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Neopedia : The Nightsteed

The Nightsteed Known as: The Nightsteed
Species: Uni
Gender: Male
Age: Over 200 years old
Homeland: Qasala
Friend and liege lord: King Jazan
Though he has the ability to disguise himself as a simple blue Uni during the day, the Nightsteed is more than what he seems. When the desert sun sinks beneath the dunes (or when he so chooses to drop his disguise), the terrible figure of the Nightsteed can be seen. His twisted form is wrapped in rotting bandages, and the crimson glow of the Nightsteed's eyes can send even the bravest fleeing in terror.

When assuming his original form as a blue Uni, the Nightsteed is generally quiet in nature, lulling those nearby into a false sense of security. It should be known, though, that no matter what his form, the Nightsteed is a monster with an enraged soul who will lash out at anyone standing in his way.

This fearsome creature's only true loyalty lies with his friend Jazan, who fulfilled the strange prophecy that was laid out before them so very long ago....