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Neopedia : Gnarfas

Name: Gnarfas
Pronunciation: (Nar-fahs)
Species: Lupe
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Interests: Devouring
Minion of: The Werelupe King
Duties: Destroying anything that gets in his way
Number of limbs: Four arms and two legs (quite unusual for a Lupe...)

Practically impossible to control, even by the Werelupe King himself, Gnarfas generally has one thing on his mind: destruction. Most of the time he remains chained up deep within the Werelupe Barrows, locked behind a very heavy wooden door, but on rare occasions he's allowed to come out and "play."

While not much can be said about his social graces or skills as an eloquent speaker, Gnarfas does have a unique ability for combining power, agility, and mild insanity into one devastating combination. Though many would label him a mindless monster, others insist that that is an unfair assumption and prefer that he be referred to as "wickedly deranged."

Generally speaking, if you encounter Gnarfas during your travels in Neopia, it's probably best to just turn and run... hopefully, you'll make it.