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Neopedia : Freaky Factory

"Is production going as planned?" The image of Sloth's ruthless face fuzzed in and out as a Grundo nodded towards the communication screen.

"Y-y-yes, sir," the Grundo foreman said while trembling.

"And the shipments?"

"All the items have been shipped and distributed, sir. Your Kreludite-manufactured toys are selling all over Neopia."

Sloth grinned, and the Grundo foreman tried not to wince. "Perfect. By the time those pathetic little Neopets figure out what has happened, it'll be too late." A menacing chuckle broke through Sloth's unnerving grin.

Once the communication screen had winked out, the Grundo let out a relieved sigh. He looked over his shoulder to the large machine behind him, still belching out little toys made of Kreludite. Farther down the assembly line, other orange Grundos worked feverishly, carefully packing the toys into boxes and preparing them to be shipped down to Neopia. They were careful with the toys; not for fear of breaking them, but because Dr. Sloth had said that Kreludite was prone to being "unstable", and no one wanted to find out in what manner. Dr. Sloth had also made it quite clear that he was to remain a "silent" owner in the manufacturing of these toys.

The Grundo didn't like the situation at all. Not that can I possibly do anything about it, anyway, he thought sadly.

The clock on the wall chimed eight, and the conveyor belt slowly came to a halt. The Grundo workers were just packing away the last of the toys, when one let out a terrified cry.

The alarmed Grundo foreman whirled around to see that a box had overturned. The plastic toys, now with glowing red eyes, were marching out of their boxes and attacking the Grundo workers!

The foreman raced to the video communication centre and desperately tried to contact Dr. Sloth. Almost immediately, Sloth's towering image appeared on the screen. "Sir! Sir!" the Grundo shouted. "The toys! There's something wrong... they're attacking us!"

The Grundo foreman saw Sloth's eyes look past him and wander around the factory. "I must commend you and your work... my 'toys' are working perfectly," Dr. Sloth said with a grin. "Thank you for being my test subjects. They are now ready for activation on Neopia."

The Grundo foreman's eyes went wide when he realized what Sloth had been planning. He then watched with horror as he saw Sloth go to press the "end transmission" button. "Wait! What about us?"

"I certainly can't allow for any witnesses, now can I? Goodbye." The screen winked out once more, and the Grundo's stomach felt like lead. Behind him, he heard screams. What have we done?