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Neopedia : Sticks N Stones

Band Name : Sticks N' Stones
Band Members' Names : Axle Roo (Blumaroo, vocals)
Sludge (Nimmo, lead guitar); Gruff (Lupe, bass guitar); Grizley (Grarrl, drums)
Ages : between 17 (Sludge) and 22 (Grizley)
Occupation : Shaking Tyrannia to its foundations
each time they step on stage
Hope to be : The wildest rock band of all time
Quote : Arrgh Uggah Nugg!
Translation: "Nothing succeeds like excess!!!"

As Tyrannia's hardest rockin' band, Sticks N' Stones have left a trail of bleeding eardrums throughout Tyrannia. Known for their three-hour marathon concerts, which often include as many as three or four encores, no one who has ever been to a Sticks N' Stones show can say that they didn't get their money's worth. According to Gruff the Lupe, the band's bassist, "The Sticks N' Stones motto is to play 'til you pass out... then get up and do it again."

Almost as legendary as the band's stage shows are the notorious "after-parties" which follow, the most famous of which occurred at the end of the band's "Whirlwind of Extinction" tour. After a riotous four hour blowout (which included the standard three encores and thirty minute drum solo), the band retired to their hotel. After waking up all their neighbours and putting half of their rooms' furniture into the pool, the band was hauled off to jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

After Sticks N' Stones' last album experienced less-than-stellar sales, the music press has begun speculating that maybe the band's excessive ways have begun taking a toll on the quality of their work. In fact, there are even rumours that the band's drummer, Grizley the Grarrl, might be considering leaving the band, so that he can spend more time with his family. When asked about the band's recent decline, frontman Axle Roo stated, "Well, as far as people saying that we're all washed up, that's just ridiculous. I'll be the first to admit that maybe we've been burning the candle at both ends... but hey, all we need is a little time off to get ourselves back together, and we'll be as good as new. You'll see..."