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Neopedia : Deep Catacombs

Location : 2 km beneath The Main Shops
Population : 3 lonely writers
Area : 600 sq. km
GDP : 27 million NP
Weather : Damp and Cold
Terrain : Smooth Sandstone

Hailed today as Neopia's Art Centre, the Deep Catacombs is the place to be if you are an aspiring writer, a budding artist, or you just want to have a tasty cup of cocoa juppie mocha at the Coffee Shop. But, where did these Catacombs come from? How long have they been here? Who discovered them? The Deep Catacombs literally appeared out of nowhere... or did they?

Thanks to the recent discovery of Professor C. Chesterpot's lost journal, some light may now be shed on these popular, but yet mysterious, Catacombs. Unfortunately, many pages are missing....

Below are actual excerpts from Chesterpot's lost journal:

8th day of Hunting, Y1

...exploring the dark recesses of the Deep Catacombs reminds me of the basement of my NeoHome. It's damp, dark and cold. I have a torch to light my path. There are Spyders and Spoppys crawling on the walls. This place is definitely not for the easily frightened. I must remember to warn future explorers to walk carefully through here, and to be ever aware that what lies within is unknown and its nature can only be discovered by taking chances...

14th day of Hunting, Y1

...my travels thus far have led to many tightly sealed doors. Many chambers are not accessible, but I can hear sounds and noises--they tempt me to abandon my caution and to break the rusty locks. Suspiciously, I brush at the cobwebs, which seem to engulf this entire area, off a mysterious door. I can still hear the noises... what are they? It's very hard to navigate through these ancient passages...

15th day of Hunting, Y1

...this expedition has been nothing but a bust. I have found nothing but coldness in these damp, dark catacombs. There are no signs of previous...WAIT, scratch that thought...my clumsiness has enable me to stumble upon the main chamber. The room is huge. I cannot tell the future or anything, but I foresee many Neopians, young and old, making this place their home in the name of art...

22nd day of Hunting, Y1

...now I see how everything is connected around here... I hope that I haven't disturbed anything from the shadowy lairs. I will leave a few torches here, so there will be light for the next to come... because in the darkness you must try not to squish the bugs, for they were here first...

Places of Interest

Storytelling Competition - The ancient Neopians didn't have all the stuff that exists today. No, they didn't have the Battledome, Meerca Chase, Destruct-O-Match, or even a simple deck of cards. So, to keep themselves from total boredom, they used to sit around in a circle and tell stories. Don't laugh--it's a lot of fun, especially when there are 2000 Neopoints and a rare item at stake.

The Coffee Shop - Welcome to the Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe! Many Neopian artists and writers can be found here having a spot of Earl Grey tea or hot cup of the local favourite house blend with cream. Depending on your mood, the kind shopkeeper will whip up something to soothe the artist in your soul. Because of its popularity and tasty treats, many get to the shop early in the morning and don't leave until they are politely asked to.

Poetry Contest - Many famous Neopian poets have walked through the Catacombs with their pets at their heels and their journals under their arms, only to observe the Neopian life and chronicle it later with a lovely stanza or two. Here, you may submit or read poems, just be sure to bring your line breaks, similes, and metaphors.

Art Gallery - There are many talented artists in Neopia who add a lot of colour to the walls of the Art Gallery. If you ever want to view Neopia through the eyes of an artist, or enjoy admiring a beautiful piece of art, then this is the place for you. You'll be surprised what you'll find here.

Learn to Draw Neopets - Have you ever longed to be able to doodle Poogles and draw Acaras with ease? Now you can with the Neopets How to Draw Pages. You don't have to be a fantastic artist or to have ever drawn anything in your whole life. All you have to do is follow the simple directions and you will be able to create some of your own. Who knows, after you're done drawing, you may become a regular in the Art Gallery. Wouldn't that be nice?