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Neopedia : Lulu


Cybunny cousin of AAA and AbigailName: Lulu
Gender: Female
Species: Cybunny
Age: 12
Interests: Gaming, collecting, filling stamp albums
Quote: "Gaming is a means to an end. And I mean to have a collection to end all collections!"
Family: Cousins AAA and Abigail

Lulu swears that her middle name is Collector. This red-haired Cybunny is passionate about collecting just about everything from Goparokko Staffs to Slorg Slippers. She works hard on every step of the process, even the littlest details. Why is collecting so important to her? Lulu says, "I think collecting is a way to show your individuality. I mean, no one has exactly the same collection; we each choose the items that mean the most to us. You can learn a lot about a person by what they collect."

Lulu vows that her collection will never be complete. She's proud of her wig hoard and her collection of dancing slushies, but the collection that she's most fond of is her massive stash of keyrings. "They're just so much fun! I never put keys on them, though. That would be silly."

As for her love of pigtails, she says, "I like pig tails. They keep my hair out of my face so I can get higher scores in games. You have to be practical if you want to win."