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Neopedia : Jazan

King Jazan Name: Jazan
Full title: King Jazan the Fourth, ruler of Qasala
Species: Kyrii
Heritage: Ancient desert royalty; son of Razul the Fiery
Darkest Deed: Banishing Sakhmet to an alternate dimension to get his way
Best friend: The Nightsteed
Likes: Strong coffee, desert air, witty mystery novels, pink Ixi thieves
Despises: Senseless villainy, peanut butter, blue Ixi thieves
Quote: "How do I know it wasn't you who wrought this foul magic upon them?"

Charismatic and regal, King Jazan rules the desert kingdom of Qasala. It was once cursed by an evil emperor, and the only way to break the curse, Jazan believed, was to fulfill an ancient prophecy: he must marry a princess of Sakhmet. Thus the prince travelled to the nearby city with his friend, the Nightsteed, to ask for the hand of Princess Amira in marriage.

Good communication skills not being in a Qasalan prince's repertoire, Jazan found Princess Amira unwilling to help his cause. Perhaps threatening invasion was a mistake. Sending Sakhmet into an alternate dimension possibly wasn't his best ploy, either. Unleashing a giant, two-headed, fire-breathing Scorchio on the city certainly wasn't his most diplomatic action.

Fortunately, an Ixi thief named Nabile fell in love with him in spite of everything, and even more fortunately, Nabile happened to be the descendant of a desert princess. Their marriage, however, did not end the curse that made the Qasalans undead; instead, it released Jazan's worst nightmare. His father, the fiery Emperor Razul, had escaped his prison and now sought to destroy Sakhmet. The Lost Desert came together with Jazan to overthrow him, and with the defeat of Razul, the curse was lifted from the people of Qasala, with the exception of Jazan's friend, the Nightsteed.

Jazan fighting the wraiths Five years later, King Jazan helped solve the mystery of The Faeries' Ruin. When the faeries were turned to stone at the Faerie Festival, King Jazan came to investigate with other heroes. His suspicions were soon justified; dark magic was at work. Someone intended to rid Neopia of the faeries at any cost. As an expert on curses, Jazan's shrewd intellect and knowledge were invaluable in the discovery and defeat of the mad sorceress Xandra, though he was hard pressed not to blast a certain irresponsible Ixi thief into oblivion. His restraint was positively heroic.

Short-tempered and skilled in dark magic, King Jazan is not to be trifled with. Life in Qasala is pleasantly dull and quiet, at least for now, and King Jazan and Queen Nabile rule their people with wisdom and justice. Though Jazan possesses many dark spellbooks in his sandstone palace, he keeps the library locked, lest any thieves find themselves... tempted.