Neopedia : Crystal Boomerang

Category : Battle
Class : Magic
Suggested Value : 900,000 NPs
Rarity : Artifact
Size : .25"x6"x4"
Weight : 1.5 pounds

Found among the Artifacts of the Faerie Queen's Hidden Tower, the crystal boomerang is a weapon that, under the right circumstances, can be among the most powerful of all items. In addition to being able to inflict great damage on your Battledome opponents, it is also known for being capable of snatching items in mid-air and returning them to your arsenal.

As powerful as crystal boomerangs are, one must be very careful to not abuse their powers. Due to the boomerang's tendency to shatter from being used too much, many Battledome experts recommend that they not be overused, and generally agree that a crystal boomerang should never be called upon more than two or three times in a single battle.

Despite the fact that they are somewhat fragile, crystal boomerangs command a hefty sum in the Neopian market. With an estimated value of 900,000 NPs, it would appear that many are glad to trade the boomerang's faults for its many benefits.