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Neopedia : Chuffer Bob the Meerca

Name : Chuffer Bob the Meerca
Age : Not old enough to change his eating habits
Occupation : Official food taster
Hobby : Eating
Quote : "Caution: This body makes extra wide turns!!!"

There is something about cold weather that gives one an enormous appetite. Most of us find ourselves craving rich steaming negg stews and meaty pot pies and all kinds of delicious warming dishes. Well, Chuffer Bob must think it's winter all year round. This poor Meerca has to wear a belt around his stomach to keep it from knocking things over, and from embarrassing himself in public.

"I was never this chunky," says Chuffer Bob, stuffing a bacon belly buster down his throat, "and when I was younger I never finished what was on my plate. My mum used to try and feed me some of that icky Health Food. Yuck, with a capital sick! I remember it was fava beans for the entire month of Gathering and my mum kept saying, 'Bob, these are going to help your tail grow up to be big and strong, and before you know it, you'll be like all the other Meercas bouncing around like mad!'. But when she wasn't looking, I fed them to Beefy, our little pet Snorkle. Maybe that wasn't such a grand idea. Do you know how many notches I've had to add to this belt of mine? Well, please don't ask."

Bob before the Bulge

"I guess I don't really mind being like this, especially when I'm playing Cheat! with my friends. My voracious appetite gives me a total advantage over the other players and keeps the pressure off of actually winning a game. When I come to the table, I bring it all, including my three meals, snacks, desserts, and my "before bedtime" bowl of frump soup. Did you know you can eat the shell, too? Well, no one seems to care about all the food I bring because when one of them gets hungry, namely Brucey B, they know who to ask, and I really love to share--it's a great distraction, though it hasn't really worked to my advantage yet!"