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Neopedia : Apple Bobbing Bart

Vandebart Biggsby Name: Vandebart Biggsby
Gender: Male
Species: Gnorbu
Colour: Green
Hometown: Neovia
Age: It's a big secret *wink*
Quote: "Life is something you should sink your teeth into." One foggy autumn, a wagon rolled out of the shadows in the Haunted Woods, and a scruffy Gnorbu hopped down to set up his tent. The clearing he chose was soon swarming with vendors, spooky games, and curious Neopians who had come from all over to see the spectacle. The scent of kettle corn and caramel apples hung over the faire.

"Welcome to Apple Bobbing Bart's! Try your luck at bobbing for apples! Great prizes!" Vandebart Biggsby called. He was no stranger to the sort of charms that would draw a big crowd. He'd been in the business a long time, after all. He nodded to a young, gap-toothed Chomby in the crowd. "Step right up, little fellow. Care to bob for some apples?"

The Chomby hugged his plushie tight and said, "I like your hat. Where did you buy it?"

"My hat?" Bart laughed shakily. "How did you -- don't you worry about the hat, lad. Why don't I haul that stepstool over for you, and you can take a gander at the apples? It's great fun, you know!" He chuckled.

The baby Chomby shook his head firmly. "I just want to know about the hat."

"Never you mind," Bart said fiercely. "Run along. If you're not here to bob for apples, I can't have you taking up valuable space meant for actual customers." A sweat drop rolled down Bart's forehead as the Chomby eyed his hat. But after a moment, the little Chomby shrugged and walked away.

Once he was out of sight, Bart sagged against the barrel. "That was close. If he guessed..." He mopped his brow.

The rest of the customers were all eager for the exciting prizes Vandebart had to offer. This had been an excellent investment, Bart decided. He never stopped smiling as he handed out trinkets and treasures. He laughed as hard as anyone when the apples got away from the bobbers. He swept his hat off in a grand bow whenever a Neopet in particularly fine clothing stopped by.

But he made sure that he never put his hat down anywhere...