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Frequently Asked Questions

Neopies 2021 FAQ

1. What are the Neopies?

The Neopies are Neopia's annual salute to the numerous highlights (and occasional lowlights) that made the previous year so remarkable. Hosted by a charming Elephante named Ellsworth, the Neopies are a grand gala, whose prominence on the Neopian social calendar is rivalled only by the magnificence of the Chocolate Ball. Once the nominees are announced, attendees earn prizes for placing their votes, which then decide the winner of each category.

2. When do the Neopies start and when do they end?

Voting begins on January 20th NST. The winner of the final category is announced on February 8th 2021.

3. How are the Neopies finalists chosen?

As the end of the year approached, our team of Neopian experts gathered to decide on the categories and select nominees. After a few weeks of debating and voting (with a little arguing thrown in for good measure), the list of finalists is complete.

4. How do I submit my vote?

Click the button below the finalist you would like to vote for. Once you have made your selection (or selections, depending on how many categories you have available for voting that day), click the Submit My Vote button. At that point, you'll need to confirm your vote(s). Once confirmed, your choice(s) will be submitted.

5. How many times can I vote per day?

You can vote once per day for each category that's currently available. When voting, you'll be able to place a vote for a new category (if there's one available that day), as well as any additional previously-announced categories that you may not have voted for below. You'll find these categories located in the "Today's Ballot" box.

6. How long do I have to vote on each category?

Each category will be available to vote on for three days. If you vote on a category the first day that it's up, you'll see a gold highlight around your choice. If your vote is not cast until either the 2nd or 3rd day, then your selection will have a green highlight around it.

7. How many categories are there to vote on?

This year's Neopies contain a total of 15 categories. A new category will be added each day during the event until all that remains is to vote on the last two categories. Since categories remain posted for a period of up to three days, you can have as many as three categories to vote on at one time.

8. Do I have to vote for all of the categories that are up on a certain day?

No. However, if you want to receive the bonus prize at the end of the event -- and we know that you do -- you'll need to cast a vote for every category on the day (or, in the case of the first category, day-and-a-half) that it's posted.

9. Do I get a prize for voting?

Yes! You'll receive a prize for every category that you vote for.

10. If I happen to miss a day of voting, so that I have two categories to vote on the following day, can I vote for one of those categories and then come back later in the day and vote for the other?

Yes, you can come back at any time during that day (NST) and vote on the remaining category (or, for those who miss two days, categories). If you miss three days, however, you'll only be able to vote for that day's category and those from the previous two days, since the three-day window for the category from three days ago will have expired.

11. If I change my mind after I have voted in a particular category for that day, can I change my vote?

Once you have submitted your vote(s), you cannot go back and rev-ote on them. If you make a selection and then change your mind, you can alter your choice before submitting it. Once a vote has been submitted, however, it is permanently and utterly irreversibly locked in.