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Neopedia : Clara


Clara Chatham, Wocky scholarName: Clara Chatham
Gender: Female
Species: Wocky
Occupation: Scholar
Talents: Making brilliant deductions, putting up with brash adventurers
Quote: "Have you got any better ideas, Mr. Adventurer?"

"What was it like discovering Moltara? Well, it was pretty exciting," admits Clara. "There were times when I thought we weren't going to make it. That parachute trip down the tunnel, for example. Roxton can be a little... reckless. Jordie was a treat to have along, though; he never complained, unlike some Lutaris who will remain unnamed."

Young Clara Chatham began her career as a scholar by volunteering in the Brightvale royal library. When her family moved to Shenkuu, she thought she would have to give up her love of books. Fortunately, the wise old Gnorbu saw her talent for lore and invited her to become his new apprentice. Helping out in the Lunar Temple was a privilege and a delight for Clara, even if it meant scaling fourteen flights of stairs several times a day.

When the wise old Gnorbu discovered that something strange was happening in Neopia, Clara immediately volunteered to find out the cause. Together with Roxton and his friend Jordie, Clara set out on an expedition to the far corners of Neopia, following the cryptic clues in the Atlas of the Ancients. Clara used her scholarly training to uncover the source of their troubles, which was hidden behind a mysterious door on a remote island.

Still, nothing could have prepared Clara for what lay beyond that door. She regards it as her greatest accomplishment -- the discovery of Moltara, a hidden land far beneath the surface of Neopia!