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Neopedia : Hanso

Hanso Name: Hanso
Species: Ixi
Colour: Blue
Profession: Acquisitions specialist
Allergies: Angelpi, locked doors
Best friend: Brynn
Greatest deed: Sacrificing himself to stop Xandra
Affiliations: Previously Thieves' Guild; currently cooperating with the Faerieland Guards
Quote: "As if those dungeons have ever been able to hold me."

One of Neopia's greatest thieves, Hanso had a remarkable talent for stealing things right under the noses of the Brightvale Guards... and an equally remarkable talent for getting caught only on one guard's watch. While Brynn would perhaps not have characterised their acquaintance as a friendship, Hanso was always quick to capitalise on it nonetheless. Even as a young Ixi, however, he kept his past strictly to himself.

Whether by chance or some mystic fate, Hanso happened to be, er, acquiring jewels at the Faerie Festival on the day that the faeries were turned to stone. Thus he was able to offer his testimony to the heroes who assembled to investigate the disaster. He was encouraged to come along quietly, though he was hardly unwilling; after all, they needed his expertise breaking into (and out of) Hubrid Nox's castle. To Hanso, nothing could be more fun.

Hanso and Brynn investigate Nox's castle

Together with Brynn, Hanso was able to unravel the cause of the faeries' petrification and help save Neopia, only to be betrayed at the last by a most unlikely foe: the seemingly harmless sorceress Xandra. Hanso had stolen one of her artefacts not long before, but he'd never dreamed its true purpose would be to eliminate all faeries from Neopia. When the full measure of Xandra's insane schemes became apparent, the master thief found himself in the perfect position to stop her, if only he didn't mind dooming himself in the process. Luckily, Hanso didn't have to spend very long as a statue; Queen Fyora was freed by his heroic action and was quite willing to restore Hanso to a less sedimentary state.

Nowadays, Hanso delights in treasure-hunting with the new captain of the Faerieland Guards, his good friend Brynn. Of course, she calls it "dangerous artefact disposal", but what's in a name?