Neopedia : Branston the Eyrie

Branston Name: Branston
Species: Eyrie (naturally)
Age: He loves himself way too much to say
Occupation: Lord of the Dance Floor
Hobby: Strutting his stuff in front of mirrors and polishing his extensive gold medallion collection
Quote: "Neopoints and good looks aren't everything, but fortunately they're all I've got..."

Thinking that all eyes are always on him, Branston the Eyrie is the one and only self-obsessed, egotistical Lord of the Dance Floor. Just about every night and day he throws gigantic parties in his very own honour at his plush Neohome, which always leads to a huge circle of swooning pets surrounding him while he dances away on his custom made gleaming gold dance floor.

"I've had parties at my Neohome with over a thousand Branston-loving Neopians," says Branston, adjusting his medallion. "They just show up to touch me, look at me, watch me dance or just say that they met me and my medallion collection. Wings down, I am the handsomest, most attractive Cheat! player around, and everyone knows what they're going to get when they come to my Neohome--one hundred percent Branston. That's me, in case you didn't know what fabulous Eyrie I was talking about. But how could you not know? All I have to do is flip the switch and the lights go down, the Silver Disco Ball starts spinning, and the music starts blaring out of my Coconut Bongo Speakers. Then I start dancing. Everyone loves to see me dance. Well, everyone just loves me period. I know you do too, admit it already. Just look at me. Wow! I've still got it. Hey, but I've never lost it!"

Branston cutting the rug
Branston cutting the rug

When the self-centered Branston is not talking about himself or practising new dance moves, he's busy talking about himself and practising new dance moves in front of his very large, custom made wall-to-wall mirrors.

"I am such an amazing sight to see, don't you think? I am absolutely fantastic. Aren't I wonderful? I'm sizzling! I want to let Neopia in on a little secret... I love attention, and there isn't enough to go around... I love myself and there's nothing wrong with that. You'd love yourself too if you looked like this. Fernypoo's got nothing on me."