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Neopedia : Altador Cup

Altador Cup logo Event name: Altador Cup
Location: The Colosseum, Altador
Type of event: Organised sporting tournament
Game name: Yooyuball
Number of players per team: 5
Winning teams: Haunted Woods (Y8), Darigan Citadel (Y9),
Roo Island (Y10), Krawk Island (Y11), Lost Desert (Y12), Virtupets Space Station (Y13), Kreludor (Y14), Tyrannia (Y15), Haunted Woods (Y16), Kiko Lake (Y17), Mystery Island (Y18),
Kiko Lake (Y19), Tyrannia (Y20), Terror Mountain (Y21)
Long ago, the children of Altador played with wild Yooyus that roamed outside the city. Their games were the basis for Yooyuball, now the official sport of Altador. When the Darkest Faerie was defeated and the kingdom of Altador rejoined the rest of Neopia, its citizens were happy to share their favourite sport with the outside world. Teams soon sprang up in every land, and in Year 8, the first Altador Cup was held.

According to the rules first set down over a thousand years ago by Narinus the Athletic, the game is played with two teams, each with five players, and points are scored when one team throws a Yooyuball into the opposing team's goal. Positions include forward, defender, and goalie. The Altador Cup field consists of eighteen teams, each representing a different Neopian land. The winning team receives the grand honour of displaying the trophy for one year. Any conflicts between teams or players are arbitrated by the official Altador Cup Committee, which oversees the event.

Yooyus Yooyus
Also known as the "eleventh player" in the game, Yooyus are Petpets that can easily roll up into balls, hence the term Yooyuball. Thanks to their extremely tough hides, Yooyus can handle being thrown and caught repeatedly. Yooyus come in seven different varieties: normal, snow, fire, faerie, Darigan, clockwork, and mutant. Each of these "balls" acts in a different way. Only the healthiest Yooyus receive the honour of being allowed to participate in the Altador Cup.

In Year 9, the Kreludor team's gravity generator failed, rendering the team unfit for the tournament until they had retrained with Neopian gravity. In Year 10, the Kiko Lake team never made it to Altador, thanks to a rockslide on their route. Then in Year 11, King Hagan stunned Yooyuball fans when he banned Brightvale from participating until the kingdom's study habits improved.

Slushie Slinger These days, the Altador Cup is a big event, with thousands of fans pouring into the Colosseum for each game. Even King Altador himself takes pride in cheering on his team. Top players have been known to wear disguises in public when their popularity gets too overwhelming.

As if the game of Yooyuball wasn't enough, there are plenty of other activities going on, too. Just outside the stadium, a Slushie Slinger waits at every concession stand, ready to serve ice-cold beverages to thirsty fans. During the games, excited supporters often hold battles to see who can really Make Some Noise for their teams, with the same champion every year... a certain blue Techo Fanatic. Between games, official players can be observed on the practice fields, scoring goals in a Shootout Showdown against the goalie. There's never a dull moment at the Altador Cup!