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Neopedia : The Three

In the swirling, darkest depths of our minds lies their domain. The little voice you hear in the back of your head when you choose greed over a good deed; when you plot against one that has wronged you. Kings and rulers have often spoken of mysterious visitors during dire times... when you are at your weakest and most desperate. That is where they prey upon your soul.

Revenge, Greed, Ambition... they are malice in their corporeal forms, haunting the sides of us that we ourselves wish we did not have.

"How does one recognise the Three?" you may be wondering. Broken, gibbering rulers, especially those found in dank cells, often speak in crazed shouts of a faerie, Gelert and Skeith who would seem to not really be there... but they are! The guards of these cells shake their head at the crazed rambles. Semi-transparent evil spirits that made them plunge nations meaninglessly into war? The very notion is absurd. However, in the back of the guards' minds, a little voice strains to be heard... Wouldn't you have done the same? You are ambitious enough; think of all the wealth you would receive... those Neopets deserve your revenge... Castle caretakers worry when they see the guards shake their heads, and speak to themselves, but no one says a word about it. It's just something... you don't speak about.

Up the stairs of the old ruined castle the caretaker climbs, holding a candle for light, causing shadows to flicker along the walls. Sometimes, these caretakers say the shadows make shapes that they shouldn't, but everyone knows that isn't possible. However, they do anyway. Why do you stay here? Your king is insane, the castle in ruins... you deserve so much more. Take the army, they'll listen to you... find a better land. Take it from those who look down upon your kingdom. You could be rich beyond your wildest dreams..."

Caretakers never last very long. No one lasts long once the voices begin... but the damage they do before going is unspeakable. Kingdoms have fallen, collapsing on themselves. Eventually they are forgotten, and a new nation is built upon the land, with no memory of the first... and so the cycle goes. The only thing that seems to be a constant is that prickly feeling along the back of your neck, when your mind considers a dark deed... and that's where they are waiting for you.