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Neopedia : Tyrannian Concert Hall

If your favourite band is playing a gig in Tyrannia, then the place to see them is at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. The hall is reportedly capable of seating upwards of ten thousand spectators, a number which doesn't even include the numerous Tyrannians who climb onto the hall's roof or those who watch from nearby trees. In all actuality, it has been estimated that a major act such as Sticks N' Stones or M*YNCI is capable of drawing as many as forty thousand spectators.

However, if you're interested in seeing a band up close and personal, and climbing a tree just isn't you're style, then you're going to have to visit Skalpo the Techo. Skalpo is in charge of booking the bands that appear at the Concert Hall, as well selling the tickets for the show. Given that the Concert Hall has a monopoly on shows in Tyrannia, combined with the fact that there is great demand for the precious few tickets that go on sale, Skalpo is pretty much able to charge whatever he wants. Despite the sometimes outrageous ticket prices which Skalpo charges, the fact is that most shows at the Concert Hall usually sell out in less than an hour.

One of the reasons why concertgoers don't mind the high cost of tickets is the prices that souveneirs from the shows bring in the marketplace. When asked why they would pay such an outrageous sum for a concert ticket, one Tyrannian said, "Are you kidding me? Do you know how much money I can get for a Sticks N' Stones jacket? Sometimes, I don't even bother to stick around and watch the show... I get my ticket, buy up everything I can from the souvenir stands, then go home to refill my shop. It's easy money..."

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to go to the show, the high demand for tickets has lead many concertgoers to attempt sneaking in. However, since the Concert Hall's hiring of Mynci and Sons Event Security, Inc. such incidents have been much less frequent. Led by Grafney the Mynci, the Tyrannian Concert Hall's top-notch security team has recently made great strides in discouraging the practice of sneaking in or, in some cases, attempting to get in with counterfeit tickets.