 6,000,000 mark for users today! Wahey! As a celebration we will be giving away things in the Money Tree all day, mostly healing potions, snowballs and magical paintbrushes!

  • Added a Faerie Uni and a Faerie Peophin to Neopets today! Also, you may have noticed that we have put the Peophin into a new pose. We hope you prefer it this way.

  • A new Site Spotlight went up today also.
  • We have added a Aisha Pounce and a Scorchio Flame to the Battledome.
  • The newest inhabitant of Neopia is the Faerie Moehog, which is now available at a Rainbow Pool near you :)

22nd January
  • NEW GAME - We are launching a new game today, Scorchio's Quest. This is currently an Alpha test, meaning that you can't get points or items from it, but it's fun anyway :)

  • Added a new artifact to the Hidden Tower!, the Wand of Flamebolt!

  • NEW TATSU COMPETITION! - Please help us choose what our Tatsu is going to look like after its makeover! Click here now!!! We are giving 150 Neopoints to each person that helps out.

    UPDATE - We had an incredible number of votes (over 14,000), and the winner has been chosen. Click here for the results!

  • Now you can get a Faerie Kacheek and a Faerie Kougra! UPDATE! - We have also added the Faerie Koi.

  • Hello and welcome to a new week of new features on Neopets! We start the week off (as usual) with a new Storytelling competition!
  • Also added a new Pet Spotlight.
  • We went through and upgraded a lot of Battledome items that weren't as powerful as they should have been, this included a lot of items that broke after one turn and shouldn't have (e.g. Lupe Wand, Bronze Dragon Stone, Slime Potion). The chances of breaking these are MUCH lower now.
  • New Pics have been added to our gallery today, including this cool Striped Skeith!

  • Added two more species move to the Battledome, the Kougra Scratch and Moehog Kick.
  • The new Caption Competition went up today!
21st January
  • Made lots of little fixes to the site here and there today. The weekend was great all in all, the site was up 99% of the time, so thanks to all for playing.
20th January
  • Cute Faerie PetPets can now be found around Neopia! The Faerie PetPet shop will be opening later today in Faerieland.

  • After yesterday's announcement, a lot of stocks in the Stock Market took a battering. The Neodaq, now at an all time low is being tipped by analysts to recover over the next month, now is a good time to invest.
19th January
  • IMPORTANT NEODAQ WARNING - We have discovered that guilds have been set up for express purpose of influencing the Stock Market. Artificially inflating the stocks in this matter is not allowed, so we have removed the guilds and will freeze any people that are caught doing it in the future. Sorry about this, but the Stock Market is a single player game, and by abusing it the Neopian Economy can become unbalanced.
  • Added two more species moves to the Battledome, this time the Peophin Trample and the Kiko Expectorate!.
  • Calling all Gelert owners! Now your faithful hound can sport a fabulous pair of wings with the aid of the elusive Faerie Paint Brush:) There is also a Faerie Kiko too, isn't it cute?

  • Kauvara has released some more new morphing potions to transform your Neopet into a Uni or a Gelert.

  • The Latest edition of the Neopian Times is out now... This week's issue has a whole ton of new stuff. There are top tips for the Neopets Battledome, a sneak preview of our new game Poogle Racing, the NeoMarket Report and all the wonderful short stories, articles, and mini-series sent in by players just like you!
  • At last! The Grarrl gets a make over. Now he is more like we orignally intended, fiercer and meaner :)

  • The Event Inbox is now much better. You can select which events to delete, and there is also a 'Delete All' button at the bottom. We hope this helps!
  • Four more cool characters have been added to the backgrounds page including a warrior Chia and a very scary looking Kiko! Plus when you click on the small picture you will now get a larger version to help you decide which ones to choose:)

  • We updated the Adoption Center so that you can see the attack and defence values of the pets! This may help you make a better decision.
  • The Faerie Korbat goes up today! This guy has two sets of wings... just in case! Also keep checking the Money Tree today... as rumour has it that the Faerie Queen herself is going to be adding thousands of Faerie Paintbrushes to Neopia!

18th January
  • Great new backgrounds! Now you can get some cool designs for your desktop. Click here to see them all!

  • NEW GAME - The Wheel of Excitement has opened up in Faerieland!!!

  • A bio of the Space Faerie went up in the Neopedia!
  • Another Faerie Pet has appeared today - the Faerie Chia!

  • Poor Kauvara has been working overtime today. She has created another batch of magical morphing brews including the Faerie Usul, Strawberry Tuskaninny, Fire Wocky, and Red Kiko potions!

  • Two more species abilities have been added to the Battledome - Buzz Sting and Tuskaninny Bounce. If you have one of these pets, then consider yourself lucky! :)
  • Added the Faerie Lupe and the Faerie Usul to the list of pets you can transform when you find that fabled Faerie Paintbrush!

  • NEW SPECIAL MOVES - There are now seven extra moves to collect for the Battledome! Click here for more information!
  • We have uploaded a new version of the Uni, don't worry, we just reshaded it to make it look better :)

  • The map for Faerieland has been added to Neopia. Most of the links won't go anywhere yet, but we are working on that :)
  • We have updated the Battledome FAQ. If you have any unanswered questions about the Battledome, then please let us know.
  • A new Caption Competition went up today.
17th January
  • Three more artifacts were added to the Hidden Tower today. They include the Crystal Boomerang which has the power to freeze an opponent, or even to steal an item!

  • Now you can get three more Healing Potions - XI, XII and XIII :)
  • Added a story about Light Faeries to the Neopedia.

  • The Hidden Tower is now open for business! If you can afford it - we suggest you take advantage of these powerful artifacts!
  • We have now added some species-based attacks to the Battledome. The first two to go up are the Korbat Shroud (at Level 20), and the Korbat Swoop (at level 40). Also, every pet to reach Level 50 now gets a new type of attack - the Berserk Attack.

  • Kau Charge and Poogle Bite have been added to the Battledome! If you have a Kau or a Poogle and your level is high enough, these attacks will appear in your drop-down list!
  • There are now 8 million Neopets in all of Neopia! Today, 20,000 more Poogles have become available also, so you better adopt one while you can!!!
  • Added a new Pet Spotlight!
  • A new faerie pet goes up today - this time the Faerie Poogle! - (UPDATE) - The Faerie Elephante went up also!

  • The Toy Shop now stocks Grundo Plush Toys! These ones walk if you wind them up, and also make strange Grundo sounds!

16th January
  • We also added Cybunny Plush Toys to the Toy Shop!!!

  • We added a new Site Spotlight today!
  • Look out for a Faerie Paintbrush around the site today! This rare brush will allow you to turn your pet into a Faerie! We have only done the Aisha and the Blumaroo so far, but more are on the way! We will put them here on New Features when they are done.

  • Four more magical items for the Battledome went up on the site today! A Nova is a magical mote that will damage your opponent while healing your Neopet. Look out for the Wand of Nova, Staff, and the Rod of Nova, an artifact costing a hefty 6 million Neopoints :)

  • We also created the Hawk Wand and Hawk Bracelet. Both these items will now function in the Battledome.
  • The Faerie Queen has discovered a secret, hidden tower in her castle. Inside are ancient, rare artifacts that she will be selling to the denizens of Neopia. Click here to learn more!

15th January
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - We have done lots of work on the Battledome today. Firstly we updated some of the items that were too powerful (i.e. Frost Cannons), and made other items more powerful (Force Shield). Secondly, we added 5 more types of moves instead of just Hit and Defend. Lastly, and quite importantly, we changed the abilities. Now to view abilities in the drop down menu you have to Activate them!!!

  • Five lucky winners of the Poetry Competition have been announced today. If you have a poetic flair and want to win 1000NP plus a rare item, why don't you give it a whirl?
  • A new Caption Contest has been added. Congratulations if your entry was chosen as a winner. If not, why not try again? Winners will be announced on Thursday the 18th!
  • Woo hoo, now you can colour in a lot more pets in the great Faerie Colouring Game . The Korbat, Jubjub, Skeith, Kau, Nimmo and Kougra are now available!

    Yeah, now we get to join in the fun!

  • Added some new Pics to our gallery.
  • A new Storytelling Competition has gone up today!
  • Added three magical Snowball Wands to the Neopian Magic Shop! These wands can create a snowball every round in the Battledome, but watch out, they may break...