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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

To keep you up to date with the ever-changing Neopets, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates!

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31st December
  • 1,000,000,000 NP COMPETITION HAS BEEN DRAWN!!! - Yes 2,000 people will find themselves half a million Neopoints richer today!! Thanks for playing our big competition, and have an amazing new year!!! Click here to see if you have won or not!

  • We are adding an important new feature today, its called the Neopedia. Every day we will be building up a massive database of articles, stories, and lots more - all about the world of Neopia. Check it out, we start with a story about the Aisha Thieves, and there will be more to come soon!

  • The BILLION NP COMPETITION is currently being drawn. Keep checking back for updates - and good luck!!!
  • A lot of stocks on the Stock Market have crashed heavily today, due to really bad end of year results. We hope that 2001 is a better year for these companies :(
  • Costume Contest Update - The gallery of all the winning entries is now on display! Many thanks to everyone who entered, there were so many great drawings it was really difficult to choose the lucky few.

  • The Guilds are back! You'll be pleased to know the guilds are up and running once again. Thanks for your patience yesterday:)
30th December
  • The lucky winners of the Merry Costume Contest have been announced. To see who the lucky winners are click here!

    Who will have this deluxe Razor
    scooter whizzing to their home?

  • Remember... tomorrow is the last day of the Billion NP Competition, so you had better register to be in with a chance :)
  • We have added three more Neggs to the Neggery, these will grant you an ability each, or upgrade the ability a level if you already have it. As you have guessed... they are pretty expensive.

  • NEW GAME - We have added a new puzzle game today, called Poogle Solitaire, the aim is to jump the poogles over each other in an attempt to get rid of as many as possible. You will be able to earn rare Poogle toys, and of course Neopoints from playing!

  • We are currently having a few problems with the Guilds, they will be back soon when we have done what we need to. Sorry about the inconvenience :(
  • We have updated our Puzzle Room to include all the ones we left out. Oh, and we moved Ice Caves there because its actually a puzzle game :)
29th December
  • There are three more neggs in the Neggery, two can be thrown at opponents in the Battledome, and the other will make you stronger! We hope that you are collecting those Negg Tokens still :)
  • Woohoo! More Cooking Pot items! Meat stars sound really tasty if you ask me :)

  • Added Mint Chocolate versions of some of the pets... these will be now stocking in the Chocolate Shop!!

  • All the ability pictures have been finished now, so no more broken images! These are abilities that your pet can use in the Neopets Battledome.

  • Don't forget to check out the latest Caption Contest!! Also, today is the last day of the Story Telling competition and we need a good ending!!!
  • We are sorry but we had to clean out the NeoMessages because our server could not hold so many. We are upgrading to a new messages server today so this will no longer be a problem in the future. Sorry!
  • Fixed a baby bug with the stockmarket where sometimes it wouldnt let you buy shares. Thanks for pointing that one out, Katherine :)
27th December
  • Today we will be working on the servers making sure the site carries on running fast and smoothly. Tomorrow things will be back to normal with more cool new features, never seen before items and lots more!
24th, 25th and 26th December
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! - Thanks for playing from the Neopets Team. We are off over the next couple of days, buying presents and hoping that Santa will bring us that Mega Rainbow Level-Up Negg that we have all been dreaming about :) Anyway, we hope you have a great time and we will be back soon with more cool things to add onto the site!

  • Just so you know, coming in the next few weeks are the following things...
    • A giant new fruit machine (Scorchy Slots the Sequel)
    • A new adventure game set in Happy Valley and the Ice Caves
    • More robotic pets
    • The Battledome will be opened up to everybody
    • A new two week story set around the Battledome championship - carrying on from where the Underwater City left off.
    • Loads more items, and soft toys for every type of pet.
  • P.S. - Donna, if you are reading this, I want Father Ted videos and the new Monkey Island game!! *HINT*
23rd December
  • One of Neopia's cutest pets, the Usul, has been added to the How to Draw section. Why not drop by and try your hand at some of the other pets there are to choose from?

  • There are some magical toys around the site... we arent telling where. These toys are rarity 99 and will have a strange effect on your pet!
  • Remember, only 8 days to go till our 1,000,000,000 NP giveaway. Click here for more details!
  • Added a cool new feature, its called Quick Stock and now appears on the menu when you look at your inventory. It allows you to add multiple items to your safety deposit box or shop at once!
22nd December
  • New Pet Stats - Think you got all your pets to Ultimate?? Think again, the levels have been renamed so there is now a lot more variety. If your pet has any stat over 20 then you will see the changes.
  • NEW ICE CAVES LEVEL - Now level 11 has been added... the hardest level yet. Click here to play!!!
  • Now when somebody sends you a NeoMessage, you can click on it and go straight to the message instead of just the Inbox. This should make things much quicker! We used to have this feature ages ago, but we had to remove it. Its back now anyway!
  • For the Battledome we will be redoing all the abilities pictures that are currently in the game. Here are some of the new pictures, we hope you like them. Your pet can now only activate a maximum of six abilities at a time, so choose wisely!!! We may increase this in the future.

  • Issue 36 of the Neopian Times is out now. What secrets will the stock report reveal this time? Get the latest tips, tales and gossip here!
  • Don't forget to check out the latest Caption Contest!! This one has a Christmassy theme!
21st December
  • The Battle Magic shop, and the Magic Item shop now have loads of new items that can be equipped and used in the Battledome. Check them out here!

  • The Seasonal Greetings page was getting too large to download so we have split it into two sections, Seasonal and Winter greetings. Click here to browse our current greeting cards!
  • Added some more Pictures to our gallery!

  • How can you resist the great new toys that have just arrived, (for your pets, the real ones are still being made) now your Neopet can have its very own Buzz doll or a purring Aisha toy - a must for any Neopet this holiday season:)

  • Giveaway Bonanza! - it seems the season of goodwill and giving has rubbed off on a few of our guilds. Starting on the 24th there will be lots of organised giveaways in the Money Tree. Ones to look out for in no particular order are:

    • The Elders and Youth Haven Guilds will be teaming up and giving away toys galore on the 24th. The giveaway lasts as long as they still have toys so be quick.
    • The Neo-Elite Guild will be donating various items on the 24th be sure to drop by and see whats on available.
    • The Neo Troopz Guild will be giving away items in the Money Tree and to random players on the 24th. You never know it could be your lucky day:)
    • The Nimmo Guild will be up bright and early on Christmas Day (the 25th) giving away presents to everyone who cares to drop by.

    Many thanks to flfyktn, jett_tracker, pet_guy, athena 452 and all the other guild members for organising so many generous offers:)

  • Today is the final day for the Story Telling contest. If you haven't sent in an entry why not give it a whirl?
20th December
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - The Neopets Battledome is finished and ready to launch, however we are having a few database problems at the moment. When they are resolved we will be opening the Battledome up to the entire site.
  • Today is also Adam's birthday. Adam had the original idea for Neopets and it is thanks to him that the site is as cool as it is now.

  • Don't forget to check out the Caption Contest new captions are chosen daily and it is your votes that decide who is the winner.
  • Congratulations to Mbrauck who is today's winner of the Story Telling Contest
  • Don't forget to say hi to Montaivo the Skeith who has the star site for today. Click here to see all the winner so far!
19th December
  • Hint - If you want to see a little surprise hold your mouse over the logo on the front page:)
  • The friendly Grundo's at the Space Market Place have completed their refurbishment and shop spaces are going fast. Don't forget to visit the helpful Shop Wizard for the best bargains. He is located in the centre of the marketplace.

    We are now open for business!

  • More secret recipies have been added to the Cooking Pot - here are a few to start you off!

  • 5 million accounts! - We just hit the 5 million mark of registered players! Woohoo! Pizza party!!!
  • NEW NEGGS! - We have added 5 more Neggs into the game at the Neopian Neggery, so start collecting those tokens!

  • The saga continues - with a tenth level of the Ice Caves game!!
  • We launched a new Caption Competition today also!
  • Our new Story Telling competition was also launched... win big prizes by suggesting the next best bit of the story :)
  • We split the New Features page into two seperate sections every month, just so the downloads werent so huge!!!
  • There are now some more cool pics in our Gallery!

18th December
  • BILLION NEOPOINTS GIVEAWAY - Its here at last!!! We are giving all our members the chance to win a share of 1,000,000,000 Neopoints in order to start the new year with a Bang! Click here to find out more!!!

  • There have been some rumours around the site of pets turning into Robots!! We at Neopets completely discredit this rumour.. its not true!

    Oi! What about me then?

  • A new Site Spotlight today tells of what can happen in the Secret Lab if you arent careful...
  • The number of players counter on the World page is now real time. We should hit 5 million players within the next 24 hours (ooh! exciting!).
  • The magical Christmas Crackers are now hidden around the site! In each one is a great toy - for those of you who have crackers at Christmas you will know what we are talking about :) Have fun trying to find them.

  • The random events are now more likely to give you rare events (Treasure Maps, Easter Neggs). We changed this in order to make it more interesting :)
16th and 17th December
  • You can now remove items from your shop by clicking the 'X' that we have added to the shop stock list. Thanks to the Elders Guild for suggesting this feature!
  • Christmas approaches... better check what is behind todays Advent Calendar door.
  • We added a ninth level to Ice Caves (thanks to Mitch!). This one is apparently very hard and stumped quite a few of the staff! Click here to play.
15th December
  • This week's edition of the Neopian Times is out! Hurry to read all of the exciting new stories and articles.
  • NEW GAME - A new puzzle game to see if you can complete. It's called NeoKnights and is based around the knight in the game of Chess. The aim is to swap the pieces on one side with the pieces on the other side. Click here for more information!

    Just so you know, due to our positive feedback, we will be adding lots more puzzle games to the site!
  • We will be mainly working on the servers today, to keep the site nice and fast! 8 more image servers should be added :)
  • Today we will be starting our fantastic, amazing BILLION NEOPOINT GIVEAWAY!!! Are we serious? Yup! A billion Neopoints will be given out between 2,000 lucky winners. That's half a million each. Watch this space for more information.
  • Check the new title rollover on the front page! We changed it to be more seasonal!