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Neopedia : The Tale of Young Ryshu

Many years before he became an instructor at the Mystery Island Training School, Ryshu the Nimmo had himself once been a student under the wise old Techo Master. Young Ryshu, as one would expect, had been quite a handful during his early years. Arrogant to the point of being disrespectful, Ryshu paid little attention to the Techo Master's lessons. Instead, he spent most of his time daydreaming about cutting class and running off to the beach.

Ryshu was absolutely mesmerised by the beaches of Mystery Island-the shimmering water, the grains of sand sifting between his toes, the warm sun tingling on his back.

Often he would sit along the shore and write beautiful haikus in the sand. Ryshu's haikus proclaimed the devotion and love he felt in his heart towards the wind, sand, sun and sea of Mystery Island. Having written his haikus in the sand, Ryshu would delight in seeing the ocean's lapping waves embrace his lyrical tribute as the tide came in.

Oh, how he longed to swim among the Peophins of Omara Bay. But alas, Ryshu's owner insisted that he be fighting fit and ready to compete once the Battledome opened.

One day, as Ryshu's class was taking a break from an agility course, the Techo Master approached him with an offer that would change his life forever.

"Young Ryshu," the Techo Master said as he approached his wayward pupil, "I know that you dream of the sand and waves, and that you care little for training, but you should understand your master's wish that you be properly trained in the martial arts.

And so, I make this offer to you: next week, we will be having preliminary Battledome examinations. Should you pass your examinations, I shall give you a one week holiday from Battledome training."

The young Nimmo's eyes grew wide with amazement. He couldn't believe his master's offer. However, Ryshu self-assuredly recovered from his brief daze of astonishment, and replied. "Master, your offer is most generous. I assure you that I will not only pass your examinations, but I shall receive the highest scores in our class."

Driven by visions of frolicking on the beach (and fearful of not being able to back up his boastful claims), Ryshu approached his lessons with frenetic vigor. As he punched, he imagined the powerful waves crashing into the shore. When he blocked, Ryshu thought of the beautiful palm trees swaying in the breeze. Each time he knocked his opponent down with a fearsome leg sweep, he envisioned the mighty current pulling another hapless victim into the undertow.

As he trained with new intensity, the wise Techo Master could see the sparkle of intensity in Ryshu's eyes. "Ah, my young Ryshu, it seems you have learned a most valuable lesson: If the Battledome keeps one from the beach, then one must bring the beach to the Battledome."

True to his word, when the time came Ryshu passed his Battledome examinations handily. Although he did not receive the highest overall score in his class (as he had predicted) the fact that he was among the top three in every category earned him great respect among his peers.

So then, Ryshu was off to spend his blissful week on the shores of Omara Bay. As he ran home to pack, the thought of a week's freedom from the Training School welled up within him, and brought tears to his eyes. Briskly packing his food and sleeping bag, Ryshu bolted for Omara Bay.

Arriving at Omara Bay, Ryshu immediately waded out past the rocks to dance with his beloved Peophins. Then he gleefully dove off a jagged cliff, doing backflips and somersaults into the ocean.

As he swam back to the shore to get his snorkeling kit, he suddenly decided against it. "Hmmm... I don't wanna do everything on the first day. I'd better save some stuff for tomorrow. Besides, the sun will be going down, and soon it'll be getting cold" he thought to himself.

He decided to stay on the shore and build a fire. After roasting himself a delicious dinner, Ryshu unrolled his sleeping bag. His Battledome examinations, combined with hours of playing on the beach, had left him tuckered out. So he settled in for a long night's sleep.

The following morning, Ryshu was awoken by a cacophonous hubbub. Mystery Island was under attack!!!

"Oh no!" he thought. "There goes my holiday on the beach. However, I must do what is right to defend the freedom of my beloved Mystery Island."

He hurried to the Mystery Island armoury to join the rest of the island's warriors that had been Battledome certified. Gathering into platoons, the Mystery Island Militia set forth to defend their homeland. The battle was tough, with both sides suffering substantial losses, but in the end Mystery Island would retain its freedom. For his bravery in the struggle, Ryshu received a special Medal of Valour from the Techo Master.

It would turn out to be the first of many awards for the valiant Ryshu, who is now himself an instructor at the Mystery Island Training School. And though Ryshu still spends the majority of his spare time writing haikus and playing on the beaches of Mystery Island, he does so with the readiness to defend his beloved island should the need ever arise again.