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Neopedia : Senator Barca

Name : Senator Barca
Species : Acara
Occupation : Sakhmetian politician
Hopes To Be : In charge (at any cost)
Hobbies : Playing Pyramids, and, of course, picnicking by the Mysterious Shrine
Quote : "Wait... I've got many other ideas that you should hear..." and "I'll see what I can do for you..."

Senator Barca has been deeply involved in Sakhmetian politics for the last thirty years. Although she's not a member of the Royal Family, her power and influence stretch far outside the walls of the city, which guarantees her presence and influence in the Royal Palace of Sakhmet for many years to come.

"I was very close with King Coltzan III, he even let me call him Coltzy, and sometimes Zanny. I was a part of every decision and law-making process during his entire reign, and we even found the time to play Geos together... of course we never played during working hours. He only focused on building while he was playing, as I concentrated on bombing. It made him feel like a king to build. He was a great leader that listened to my ideas, as well as the ideas of his people. He really trusted everyone, epecially me. I had many more plans and ideas to discuss with him, but now... I don't know. Hopefully, Princess Vyssa will begin to see things my way."

A strong advocate of medical research, the old Senator Barca is the leader in the drive for a proposed Desert Clinic, as well as an early leader in the fight against Achy Head, Floppy Tongue, and D'achoo. She is also committed to making The Lost Desert a safer neighbourhood for our Petpets and shops. Throughout her public service Barca has won numerous awards for her efforts to create a cleaner, healthier Sakhmet. As a Senator, she successfully amended the Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure that standards (i.e. filtering out sand and bugs) for drinking water are set to protect the most vulnerable Sakhmetians, including frail Elephantes, Petpets, and the elderly Lennys that beg outside of the Food Stall. She has introduced legislation to restore the Lost Desert's Pyramids and removed the threat of evil bugs from attacking Sakhmet City. "In my own quotable words," Barca says, "I am an irreplaceable asset to this city. The inhabitants of Sakhmet would be lost without me. I'd really hate to see the city fall into the wrong hands."