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Neopedia : Armin

Armin in the snow Name: Armin
Species: Bori
Gender: Male
Colour: Yellow
Age: Quite young
Interests: Helping others
Currently: Living happily on Terror Mountain
Quote: "The Bringer is loose? The others, we must warn them!"

An unlikely hero, Armin the Small encountered Hannah when her adventure brought her to the top of Terror Mountain's frigid peak. The Usul collapsed as the result of a curse that was placed on her when she was betrayed by Kanrik, a member of the Thieves Guild. Armin dragged Hannah to safety and told her the tale of the Bori -- a species who, at the time, was unknown to the rest of Neopia.

During their talk, Kanrik stumbled onto Armin and Hannah. Though he tried to apologise for his actions, the Gelert had to battle them briefly. Too weak to struggle further, Hannah made an unlikely alliance with Kanrik. Together they journeyed into the heart of Terror Mountain, where their mission was to stop the Thieves Guild and the Bringer (a terrible demi-god who wished to destroy the currently frozen Bori civilisation).

Hannah, Armin, and Kanrik arrived just in time to join a fierce battle that included several different sides. In the end the Bringer was trapped in ice and defeated. Armin aimed his slingshot at the horrible monster and, with one well-placed rock, the Bringer was shattered -- insuring the future safety of the Bori civilisation.