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Neopedia : Advisor Wessle

Advisor Wessle
Name: Advisor Wessle
Species: Kyrii
Age: 32
Homeland: The Lost Desert
Occupation: The Princess's Chief Council on Domestic Affairs
Favourite Food: Anything that makes a really big mess
Quote: "Now, don't tell anyone that I told you this, but..."

As Sakhmet's craftiest statesman, Advisor Wessle is always up-to-date with the latest gossip circulating around the Lost Desert. Thanks to his wily ways, Wessle has established himself as a major force within the Royal Palace. His sly charm and engaging wit might seem harmless enough, but beware--Wessle knows every trick in the book, and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

"Don't get me wrong," Wessle says as he pulls his chair up to yours. "Senator Barca and I have been friends since we were young... all I'm saying is that sometimes, you know, she can get a bit... moody. Like the other day, I was playing Pyramids and talking to my good buddy Senator Palpus, and she comes storming into the room talking about, 'Palpus, quit wasting your time with Wessle and get over here for this Council meeting.' Who does she think she is, talking to us high-ranking officials like that?"

"Speaking of temperamental women who don't know their place, what is the deal with Princess Vyssa? It's not like anyone is going to make her ruler after Princess Amira... and she thinks she can go around, telling grown folks like us what to do? It's ridiculous. She's just a girl, she's not ready to run the entire Lost Desert! Why, I've even heard... now you realise, this is totally top secret, so don't tell anyone... well, I've heard that sometimes, she'll put on a disguise and go out among the commoners. Can you imagine that? If she isn't careful, she's going to find out what it's like out there in the real world, and take it from me... she isn't going to like it!"