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Neopedia : Gadgadsbogen

All over Mystery Island natives and tourists join together to commemorate the annual festival of Gadgadsbogen. Literally translated to mean "good good day," Gadgadsbogen celebrates a phenomenon in which, each year during the month of Running, a number of new fruits mysteriously emerge from the soil to replace some of island's older fruits. During the festival, investors have been known to storm the shops of Mystery Island in hopes of buying the last of the fruits that have been discontinued.

In honour of this harvest of renewal, the citizens of Mystery Island take to the streets for the Gadgadsbogen festival. There are a slew of concerts and parades, many of which feature street performers, arts and crafts booths and costumed partygoers dressed as their favourite island treats. Until the arrival of the Gadgadsboden festival, nobody knows what shape or form this year's crop will take. The festival concludes when Cinto Pango, an elder from the Pango Tribe, emerges from his hut with a document proclaiming the names of the new fruits.

In spite of issues on Mystery Island such as the rising crime rate and the animosity between natives and tourists, during the festival such tensions are temporarily forgotten. If only for a few days, the spirit of Gadgadsbogen allows everyone on the island to come together in the spirit of the holiday.