Neopedia : Secret Laboratory Ray

Secret Laboratory Ray
Location : Uncertain; hidden on a remote island
Accessibility : Only those who have gathered all the Secret Laboratory map pieces and found its location can access the ray.
Best Known For : Zapping scared Neopets into who-knows-what
Darkest Deed : The ray is fired at _____...
...and he/she goes down to level 1 :(
Greatest Deed : Robot-coloured Neopets. 'Nuff said.
Quote : "Zaaaaap!"

Somewhere on the outskirts of Neopia, a remote island hosts the crowning achievement of a brilliantly deranged mind. Since no one is really sure of his true name, most call him "the mad scientist." Every day, hundreds of Neopets form a queue for a chance to be zapped by his "Secret Laboratory Ray." Many of those who wait for a zap from the ray have paid hundreds of thousands of Neopoints for the privilege, in the belief that its powers could make them stronger or more beautiful.

The Lab Ray (as it's called) is not all fun and games, though. Many a Neopet has fled in tears after being weakened, made hideous, or even gender-swapped. Depending on how you look at it, the Lab Ray is either a magnificent or horrific invention.

So, if you've managed to piece together the Secret Laboratory map and unlock the island's hidden location, why not visit the Lab Ray the next time you're up for a bit of mysterious excitement? Remember though, just one zap per day; it's all a Neopet can really handle.